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William Freeth [fh.4.2]

William Freeth was the second child of Edward Freeth & Sarah Gray christened March 7th, 1730 at All Saints, West Bromwich, Staffs.

William was the favoured grandson of William Freeth [fh] who inherited his grandfather’s estates (including the Big House) in & around Oldbury on reaching his maturity in 1751. 

William married Mary Wright on December 22nd, 1760 at All Saints, West Bromwich.  Dr Terry Daniels, chair of the Oldbury History Group, believes that William lived in the Big House where he & Mary had 3 daughters, Mary, Elizabeth & Phebe.

The children of William Freeth & Mary Wright were:

fh.4.2.1  Mary Freeth
fh.4.2.2  Elizabeth Freeth christened January 9th, 1762 at Halesowen, Kidderminster
fh.4.2.3  Phebe Freeth christened April 17th, 1765 at Christ Church, Oldbury

William died between 1765 & 1770.  On December 19th, 1770 widowed Mary married John Mayo(u) at Coleshill, Warks.  John was a widower of Coleshill & Mary’s abode was the Parish of Halesowen, Shropshire.  Witnesses at the wedding were Hannah Wright, Elizabeth Wright & James Cooper.  After the marriage Mary & her 3 daughters came to live at Coleshill.

William & Mary’s daughters came into their inheritance in the early 1780s.  All 3 married at Coleshill.  Mary married Rev Edward Palmer on December 21st, 1789 & witnesses were her sister Elizabeth Freeth & ....? Palmer.  Elizabeth married William Woods, a surgeon, on January 14th, 1790 & witnesses were sister Phebe Freeth & .....? Palmer.  Elizabeth’s brother-in-law Edward Palmer conducted the ceremony.  Edward Palmer again officiated when Phebe married Benjamin Parker, an ironmaster, on November 12th, 1792.  Witnesses were sister Mary Palmer & brother-in-law William Woods.

Mary Mayou, noted as widowed, lived until at least 1795 when there was a certificate issued to her for the use of hair powder in the parish of Coleshill!  Also listed as granted a certificate were her daughter Elizabeth & her husband William Woods, and daughter Mary & husband Rev Edward Palmer, the latter residing at Curdworth.



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