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Frederick Fry [f.2.3.6]

We are grateful to Sally Ironmonger, great, great granddaughter of Frederick Fry, for information & photo supplied on this page.

Frederick Fry was the sixth child of William Fry & Elizabeth Stanbridge born October 24th, 1858 at Berry Farm, Ardingley & christened November 21st, 1858 at Ardingley.

In 1861 Frederick was living at home at Berry Farm, Ardingley. He was still at home in 1871 but the family had moved to Allfreys Farm, Cowfold.

On March 8th, 1879 Frederick married Mary Anne Waters at Holy Trinity Church, Maidstone, Kent. Witnesses at the wedding were John Smith & Eliza Waters (Mary Anne’s older sister). At the time of the wedding Frederick’s profession was given as ‘ostler’ (stableman at an inn). Mary Anne was born April 12th, 1859 in Coxheath, Loose, Kent, the daughter of Jane Driscoll & James Waters, a farm labourer/shoemaker.

Frederick & Mary Anne's marriage certificate

In 1881 Frederick & Mary Anne were living at 6 Hills Cottages, London Rd, Maidstone, Kent. Frederick was a general labourer & they had 2 children – Daisy May (2) & Charlie (10 months). Daisy May was born on May 6th, 1878, but Frederick & Mary Anne had her baptized as Daisy May Fry on November 2nd, 1881 at St Peter’s, Maidstone. Mary Anne’s mother Jane (51) was with them at the time of the census as was Mary Anne’s brother John, a 19 year old general labourer. There was also a niece visiting, Mot Waters, aged 9.

In 1891 Frederick & Mary (Fryer in census!) were still living in Maidstone, now at 18 Chillington St. Frederick was still a general labourer & as well as Daisy & Charlie at home they now had Alice (9), Frederick (7), John (5), Victor (Edward) (3) & William (1). Living with them in the same dwelling but as head of household was Mary’s mother Jane Waters (62) who was living on her own means. Daisy was recorded on the census as being with her parents but she was also registered as a patient at the Fever Hospital, Fant Lane, Maidstone at this time.

An article in the Kent & Sussex Courier of November 11th, 1892 suggests that Frederick was a rather dubious character.  He was charged with having deserted his wife & 8 children, leaving them to rely on the Maidstone Union.  The clerk to the Guardians of the Union Workhouse reported that Frederick had from time to time neglected his wife & family & left them to beg for a living.  Working as an ostler Frederick earned from 25 to 28 shillings a week it was stated.   A union officer also stated that on a previous occasion Mary & the family had been found on the street in a destitute condition & had become inmates of the Union Workhouse. This was shown to be the case as the admission sheet for the Medway Union shows Mary & 7 of the children being admitted on October 12th, 1892. They were discharged a week later & it was noted on the discharge sheet that Mary was pregnant. Frederick denied the charges against him but he was sentenced to 1 month hard labour.

At the time of the marriage of daughter Daisy May in 1894 Frederick's occupation was given as horse dealer.

By 1901 the family had moved to 13 Cage Lane, Chatham, Kent & Frederick was now a carpenter. With Frederick & Mary were children Alice, now a domestic cook, Frederick, a railway engine cleaner, John, Victor, William, Grace (9) & Harry (2 months). Sadly baby Harry died soon after the census.

Mary died December 12th, 1908 at Chatham, Kent, aged 49.

Widowed Frederick was living at 26 Bush St, Chatham at the time of the 1911 census when his occupation was now a gas stoker. Living at home were sons Frederick, a stage rigger at the dockyard, John, a telegraph wireman, Victor, a storekeeper at a greengrocers, & daughter Grace. Also with them at the time of the census were granddaughters Alice (14) & Daisy (12) Cooper, the children of Daisy May Fry who had married Thomas Henry Cooper in 1894. Also living there was Maria Parry (23) who was to marry Victor Fry later that year. The census form was completed by son John & it was noted that of 9 children only 7 were living.

Photo c1912 courtesy of Sally Ironmonger showing Frederick Fry (back right) behind son Victor (seated). Victor's wife Maria is seated left holding their first child. Also standing at back are Frederick's daughter Grace & son (John or Frederick). The 4 others are Frederick's grandchildren - standing in front of Frederick is Edith Cooper, daughter of Daisy May.

Frederick died at Chatham in March 1932, aged 73, & was buried on March 16th, 1932 at Maidstone Rd Cemetery.


The children of Frederick Fry & Mary Anne Waters were:

f. Daisy May Fry (Waters) born May 6th,1878 & christened November 2nd, 1881 at St Peter's, Maidstone, Kent, died January 27th, 1953 at 5 Eldon St, Chatham, Kent
f. Charley Fry born May 30th, 1880 & christened November 2nd, 1881 at St Peter’s, Maidstone, Kent
f. Alice Fry born September 28th, 1881 at 66 George St, Maidstone, & christened November 2nd, 1881 at St Peter’s, Maidstone, Kent
f. Frederick Fry born November 24th, 1883 & christened December 12th, 1883 at St Peter’s, Maidstone, Kent
f. John William Fry born at Grove Court, Maidstone & christened May 26th, 1886 at All Saints, Maidstone, Kent
f. Edward Victor Fry born June 3rd, 1887 at Union Workhouse, Linton, Maidstone, & christened August 11th, 1887 at Holy Trinity, Maidstone, Kent; died Jan-March 1955 at Chatham, Kent
f. William Fry christened December 12th, 1888 at Holy Trinity, Maidstone, Kent
f. Grace Fry born August 30th, 1891 at Maidstone, Kent; died September 26th, 1960 in Los Angeles, California

f. Rose Fry christened May 8th, 1898 at Chatham; died July-September 1898 at Chatham

f. Harry Fry born February 14th, 1901 at 13 Cage Lane, Chatham, Kent; died April-June 1901 at Chatham, Kent


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