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The Freeth family begins with William Freeth [fh] - click on him to see tree of descendants


[fh] William Freeth c1666-1731 m. (1) Mary Turton -<1691

(2) Elizabeth Powell c1670-<1702

(3) Ann Tomson c1681-<1716

(4) Sarah Simcox (nee Shaw) c1680-

Joseph Freeth c1680-

Phoebe Freeth c1680- m. Josiah Turton

[fh.1] Jeremiah Freeth 1692-

[fh.2] Job Freeth 1696-

[fh.3] Thomas Freeth 1700-1704


[fh.4] Edward Freeth 1703- m. Sarah Gray

[fh.4.1] Hannah Freeth 1728-


[fh.4.2] William Freeth 1730-<1770 m. Mary Wright

[fh.4.2.1] Mary Freeth m. Rev Edward Palmer 1757-1826

[fh.4.2.2] Elizabeth Freeth 1762- m. William Woods

[fh.4.2.3] Phebe Freeth 1765- m. Benjamin Parker


[fh.4.3] Thomas Freeth 1732-

[fh.4.4] Jos Freeth 1734-1737

[fh.4.5] Job Freeth 1737-

[fh.4.6] Samuel Freeth 1740-1817 m. Rebecca Smith 1739-1792


[fh.4.6.1]Samuel Freeth 1777-1851 m. Frances Grigg 1779-1857

[fh.] Rebecca Freeth 1797-1853 m. John Downing 1795-1866


[fh.] Thomas Freeth 1799-1869 m. Sarah Hemings c1805-1850

[fh.] Samuel Freeth 1824-1825

[fh.] George Freeth 1826-1834

[fh.] Elizabeth Freeth 1828-1831

[fh.] Fanny Freeth 1830-1910 m. William Dangerfield 1828-1899

[fh.] Letitia Freeth 1832-1914 m. Richard Battersby 1830-1917

[fh.] Joseph Freeth 1835-1840

[fh.] Ann Freeth 1836-1853

[fh.] Thomas Freeth 1838-

[fh.] Eliza Freeth 1840-


[fh.] John Freeth 1843-1913 m. Sarah Ann Felton1842-1891

[fh.] Sarah Ann Freeth 1865-1865

[fh.] Ellen Freeth 1867-

[fh.] Louisa Freeth 1868-1941 m. Thomas Onions 1869-1951

[fh.] Sarah Ann Freeth 1870-1871

[fh.] Thomas Freeth 1871- m. Ann Elizabeth Stokes 1874-

[fh.] Bertie Freeth 1895-

[fh.] Thomas Freeth 1900-

[fh.] Harold Freeth 1904-

[fh.] Leonard Freeth 1912-


[fh.] Ann Freeth 1873-

[fh.] John Freeth 1874-1942 m. Mary Pinches 1878-1948

[fh.] Eleanor Winifred Freeth 1901-1977 m. Henry James Elphick 1900-1957

[fh.] Barbara Ellen Freeth 1909-1978 m. John Keenan 1906-1964


[fh.] George Freeth 1875-1947 m. Mercy Sadler 1879-1941

[fh.] David George Freeth 1904-

[fh.] Frederick Freeth 1906-

[fh.] Norman Stanley Freeth 1907-1972 m. Eileen M Whitehouse

[fh.] Florence Irene Freeth 1909- m. John T Watkins

[fh.] Jane Elizabeth Freeth 1910-1924

[fh.] Doris Mabel Freeth 1912- m. John T Welch

[fh.] Edna May Freeth 1914- m. Reginald I Knight

[fh.] Ernest Edward Freeth 1915-

[fh.] James Freeth 1916-1979

[fh.] Annie Freeth 1920-2003 m. William A Davis

[fh.] Lily Freeth 1924-1990 m. Howard Dean



[fh.] Jane Elizabeth Freeth 1875- m. George Roberts 1878-

[fh.] Ernest Edward Freeth 1877-1948

[fh.] Leonard Austin Freeth 1878-1879

[fh.] Lily Freeth 1881-1881


[fh.] Bertie Freeth 1881-1964 m. Sarah Ann Hodgkinson 1885-1949

[fh.] Mary Vera Freeth 1913- m. Samuel Green


[fh.] James Freeth 1882-1897

[fh.] Ann Maria Freeth 1884-1961

[fh.] Letitia Freeth 1886-1948


[fh.] Noah Freeth 1845-1896 m. Ann Robinson 1845-1929


[fh.] Thomas Freeth 1865- m. Mary Ann Groves c1875-

[fh.] Esther Ann Freeth 1895-1896

[fh.] May Freeth 1900-

[fh.] Esther Freeth 1903-1904

[fh.] Gladys Freeth 1905-

[fh.] Thomas Freeth 1911-

[fh.] William Freeth 1913-


[fh.] Hagar Freeth 1868-1953 m. George Edwards c1867-

[fh.] Job Freeth 1871-1947

[fh.] Ann Freeth 1873-


[fh.] Walter Freeth 1875-1948 m. Ellen Shipley 1877-

[fh.] Joseph Freeth 1895- m. May Cook

[fh.] Esther Freeth 1897-

[fh.] Annie Freeth 1898-

[fh.] (Muriel) Ellen Freeth 1900-1980 m. Alfred Bevan 1894-1951

[fh.] Martha Freeth 1902-

[fh.] Fanny Freeth 1904-1989 m. Fred Castle

[fh.] Noah Freeth 1906-1990 m. Nellie Mason 1900-

[fh.] Walter Freeth 1908- m. Violet Smith

[fh.] Edward Freeth 1910-1977 m. Gertrude Knight 1911-

[fh.] Lilian Freeth 1912-

[fh.] Florence Freeth 1914-


[fh.] Joseph Freeth 1877- m. Elizabeth Wanklin c1877-

[fh.] Esther Freeth 1905-

[fh.] Minnie Freeth 1905-

[fh.] Joseph Freeth 1906-1907

[fh.] Elizabeth Freeth 1908-

[fh.] Fanny Freeth 1910-

[fh.] Hilda Freeth 1912-


[fh.] Mary Jane Freeth 1880- m. William Henry Bates c1875-

[fh.] Esther Freeth 1881-1959


[fh.] Noah Freeth 1884-1962 m. Winifred Shelton 1887-1969

[fh.] Samuel Freeth 1906- m. Winifred ?

[fh.] Winifred Freeth 1909-1993 m. Eric Asbury

[fh.] Lilian Freeth 1910-

[fh.] Noah Freeth 1912-

[fh.] Joseph Freeth 1914-

[fh.] Rose Freeth 1917-

[fh.] Mary A Freeth 1918-1920

[fh.] Evelyn Freeth 1925-

[fh.] Olive Freeth 1929-1929


[fh.] Fanny Freeth 1886-1989

[fh.] Samuel Freeth 1888-1917


[fh.] George Henry Freeth 1847- m. (1) Margaret Riley c1850-<1881

m. (2) Martha Gleeve 1853-1912

[fh.] George Henry Freeth 1870-


[fh.] Noah Freeth 1872-1954 m. (1) Bridget Jeffers 1870-<1920

m. (2) Genevieve McGuigan

[fh.] George Bertram Freeth 1895-1962 m. Agnes M Woollam

[fh.] Mary Frances Freeth 1897- Francis J English

[fh.] Gertrude Freeth 1899-1981 m. George Vickers


[fh.] George Henry Freeth 1875-1921 m. Ada Wilcock 1877-1966

[fh.] Ada Freeth 1902-1990

[fh.] Harold Freeth 1908-1984 m. Constance M Cahill


[fh.] John William Freeth 1877- m. Sarah Ann Kelly c1876-

[fh.] Thomas J Freeth 1898- m. May Radford

[fh.] John B Freeth 1899-1955 m. Mary E Garst (nee Connor) 1897-1976


[fh.] Fanny Freeth 1879-

[fh.] David Freeth 1882-1883

[fh.] Letitia Freeth 1883- m. James Langley 1878-

[fh.] Mary Freeth 1885- m. Robert Evans 1887-

[fh.] Martha Ann Freeth 1886- m. Luke Laycock 1880-

[fh.] David Freeth 1888-1888

[fh.] Amelia Freeth 1888-1891

[fh.] Thomas Freeth 1890-1893


[fh.] Susannah Freeth 1801-


[fh.] William Freeth 1802-1870 m. Sarah Guttridge 1807-1868

[fh.] Hannah Freeth 1828-1900 m. Henry Blackman 1828-1900

[fh.] Leonard Freeth 1849-1915 m. (1) Ann Whitehouse c1853-1897

m. (2) Emma Worley 1857-1945

[fh.] Clara Ann Freeth 1873- m. John William Harris c1868-

[fh.] Laura Freeth 1875- m. John Tanner c1875-

[fh.] Mary Jane Freeth 1877- m. John Stringer

[fh.] Sarah Hannah Freeth 1879- m. Christopher John Tuckwell

[fh.] Amy Freeth 1881- m. Enoch Smith

[fh.] Alice Freeth 1883-1884

[fh.] Ada Freeth 1885- m. Thomas H Barratt

[fh.] Leonard Freeth 1888-1942 m. Mary Ann Johnstone Gault


[fh.] William Henry Freeth 1890-1891

[fh.] Agnes Freeth 1895-1895

[fh.] Annie Freeth 1900-


[fh.] George Freeth 1830-1903 m. Ann Jones c1833-1909

[fh.] Phoebe Caroline Jones Freeth 1853-1922 m. William Mayo 1855-

[fh.] Sarah Ann Jones Freeth 1855-<1901 m. Thomas Dean c1854-

[fh.] Thomas William Jones Freeth 1859-1914 m. (1) Rosanna Archer 1865-1889

m. (2) Clara Smith 1869-1945

[fh.] Rosa Freeth 1887-1988 m. Philip Harris

[fh.] Clara Freeth 1896-1896

[fh.] Ernest Thomas Freeth 1900-1977 m. Ida Millicent Merryweather 1901-1991

[fh.] George Joseph Freeth 1902-1951 m. Mary Ellen Lyttleton 1902-

[fh.] Agnes Freeth 1906-1906

[fh.] Emily Freeth 1906-1906

[fh.] May Freeth 1910-1979 m. Thomas Brettell


[fh.] Joseph Samuel Jones Freeth 1861-1929 m. (1) Louisa Fletcher 1861-1904

m. (2) Abigail Hoult Whitaker 1879-1953

[fh.] Laurence Neville Freeth 1912-1980 m. Joan Allsop


[fh.] George Daniel Jones Freeth 1864-1939 m. Ann Wilkes 1868-

[fh.] Rosanna Freeth 1890-1946 m. Henry Rowland Bonham 1888-1972

[fh.] George Thomas Freeth 1893-1899


[fh.] Adah Sophia Jones Freeth 1866-1940 m. William Hackett 1866-1940


[fh.] John Leonard Jones Freeth 1869- m. Charlotte Smith c1870-1934

[fh.] Harold Leonard Freeth 1896-1950 m. Edith Mary Jebbett

[fh.] Thomas Freeth 1900-1975 m. Florence May Daniels

[fh.] Florence Clara Freeth 1905-1987 m. Arthur Hall


[fh.] Ernest Edwin Jones Freeth 1871-1882


[fh.] Samuel Freeth 1833-1897 m. Jane Walford c1837-1915

[fh.] Jane Ellen Freeth 1862-1936

[fh.] Sarah Freeth 1864-1949 m. Lucien Trotman 1862-1926

[fh.] Clara Walford Freeth 1867-1871

[fh.] Annie Walford Freeth 1870-1951


[fh.] William Freeth 1836-1917 m. Emma Standley c1836-1891

[fh.] Sarah Hannah Freeth 1859-1902 m. Walter Harry Collins 1857-1905

[fh.] William Samuel Freeth 1860-1900 m. Hannah Dearn c1857-

[fh.] Amy Elizabeth Freeth 1888-1889

[fh.] Georgina Freeth 1862-1943 m. James Summerton 1860-1939


[fh.] Edwin Freeth 1864-1938 m. Lucy Mason 1867-1924

[fh.] Georgina Freeth 1888-1951 m. James A Hayes

[fh.] Edwin Freeth 1890-1890

[fh.] William Thomas Freeth 1892-1962 m. Violet M Dodd

[fh.] John Edwin Freeth 1894-1900

[fh.] Frederick Freeth 1897-1900

[fh.] Bert Freeth 1900-1978 m. Elizabeth H Allen

[fh.] John E Freeth 1930-

[fh.] Kate Freeth 1902-1982 m. William Edward Fellows

[fh.] Lily Freeth 1904-1905

[fh.] Rose Freeth 1907-1975 m. Nando Hazlewood

[fh.] Selina May Freeth 1909-1991 m. Francis Launchbury


[fh.] John Leonard Freeth 1866- m. Mary Ann Morgan c1873-

[fh.] Winifred May Freeth 1902-1976

[fh.] Thomas Freeth 1904-1904

[fh.] Annie Freeth 1906-


[fh.] Kate Elizabeth Freeth 1867- m. John Henry Field 1869-

[fh.] Amy Freeth 1871-1897


[fh.] Albert Ernest Freeth 1873-1934 m. (1) Mary Howard 1870-1906

(2) Alice Davis 1878-

[fh.] Gladys Amy Freeth 1899-1974 m. Samuel Lambert

[fh.] Elsie May Freeth 1903-1973 m. John H E Rising

[fh.] Rose Hannah Freeth 1910-1994 m. William R Knowles


[fh.] Henry Thomas Freeth 1878-1897


[fh.] Thomas Freeth 1838-

[fh.] Edwin Freeth 1840-1897 m. Thomason Ann Collins 1845-1922

[fh.] Thomas Edward (Collins) Freeth 1867-

[fh.] Sarah Ann Freeth 1869-1948 m. James Betts 1868-<1941


[fh.] George William Freeth 1870-1951 m. Ellen Brookes 1876-1963

[fh.] Lily Freeth 1900-2001 m.Samuel Berry 1897-1980

[fh.] Arthur Ernest Freeth 1902-1993 m. Lily Aspbury 1906-1984

[fh.] George Freeth 1906-1989 m. Gladys Hackett 1913-1985

[fh.] Annie Freeth 1910-2007 m. Hubert Hinton 1910-1998


[fh.] Arthur Leonard Freeth 1872-1948 m. Louisa Holloway 1876-1953

[fh.] Ada Freeth 1897-1974 m. Albert Winston

[fh.] Annie Freeth 1899-

[fh.] Arthur Edwin Freeth 1903-1970 m. Lucy L Jones

[fh.] Ellen Louisa (Nellie) Freeth 1905-1978 m. Joseph S Stevens

[fh.] Lucy Louisa Freeth 1925-1975 m. Leslie J Baynham


[fh.] John Freeth 1874-1938

[fh.] Ada Freeth 1876-1949 m. William Holloway 1878-1945

[fh.] Harry Freeth 1878-1941

[fh.] Herbert Freeth 1881-

[fh.] Louisa Freeth 1883-<1939 m. Harry Harris 1881-

[fh.] Georgina Freeth 1885-1950 m. Joseph William Scarlett 1879-1937


[fh.] John Freeth 1842-

[fh.] Emma Freeth 1844-1885 m. Joseph Hall 1848-

[fh.] Sarah Freeth 1848-<1911 m. Joseph Jackson 1845-

[fh.] Jane Freeth 1851-1918 m. George Whitehouse 1847-1929


[fh.] Samuel Freeth 1804-1817


[fh.] Josiah Freeth 1806-1887 m. Mary Yates c1815-1868

[fh.] Samuel Freeth 1838-1913 m. Catherine (Caroline) Wilton c1837-1898


[fh.] William Freeth 1858-1936 m. Alice Littler 1866-1938

[fh.] Annie Freeth 1900-1973

[fh.] Leonard Freeth 1901-1976 m. Mary Agnes Ashton 1901-1997

[fh.] Albert Freeth 1903-1983


[fh.] Samuel Henry Freeth 1860-1917 m. Charlotte Emma Sherwood 1860-1942

[fh.] Samuel Robert Freeth 1885-1945 m. Edith Ann Wheatcroft 1887-

[fh.] Henry Freeth 1910-


[fh.] Arthur Freeth 1886-1888

[fh.] Charles William Freeth 1888-1932 m. Annie Atkins 1882-

[fh.] Mary Freeth 1890- m. Edward Ariss

[fh.] Catherine Freeth 1892-1987 m. Robert Dacre

[fh.] Charlotte Freeth 1895-1986 m. Cecil Loon


[fh.] John Freeth 1863-1933 m. (1) Mary Ann Stokes c1864-1901 (2) Emma Chance c1864-1933

[fh.] Lizzie Freeth 1888-1888

[fh.] William Freeth 1889-1895

[fh.] Nellie Freeth 1890-

[fh.] Alice Freeth 1895-1943 m. William Percy Houlton 1894-1976

[fh.] Elizabeth Freeth 1906-1955 m. Benjamin Carpenter


[fh.] Joseph Freeth 1866-1946 m. Elizabeth Edgerton 1867-1911

[fh.] James Freeth 1889-1889

[fh.] Herbert Freeth 1890-1890

[fh.] Elsie May Freeth 1891-1979 m. Samuel Houlton 1891-1967

[fh.] Bert Freeth 1893-1893

[fh.] Thomas Freeth 1895-1895

[fh.] LeonardFreeth 1896-1896


[fh.] Mary Ann Freeth 1868-1872

[fh.] Leonard Freeth 1872-1887

[fh.] Elizabeth Ann Freeth 1874-1949 m. Samuel Smith 1874-

[fh.] Ann Freeth 1876-1876


[fh.] Ann Maria Freeth 1877-1948 m. John William Shaw 1871-


[fh.] Thomas Freeth 1840-1840

[fh.] Mary Ann Freeth 1841- m. William Henry Wills 1838-<1891

[fh.] John Freeth 1843-1912

[fh.] Fanny Freeth 1845- m. John Smith 1845-


[fh.] James Freeth 1847-1918 m. Alice McGarvey c1847-1914


[fh.] John Henry Freeth c1870- m. Annie Brown c1865-

[fh.] Philip James Freeth 1895-1959 m. May Bourne

[fh.] John Bernard Freeth 1897-1971 m. Clarice Evelyn Tart 1900-1975

[fh.] Annie Winifred Freeth 1899-1976 m. Harold Louis Harler

[fh.] Edwin Francis Freeth 1901-1930 m. Catherine Anne Greenaway 1904-

[fh.] Teresa Mary Freeth 1903-

[fh.] Leonard Freeth 1906-1907


[fh.] Julia Freeth 1872-1916 m. Thomas Barrowman Love 1872-1945

[fh.] Mary Ann Freeth 1874-1876

[fh.] Alice Freeth 1876-

[fh.] James Thomas Freeth 1877-1877


[fh.] Edwin Freeth 1879-1951 m. Ida Beatrice Clifton 1886-1972

[fh.] Norman Edwin James Freeth 1920-1935

[fh.] Ida Beatrice Freeth 1921-2006 m. Eddie Phillips

[fh.] Eileen M Freeth 1922- m. Ernest R Olsen

[fh.] Alice W Freeth 1925- m. Herbert L T Evans


[fh.] Theresa Freeth 1881- m. John Joseph Jones c1882-

[fh.] Emily Freeth 1883-

[fh.] Mary Ellen Freeth 1886-1891

[fh.] James Freeth 1891-1891

[fh.] Stephen Freeth 1891-1891


[fh.] Ann Maria Freeth 1851-1900 m. Isaac Turton 1849-1888

[fh.] William Freeth 1861- m. Elizabeth Millward 1859-1904

[fh.] Bertha Ellen (Millward) Freeth 1879-1933 m. Matthew Peyton 1878-

[fh.] Leonard Freeth 1880-1885

[fh.] William Henry Freeth 1882-

[fh.] Ernest Freeth 1884-

[fh.] Thomas Leonard Freeth 1886-1947 m. Elizabeth Banner 1891-

[fh.] Gladys Irene Freeth 1911-

[fh.] Sarah May Freeth 1888- m. John Jarvis c1884-

[fh.] Maud Freeth 1891-

[fh.] Harold Freeth 1896-1901

[fh.] Robert Freeth 1897-


[fh.] James Freeth 1808-1875 m. Maria Vezey 1810-1874

[fh.] Samuel Freeth 1832-1897 m. Jane Rebecca Lambert 1836-1909

[fh.] Sarah Maria Freeth 1855- m. William Isaac Smith c1852-

[fh.] Elizabeth Freeth 1859-1918 m. Reuben Tonks 1852-1924

[fh.] Margaret Freeth 1860-1863

[fh.] Mary Freeth 1863-1941 m. Charles Hamar Lloyd c1868-1914

[fh.] Eliza Jane Freeth 1865-1936 m. Alfred Gilbert 1873-1930

[fh.] Margaret Freeth 1867-1950 m. Joseph Knight 1866-1944

[fh.] Ann Maria Freeth 1870-1934 m. Joseph Dodd c1866-1954

[fh.] Fanny Freeth 1872-1951 m. Alfred Screen 1869-1936

[fh.] Louisa Freeth 1873- m. Edward John Porter 1874-1919

[fh.] Samuel William Freeth 1876-1941 m. Edith Elizabeth Watts 1877-1957


[fh.] Elizabeth Freeth 1834-1857/58 m. Joseph Poulton c1831-1916

[fh.] Fanny Freeth 1836-1907 m. Joseph Westwood c1833-

[fh.] Mary Freeth 1838-1907 m. Joseph Bird c1835-1898


[fh.] James Freeth 1840-1922 m. Mary Eliza Owen 1842-1900

[fh.] Thomas Lewellyn Owen Freeth 1867-1941

[fh.] William Herbert Freeth 1870-1963 m. Ann Eliza Hughes 1876-1966

[fh.] James Herbert Freeth 1899-1901

[fh.] Hilda Marion Freeth 1902-1982

[fh.] Kenneth Herbert Freeth 1907-1994 m. Ida Hadderton 1899-


[fh.] James Wilfred Freeth 1872-1940 m. Elizabeth German 1874-1957

[fh.] Florence Elizabeth German Freeth 1904-1984

[fh.] James Wilmot Owen Freeth 1906-1963 m. Joan Margaret Nightingale 1904-1998

[fh.] Brian William Freeth 1910-1984 m. Nancy Margaret Tranter 1912-1995


[fh.] Albert Ernest Freeth 1873-1920 m. Esther Jane Hodgetts 1874-1945

[fh.] Edna Lizzie Freeth 1901-1990 m. Charles William Butwell 1901-1966

[fh.] James Ernest Freeth 1904-1986

[fh.] John Owen Freeth 1911- m. Freda M Owen 1911-1993

[fh.] Florence Mary Freeth 1914- m. Winston Thomas Henn 1908-


[fh.] Florence Mary Freeth 1874-1948 m. Percy Knifton 1866-1940

[fh.] Edith Sarah Freeth 1877-1882

[fh.] Harold Leopold Marsh Freeth 1883-1941


[fh.] Hannah Freeth 1841-1841

[fh.] Phoebe Freeth 1842-1845


[fh.] Maria Freeth 1844- m. William Evans c1839-

[fh.] Jane Freeth 1846-1921 m. Thomas Smith 1848-1921


[fh.] William Freeth 1848-1912 m. Jane Stodden c1847-1913

[fh.] Charlotte Louisa Freeth 1870-1871

[fh.] Naomi Freeth 1873-1873

[fh.] Richard Stodden Freeth 1874-1959

[fh.] Frances Florence Freeth 1876-1877


[fh.] David Freeth 1850-1851

[fh.] Louisa Freeth 1853-1944 m. Paul Thomas Wall [w.8.5] 1852-

[fh.] John Freeth 1855-1858


[fh.] Hannah Freeth 1812-1881 m. (1) William Fantham 1811-1845 (2) George Moseley c1825-

[fh.] Phoebe Freeth 1814-1887 m. Joseph Fantom 1819-1890


[fh.4.6.2] Rebekah Freeth 1781-


[fh.4.7] Josiah Freeth 1744-

[fh.4.8] Sarah Freeth 1747-

[fh.4.9] John Freeth 1750-

[fh.4.10] Mary Freeth 1753-1754


[fh.5.] William Freeth 1705-

[fh.6] Elizabeth Freeth 1708-

[fh.7] Mary Freeth 1710- m. John Burrowes

[fh.8] Sarah Freeth 1713-


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