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Georgina Freeth [fh.]

Georgina Freeth was the tenth child of Edwin Freeth & Thomason Ann Collins born December 22nd, 1885 at Smethwick, Staffs.

In 1891 Georgina was still at home with her parents, 6 brothers & 3 sisters at 36 Victoria St, Smethwick. 

Georgina was still at home at 15 Victoria St in 1901 with her widowed mother, 3 brothers & a sister.  Georgina & her sister Louisa were both bolt wormers. (The worm of the bolt is the spiral part.)

Georgina married Joseph William Scarlett in Oct-December 1903 at All Saints, West Bromwich.  Joseph was born Jan-March 1879 at West Bromwich, the son of Charlotte & Horace W Scarlet, an ironworks moulder.

In 1911 Georgina & Joseph were living at 6 Albert Terrace, Smethwick & Joseph was a general labourer at an engineering works.  They had 5 children, the oldest of whom, Christabel (7) was visiting her grandparents, Edwin & Thomason Ann Freeth at Victoria St, Smethwick at the time of the census.  Children at home with the parents were Horace (5), Joseph William (4), Lottie (2) & Arthur Leonard (3 months).

Joseph died in April-June 1937, aged 58, at West Bromwich.

The 1939 register shows widowed Georgina living at 48 Salop Rd, Oldbury.  With her were sons Joseph William, a contractors labourer, William, a straightener & also a Stanley Scarlett born June 1st, 1925, a worker in the bread department.

Georgina died in April-June 1950, aged 64, at West Bromwich.

The children of Georgina Freeth & Joseph William Scarlett were:

fh.  Christabel Scarlett born Jan-March 1904, died April-June 1918 at Smethwick
fh.  Horace Scarlett born Oct-December 1905 at Smethwick; died Jan-March 1960 in Smethwick
fh.  Joseph William Scarlett  born October 15th, 1906 at Smethwick
fh.  Lottie Scarlett born July-September 1908 at Smethwick
fh.  Arthur Leonard Scarlett born Jan-March 1911 at Smethwick; died July-September 1934 in Birmingham
fh.  Doris M Scarlett born July-September 1913 at Smethwick
fh.  William Scarlett born August 17th, 1916 at Smethwick
fh.  Douglas Scarlett born November 2nd, 1918 at Smethwick; died July 1993 in Dudley, Staffs

fh.  Stanley Scarlett born June 1st, 1925 at Birmingham



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