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Joseph Freeth [fh.]

Joseph Freeth was the sixth child of Noah Freeth & Ann Robinson born October 20th, 1877 at West Bromwich, Staffs.

In 1881 Joseph  & his parents & 3 brothers & 3 sisters were living at 51 Mount Pleasant St, West Bromwich.

The family were still at the same address in 1891 & Joseph was now a labourer at the iron foundry.

Joseph was still living at home with his widowed mother, 3 brothers & 2 sisters in 1901 at 139 Sams Lane, West Bromwich.  He was a labourer at the iron works.

Joseph married Elizabeth Wanklin at St John’s, West Bromwich in April-June 1904.  Elizabeth was born October 10th, 1876 at West Bromwich, the daughter of Mary Ann Wanklin.

In 1911 Joseph & Elizabeth were living at 54 Lyng Lane, West Bromwich with 5 daughters – Cicy (14), twins Esther & Minnie (6), Elizabeth (3) & Fanny (1).  Joseph was caster of lamp oil stands & he & Elizabeth had had 6 children, only 5 of whom were still alive.  The age of daughter Cicy suggests that she was born before their marriage.

Daughter Esther married Norman W Saunders, a painter & decorator, in 1929 at West Bromwich. Her twin sister Minnie married John Law, an iron moulder, in the same year.

The 1939 register shows Joseph & Elizabeth living at 34 Lyng Lane, West Bromwich with daughters Fanny, core maker, & Hilda, armature finisher.  Joseph was an iron moulder. 

The children of Joseph Freeth & Elizabeth Wanklin were:

?  Cicy Freeth born c1897 at West Bromwich
fh.  Esther Freeth born January 10th, 1905 at West Bromwich
fh.  Minnie Freeth born January 10th, 1905 at West Bromwich

fh.  Joseph Freeth born April-June 1906 at West Bromwich; died Oct-December 1907 at West Bromwich
fh.  Elizabeth Freeth born Jan-March 1908 at West Bromwich
fh.  Fanny Freeth born March 19th, 1910 at West Bormwich
fh.  Hilda Freeth born May 3rd, 1912 at West Bromwich



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