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Sarah Ann Freeth [fh.]

Sarah Ann Freeth was the second child of Edwin Freeth & Thomason Ann Collins born March 3rd, 1869 at Smethwick, Staffs.

In 1871 Sarah Ann was living with her parents & 2 brothers at Hawthorn St, Smethwick.

In 1891 Sarah Ann was still at home with her parents, 6 brothers & 3 sisters at 36 Victoria St, Smethwick. She was working as a frying pan polisher.

Sarah Ann married James Betts in Jan-March 1897 at St Paul’s, Smethwick. James was born Oct-December 1868 at Tipton, Staffs, the son of Phoebe J & James Betts, a labourer in the ironworks.

In 1901 Sarah Ann & James were living at 48 Victoria St, the same street as her widowed mother & other members of her family. James was a general labourer. They had 2 children – Edwin (2) & James (1).

The family were still living at the same address in 1911 & James was now a labourer at the iron foundry.  They now had 6 children at home – Edwin, James, Beatrice (9), Kate (8), Louisa Adelaide (4) &Vera (9 months).  It was noted on the census that they had had 8 children, only 6 of whom were alive.

Daughter Kate married John L Yates, a wood machinist, in 1923 & the 1939 register shows them living near Kate’s mother at 53 Victoria St, Smethwick.  The following year Louisa married David H Bennett & Ada married Edward J Reynolds.

James died some time before 1939.

The 1939 register shows widowed Sarah Ann still living at 48 Victoria St, Smethwick.  With her were daughters Beatrice & Louisa , both ‘tender screw maker automatic machines’, & Ada, ‘viewer screw works’.

In 1939 son Edwin was living at 8 Thomson Rd, Smethwick with his wife Florence L & family.  Edwin was a general fitter on railway wagon & carriage works. Son James & his wife Violet & family were living at 17 Clent Rd, Oldbury & James was a ‘miller, iron weigh bridge works’.

Sarah Ann administered the will of her deceased brother Harry in June 1941.

Sarah Ann died in Oct-December 1948, aged 79, at Smethwick.

The children of Sarah Ann Freeth & James Betts were:

fh.  Edwin Betts born June 4th, 1898 at Smethwick, Staffs
fh.  James Betts born October 25th, 1899 at Smethwick, Staffs
fh.  Beatrice Betts born April 14th, 1901 at Smethwick
fh.  Kate Betts born March 14th, 1903 at Smethwick

fh,  Harold Betts born Oct-December 1904 at Smethwick; died Jan-March 1906 at Smethwick
fh.  Louisa Adelaide Betts born May 21st, 1906 at Smethwick

fh.  Alfred Betts born Oct-December 1908 at Smethwick; died Oct-December 1908 at Smethwick
fh.  Vera Betts born July-September 1910 at Smethwick; died April-June 1934 in Smethwick
fh.  Ada Betts born January 25th, 1912 at Smethwick, Staffs


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