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Anne Grove [g.1]

Anne Grove was the first child of William Grove & Hannah King christened August 21st, 1814 at St John the Baptist, Croydon, Surrey.

Anne married Timothy Fulker, a fruiterer, on December 4th, 1837 at St Giles Church, Camberwell, Surrey.  Witnesses at the wedding were James Cross & Mary Ann Bullock.  Both Anne & Timothy gave their address as 8 George St. Timothy was christened January 5th, 1812 at Reading, Berkshire, the son of  Hannah & James Fulker, farmer.

In 1841 Anne & Timothy were living at Surrey St, Croydon where Timothy was a grocer. They had a 2 year old son Francis & a 6 month old son, Albert.

It appears that Anne & Timothy & family were living in Reading, Berkshire in 1845 as son Albert William & the next son born, William Edwin, both died in Jan-March of that year, their deaths being registered at Reading. Both boys died from smallpox after vaccination.  In 1846 a number of citings in the local press revealed that Timothy’s grocery business had fallen on hard times & he was to summoned to appear in the bankruptcy court in London.

By 1851 Timothy & Anne had moved to Church St, Croydon, near to Anne’s father William Grove. Timothy was now described as a carrier & Anne was a dressmaker. They had 4 children with them – Francis B, Albert E (6), Sarah A (4) & Charles E (2). Living with them was a 66 year old widower, Henry Whittaker, for whom no occupation was given.

In 1861 Anne & Timothy were living at 7 Tamworth Rd, Croydon (again near neighbours of Anne’s father). Timothy was a grocer’s assistant & Anne was still a dressmaker. Children at home were Francis B, a music seller, Albert E (15), Charles E, Ernest F (10) & Walter J (5). Sadly daughter Sarah had died in 1860 aged just 13.

Son Francis married Annie Frederica Goddard in 1869 at St Peter’s Church, Croydon.  Francis became a house painter.

The family were at Rose Cottage, Tamworth Place, Croydon in 1871 & Timothy was now a furniture dealer. Sons Ernest & Walter were still at home.

Son Albert Edwin married Edith Ann Steel in 1879 at Croydon.  Albert was to become a printer, stationer & bookseller.

Anne & Timothy had returned to Church St in 1881 & Timothy continued to be a furniture dealer with son Walter as his assistant.

A report in the Surrey Mirror of April 15th, 1882 tells of the sad death of son  Walter.  Walter was discovered ill in bed by one of his brothers & a doctor was called.  It was noted that by the bedside was a packet of oxalic acid & a glass which contained crystals of the compound.  On briefly regaining consciousness Walter admitted he had taken a portion of the acid.  He died soon after as the result of poisoning.  Walter, aged 26, had recently lost his job with Mr Brown, an upholsterer, for 'misappropriation of money' & according to his brother had complained of headaches recently.  The jury returned a verdict of suicide whilst laboring under mental derangement.

In 1891 Anne & Timothy were at 116 Church St, Croydon & Timothy was now described as a retired furniture dealer.

Timothy died of bronchitis on April 22nd, 1891, aged 79, at 116 Church St, Croydon.

In 1901 Anne was boarding at Pokesdown, Hampshire at the home of Lily K. Barby. Anne was described as living on her own means & it was also noted that she was deaf.

Anne died later that year in Oct-December 1901, aged 87, the death being registered at Croydon.

The children of Anne Grove & Timothy Fulker were:

g.1.1 Francis Bullock Fulker born February 9th, 1839 & christened March 6th, 1839 at St John the Baptist, Croydon, Surrey; died November 18th, 1907 at 67 Southsea Rd, Croydon
g.1.2 Albert William Fulker christened February 17th, 1841 at St John the Baptist, Croydon, Surrey, died March 2nd, 1845 at Reading, Berkshire
g.1.3 William Edwin Fulker christened September 27th, 1843 at St John the Baptist, Croydon, Surrey, died Jan-March 1845 at Reading, Berkshire
g.1.4 Albert Edwin Fulker born June 8th, 1845 at Reading, Berkshire, died Jan-March 1922 at Christchurch, Hants
g.1.5 Sarah Anne Fulker christened July 25th, 1847 at St John the Baptist, Croydon, Surrey; died December 24th, 1860.
g.1.6 Charles Enoch Fulker christened May 6th, 1849 at St John the Baptist, Croydon, Surrey; died November 18th, 1933 at  Croydon Hospital
g.1.7 Ernest Frederick Fulker christened August 24th, 1851 at St John the Baptist, Croydon, Surrey; died October 1875 in Croydon
g.1.8 Anne Louisa Fulker christened May 29th, 1853 at St John the Baptist, Croydon, Surrey, died Oct-December 1853 at Croydon, Surrey
g.1.9 Walter John Fulker christened March 21st, 1856 at St John the Baptist, Croydon, Surrey; died on April 1882 at 53 Church St, Croydon


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