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Edward Fry [f.2.5.]

Edward Fry was the fifth child of John Fry & Caroline Stephens christened May 2nd, 1819 at East Grinstead, Sussex.

In 1841 Edward was living at home at Bower Farm, Hammerwood, East Grinstead with his parents.

In 1842 Edward was a witness of the wedding of his brother Samuel Fry to Sarah Smeed at St Swithin's Church, East Grinstead.

Edward married Maria Monk on September 16th, 1844 at the Parish Church of St Marylebone, Middlesex.  Maria was noted as widowed & witnesses at the wedding were James Monk & Fanny West.  Maria was in fact Maria Ray christened May 7th, 1809 in East Grinstead, Sussex, the daughter of Elizabeth & John Ray, a farmer. Maria had previously married William Monk, a shoemaker, on April 21st, 1828 at St Giles, Camberwell, Surrey with whom she had 3 children – Eliza, John & William Monk.

Edward & Maria's marriage

In 1851 Edward & Maria were living at … Farm, Lindfield, Sussex where Edward was a farmer of 20 acres. Living with them were Maria’s children from her first marriage – Eliza & John Monk, both 22 years old & William Monk, 18, all described as servants. Also visiting them was Maria’s father John Ray, 80, & a 12 year old Eliza West. There were also 2 farm labourers, David & John Bates living at the farm.

Edward Fry died on January 14th, 1860 at Cowfold, Sussex & was buried on January 20th, 1860 at Cowfold.  Administration of his estate was granted at Chichester to widow Maria on February 4th & his effects were under £1,500.

In 1861 widow Maria was living at Averys Cottage, Cowfold, Sussex & was described as a farmer. She had a servant Ruth Roberts (18). Living next door at Averys Farm was her son William Monk, now married to Mary & their 3 children – William, Phoebe & George. William was a farmer of 200 acres employing 4 men & 2 boys. He also had a house servant, Maryann Heasman (19) & 2 agricultural labourers living at the farm.

By 1871 Maria was lodging with Andrew Clinghell? & his wife, a farmer of 270 acres at Greatwick Farmhouse, Cowfold. Maria, indexed as Maria Try in, was described as a 63 year old pauper.

Maria died in 1880 at Sackville College, East Grinstead, aged 72, & was buried on May 3rd, 1880 at East Grinstead.

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