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Harriet Matilda Horton [h.]

Thanks go to Roger Worton, grandson of Harriet Matilda Horton for providing information on Harriet's children.

Harriet Matilda Horton was the third child of Samuel Horton & Ann Maria Oakley born December 2nd, 1878 at Musk Lane, Lower Gornall & christened December 18th, 1878 at St James, Lower Gornall, Sedgley, Staffs.

In 1881 Matilda was living with her parents, & 2 brothers at 36 Musk Lane, Lower Gornall, Sedgley.

Matilda, listed as Harriet M, was still living at home in 1891, now at 15 Barr St, Lower Gornall with her 5 brothers & a sister.

Matilda married John Worton on August 27th, 1899 at St James, Lower Gornall, Staffs. John’s address at the time of the wedding was 26 Windmill St, Upper Gornall & he was a bricklayer. John was born c1877 in Sedgley, Staffs, the son of Sarah Ann & William H Worton, a bricklayer. Matilda was living at 33 Barr St, Lower Gornall. Witnesses at the wedding were Joseph & Hannah Oakley. Joseph was Matilda’s older half brother, the son of Ann Maria Oakley, who had married Hannah O’Leary.

Marriage of Matilda & John Worton

In 1901 Matilda & John were living at 33 Windmill St, Upper Gornall, Sedgley & John was a bricklayer. They had 2 children – Sarah (18 months) & William (3 Months). They were living with Isiah Smith, a 71 year old widower. (Census suggests Isiah is Matilda’s father!)

Matilda & John were at 39 Gospel End St, Sedgley in 1911 & John was now a bricklayer & house builder having his own account. They had 4 children with them on census night (April 2nd ) Sarah Jane (known as Jinny), Thomas (known as Tom) (10), Leonard (known as Len) (4) & Harold (1). Son Samuel (known as Sam) was visiting his grandparents at Kingswinford. It was noted on the census that they had had a daughter, Precilla, who had died at the age of 6.

In August 1916 John enlisted with the Durham Light Infantry giving his address as 59 High St, Sedgley.  He served in the Labour Corps until the end of WW1.  His physical description revealed he was 5ft 2inches tall & of good build!

The 1939 register shows Matilda living at 13 Beacon Lane, Sedgley.  With her were sons William, a bricklayer, Charles, a window cleaner, James, a gardener & daughter Florence, a mattress assembler.  It is not known where John was at this time but Matilda was listed as married.

Matilda died on January 16th, 1971, aged 92, her death being registered at Dudley, Staffs.

The children of Harriet Matilda Horton & John Worton were:

h. Sarah Jane Worton born Oct-December 1899 at Gornall, Staffs; died in Sedgley

h. William Thomas Worton born Jan-March 1901 at Gornall, Staffs; died in Edgbaston

h. Priscilla May Worton born Oct-December 1902 at Gornall, Staffs; died April-June 1908 at Gornall

h. William Samuel Worton born November 6th, 1904 at Gornall, Staffs; died Jan-March 2004 in Dudley

h. Charles Leonard Worton born October 12th, 1906 at Gornall, Staffs; died October 7th,1992 in Sedgley

h. Harold Austin Worton born December 3rd, 1909 at Gornall, Staffs; died January 12th,1990 in Sedgley

h. Matilda May Worton born April 1st, 1913 at Sedgley, Staffs

h.  Ernest John Worton born November 11th, 1915 at Sedgley, Staffs; died Jan-March 1920 in Sedgley

h.  Virginia E Worton born December 26th 1919 in Dudley

h. James Leslie Worton born May 10th, 1922; died November 22nd, 1992

h. Florence B Worton born June 16th, 1925 in Dudley;


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