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Emma Freeth [fh.]

Emma Freeth was the eighth child of William Freeth & Sarah Gutteridge born October 10th, 1844 at Smethwick, & christened November 17th, 1844 at North Harborne, Staffs.

In 1851 Emma was living at home at Roebuck Lane, Smethwick with her parents & siblings.

Emma was still at home at 6 Roebuck Lane in 1861 with her parents & brothers & sister.

Emma married Joseph Hall in April-June 1867 at West Bromwich, Staffs. Joseph was born Oct-December 1848 at West Bromwich, the son of Hannah Sargent & John Hall, an iron shingler.

In 1871 Emma & Joseph were living at Glover St, West Bromwich, where Joseph was a puddler. They had a 1 month old daughter Hannah. Sadly Emma had given birth to 3 children prior to Hannah but they had all died in infancy & Hannah also died as an infant

In 1881 Emma & Joseph were still at Glover St, now #124 with 2 children – Alfred (6) & James (1 month old). Daughter Hannah could not be found at the time of the census. Joseph was described as an iron worker.

There is a death recorded for Emma Hall, aged 41, registered in Oct-December 1885 at Kings Norton. In the same registration period there is a birth & death recorded for Emma’s tenth child, Albert.

The children of Emma Freeth & Joseph Hall were:

fh.  Lizetta Hall born July-September 1867 at West Bromwich; died at Glover St & buried August 11th, 1869 at Christ Church, West Bromwich
fh.  John William Hall born Oct-December 1868 at West Bromwich; died at Glover St, & buried August 31st, 1869 at Christ Church, West Bromwich
fh.  Joseph Hall born May 1870 at West Bromwich; died at Glover St & buried May 26th, 1870 at Christ Church, West Bromwich
fh.  Hannah Hall born Jan-March 1871 at West Bromwich, Staffs
fh.  Alfred Hall  born April-June 1874 at West Bromwich, Staffs
fh.  George Hall born Jan-March 1876 at West Bromwich; died April-June 1878 at West Bromwich
fh.  Samuel Hall born April-June 1878 at West Bromwich; died Jan-March 1881 at West Bromwich
fh.  Jim (James) Hall born April-June 1881 at West Bromwich, Staffs
fh.  Job Hall born Oct-December 1882 at West Bromwich
fh.  Albert Hall born Oct-December 1885 at West Bromwich; died Oct-December 1885 at West Bromwich

Joseph married again, his second wife being Ellen Moseley.  Ellen was born c1850 in Birmingham, the daughter of Eliza & George Moseley, an artist, painter & sculptor.

In 1901 Joseph & Ellen were living at 16 Harriet Place, Pemberton, Lancs.  Joseph was described as an iron worker at the rolling mills.  With them was Joseph’s son, Job Hall, a tailor’s assistant, & Ellen’s widowed father George Moseley.


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