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Fanny/Frances Freeth [fh.]

Fanny/Frances Freeth was born c1845 in Smethwick the fifth child of Josiah Freeth & Mary Ann Yates.

In 1851 Fanny & her parents, 1 sisters & 3 brothers were living at Stoney Lane, Smethwick. 

By 1861 Fanny was still living at home at St George St, Smethwick with her 2 sisters & 3 brothers. 

Fanny married John Smith on July 16th, 1865 at St Thomas Church, Dudley.  John was born in 1845 in Newton, Lancashire.

In 1871 Fanny (now known as Frances) & John were living at 6 Birchfield Terrace, Handsworth & John was a fitter.  They had 2 sons – Josiah (5) & John (1).

By 1881 they were living at 26 Back Brearley St, Handsworth & John was described as an engine fitter.  Son Josiah was working as an iron foundry moulder, & as well as son John they now had David (8), Elizabeth (6), Emily (3), George Frederick (2) & Anne (1 month).

Frances & John were living at 195 Windmill Lane, Smethwick in 1891 & John was still an engine fitter.  Children at home were David, Elizabeth, Emily, George F, Anne & newcomers Catherine (6), Mary A (3) & James (11 months).

The family had moved to 13 Upper Grove St, Smethwick by 1901 & John was now a foreman engine fitter.  At home were Emily, George Frederick, an engine fitter, Anne, a pawnbroker’s assistant, Catherine, a draper’s assistant & Mary Ann.

The 1911 census shows John & Frances still at 13 Upper Grove St with only daughter Emily at home.  John was described as a foreman steam engine fitter.  It was noted on the census that Frances had had 13 children, only 8 of whom were still living.

The children of Fanny/Frances Freeth & John Smith were:

fh.  Josiah Thomas Smith born December 15th, 1865 in Handsworth
fh.  John Smith born 1869 in Stoke-on-Trent
fh.  David Smith born 1873 in Handsworth
fh.  Elizabeth Smith born 1875 in Handsworth
fh.  Emily Smith born 1878 in Handsworth
fh.  George Frederick Smith born 1879 in Handsworth
fh. Anne Smith born 1881 in Handsworth
fh. Catherine Smith born 1885 in Handsworth
fh. Mary Ann Smith born July 5th, 1887 in Smethwick
fh. James Smith born 1890 in Smethwick



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