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George Fry [f.3.3]

George Fry was the third child of William Fry & Elizabeth Morphew christened March 30th, 1834 at Wivelsfield, Sussex.

In 1841 George was living with his parents & brother William at Western Lane, Chailey, Sussex.

In 1851 George was living & working at home at Goodwins Farm, East Grinstead & was still there in 1861.

The Sussex Advertiser of April 25th, 1865 reported on the recent suicide of George Fry of Goodwin’s farm.
The Kentish Gazette of May 9th, & the Sussex Advertiser of May 2nd, 1865 reported on the inquest of George.  A farm labourer, James Godfrey, had gone to the loft over the stable to get some hay & discovered George’s body fastened to a beam by a cord around his neck.  His dog was nearby.  The labourer had been working with George that afternoon & reported that they had had dinner together during which the deceased stated that he would like to drink enough to kill himself & not know anything about it.  George’s mother, Elizabeth, who had been present at the dinner said it was wicked of him to talk like that.  George had answered ‘ Oh I will before long.’  He said that if he had £1,000 neither his brother nor his sister should see a penny of it.  His mother stated that George was very hot-tempered & was upset at not having received a letter from his brother.  The jury returned a verdict of suicide, the state of mind of the deceased being unsettled.  Interestingly the reports on the inquest state that George & his mother were living at Fry’s Farm, not Goodwin’s Farm.

George was buried on April 26th, 1865 at East Grinstead, Sussex.


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