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Thomas Freeth [fh.]

Thomas Freeth was the first child of Noah Freeth & Ann Robinson born Apri-June 1865 at West Bromwich.

In 1871 Thomas was living with his parents & 1 brother & 1 sister at Albert St, West Bromwich.

By 1881 the family had moved to 51 Mount Pleasant St, West Bromwich & Thomas was now working as a grinder at age 15!  He now had 3 brothers & 3 sisters.

Thomas married Mary Ann Groves on January 2nd, 1895 at St Andrew’s, West Bromwich.  Both were living at Chapel St, West Bromwich at the time of the wedding.  Mary was born c1875 in West Bromwich.

By 1911 Thomas & Mary were living at 4 Chestnut Avenue, West Bromwich with 3 children – May (11), Gladys (7) & Thomas (2 months).  Thomas was still working as a grinder making cooking ranges at the iron foundry.  Mary & Thomas had had 11 children, only 4 of whom were still alive.

The children of Thomas Freeth & Mary Ann Groves were:

fh.  Esther Ann Freeth born October 26th, 1895 at Chapel St, & christened March 25th, 1896 at St Andrew, West Bromwich; died March 1896 at West Bromwich
fh.  May Freeth born Jan-March 1900 at West Bromwich
fh.  Esther Freeth born Oct-December 1903 at West Bromwich; died Jan-March 1904 at West Bromwich
fh.  Gladys Freeth born Jan-March 1905 at West Bromwich
fh.  Thomas Freeth born January 1911 at West Bromwich
fh.  William Freeth born April-June 1913 at West Bromwich



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