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Hannah Fry [2.2]

Hannah Fry was the second child of John Fry & Caroline Stephens born April 4th, 1812 & christened May 31st, 1812 at East Grinstead.

She married John Francis on May 18th, 1833 at Hartfield. John was the son of Thomas & Elizabeth Frances christened July 3rd, 1803 at Lamberhurst, Kent.

In 1841 Hannah was visiting her parents & brothers & sisters at Bower Farm, Hammerwood with daughters Elizabeth (7) & Mary Ann (1) & sons John (5) & William (3). At the time of the census John, a carpenter, was at Lamberhurst, Kent with his 75 year old mother Elizabeth.

In 1851 Hannah & John were living in High St., Lamberhurst where John was a carpenter. All the children except Elizabeth were at home & there were 3 new arrivals since the last census – Henry, born 1842, Caroline Rebecca born 1845 & Alfred, born 1849. John’s brother Charles Francis (49), a gardeners labourer & his family were living nearby in Lamberhurst

By 1861 Hannah & John, a carpenter journeyman, were living at Poundfield Rd, East Peckham, Kent. 3 children were living at home – William (23), now a gardener, Alfred (11) & the newest addition to the family - Arthur (8).

By 1871 John had retired & was living with Hannah but no children at Lavender Hill, Tonbridge.

John died Oct-Dec 1876 at Tonbridge.

Widow Hannah continued to live at 62 Lavender Hill where at the time of the 1881 census, her occupation was described as ‘letting of lodgings’. She had 3 lodgers – John Hall, an engine cleaner, Frederick Philpott, a storekeeper on the S.E. Railway & Cyril Hughes, a fireman on the S.E. Railway.

By 1891 Hannah, now 79, had moved to Trevelyan Road, Tooting Graveney, Wandsworth & was living with her 57 year old unmarried daughter Elizabeth, a dressmaker. Elizabeth in 1871 was a ladies maid in the household of George D St Quintin, vicar of St Mary Magdalen parish, Hastings. In 1891 son Arthur was married with 2 children & was working as a railway signalman in Islington, London.

Soon after the census in 1891 Hannah died aged 77.  She was buried on April 29th, 1891 at Tooting Graveney, Wandsworth, Surrey.  

The children of Hannah Fry & John Francis were:

f.2.2.1 Elizabeth Francis born c1834 at Lamberhurst, Sussex
f.2.2.2 John Francis born c1836 at Lamberhurst, Sussex
f.2.2.3 William Francis born April-June1838 at Lamberhurst, Sussex
f.2.2.4 Mary Ann Francis born Apr-June 1840 at Lamberhurst, Sussex
f.2.2.5 Henry Francis born Oct-Dec 1842 at Lamberhurst, Sussex
f.2.2.6 Caroline Rebecca Francis born Oct-Dec 1845 at Lamberhurst, Sussex

f.2.2.7 Walter Francis born March 16th, 1848 at Lamberhurst, Sussex; died March 26th, 1848 at Lamberhurst, Sussex
f.2.2.8 Alfred Francis born July-Sept 1849 at Lamberhurst, Sussex
f.2.2.9 Arthur Francis born July-Sept 1852 at Lamberhurst, Sussex


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