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John Fry [f.2]

John Fry was the second child of William Fry & Hannah Killick born at Eridge Green & christened October 31st, 1786 at Frant, Sussex.

From 1786 to 1788 John & his parents lived at Eridge & Eridge Mill, Sussex. In 1789 the family moved to East Grinstead.

John married Caroline Stephens on October 5th, 1808 at East Grinstead. Witnesses at the wedding were Edward Hayward & Sarah Stephens.

Their first child, John, was born in 1810, followed by Hannah, William, Elizabeth, Edward, Samuel, Mary Anne & finally Ann in 1831, all christened at East Grinstead. The christening record for son William in 1814 gives the place of birth as Ricelands Farm.

In 1841 John was noted as a farmer at Bower Farm, Hammerwood, East Grinstead. With John & Caroline were the 5 youngest children, John & William had left home by then. Also living at the farm were 3 farm labourers – William Lock, David Austen & William Hoade. In another dwelling at Bower Farm were living daughter Hannah, who married John Francis in 1833, with their children – Elizabeth (7), John (5), William (3) & Mary (1).

Caroline died in the April-June quarter 1847 at East Grinstead. By 1851 widowed John lived at Beeches Farm, Ashurstwood with a housekeeper, Sarah Hollands, & 2 farm labourers – George Huggett & George Holmes. Living next to John was his sister Ann, & her husband William Martin & their 2 children.

In 1861 John, now in his mid-70s, was still living at Beeches Farm & was a farmer of 70 acres employing 2 men & 1 boy. Living with him were Ann Hooker, a house servant aged 45, Spencer Hooker, a bailiff aged 38, & Henry Head, a 16 year old carter boy. Also with him was his sister Ann Martin, aged 60, who was now widowed & now described as a land proprieter.

John died on August 9th, 1861 at East Grinstead.  His will with a codicil was proved on October 22nd, 1861 by son William Fry of Ardingley, farmer & James Hollands of Cowden, miller.  John’s effects were under £1,500.

The Sussex Agricultural Express of September 21st, 1861 advertised the sale by auction at Beeches Farm of a number of cows, horses, sheep, poultry & much farming equipment.  Also for sale were the household furniture, brewing & dairy utensils.

The children of John Fry & Caroline Stephens were:

f.2.1. John Fry christened January 14th, 1810 at East Grinstead; died August 26th, 1883 at Copps Hall, Battle
f.2.2. Hannah Fry born April 4th, 1812, christened May 31st, 1812 at East Grinstead, died April 1891 at Tooting Graveney, Wandsworth, Surrey
f.2.3. William Fry christened June 12th, 1814 at East Grinstead; died 1885 at Maidstone, Kent
f.2.4. Elizabeth Fry christened December 27th, 1816 at East Grinstead; died April-June 1862 at East Grinstead
f.2.5. Edward Fry christened May 2nd, 1819 at East Grinstead, died January 14th, 1860 at Cowfold, Sussex
f.2.6. Samuel Fry born July 1821 at Hartfield, christened 29th July, 1821 at East Grinstead, died April 22nd, 1886 at St Bartholemew's Hospital, London
f.2.7. Mary Anne Fry born September 14th, 1823, christened November 23rd, 1823 at the Zion Chapel-Countess of Huntingdons, East Grinstead; died July 16th, 1888 at Cowden, Kent
f.2.8. Anne Fry born 1830 at East Grinstead


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