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Mary Freeth [fh.]

Mary Freeth was the eighth child of George Henry Freeth christened Marth 24th, 1885 at St Peter’s, Warrington, Lancs.  She was the second child of George Henry Freeth’s second marriage to Martha Gleeve.

Mary (listed as Polly) was living at home in 1891 with her father & mother Martha, & brothers & sisters at 27 Oxford Lane, Warrington.

In 1901 Mary was still living at home at 27 Oxford Lane, Warrington with her parents & 2 younger sisters.  Mary was a cardboard box maker.

In 1905 Mary along with her parents & younger sister Martha emigrated to Philadelphia, USA.

The US census of 1910 shows Mary still living with her parents in Philadelphia Ward 33, Pennsylvania where her father was a labourer.  Mary & sister Martha were both weavers in the cloth mill.

Later in 1910 Mary married Robert Evans who was born September 10th, 1887 in New Jersey, USA, the son of Elizabeth & John Evans.

Mary & Robert were living in Philadelphia in 1920 but had no family.  When Mary’s niece & nephew May & Harry Langley emigrated to the US in 1923, they gave the address of their uncle Robert Evans who they were going to visit as 203 W. London St, Philadelphia. 

In 1930 Mary & Robert, aged 43, were living in Philadelphia.  However the 1940 census shows Mary & Robert still living in Philadelphia but Robert’s age is given as 86!  Robert was a carpenter.



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