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Samuel Horton [h.1.4.10]

Samuel Horton was the tenth child of James Horton & Elizabeth Hale born April 28th, 1852 at Gornall Wood, Staffs & christened May 30th, 1852 at Sedgley, Staffs.

By 1861 the family were living at Himley Rd, Lower Gornall, Sedgley & Samuel had 2 brothers & 3 sisters at home.

In 1871 Samuel & his parents were living at 49 New St, Lower Gornall, Sedgley & he was an agricultural labourer. His sister Sarah was still at home, as was sister Esther with her husband John Box.

Samuel married Ann Maria Oakley on December 25th, 1874 at All Saints, Sedgley, Dudley. Ann Maria was born November 10th, 1852 at Cricket Meadow, Upper Gornall, Sedgley, Staffs, the daughter of Harriet Bird & Joseph Oakley, a labourer. Ann Maria had given birth to a son, Joseph John Oakley, earlier in 1874 at Water Rd, Gornall. Joseph continued to live with his grandparents until his marriage in Oct-December 1894 to Hannah O’Leary. We are grateful to Maureen Lownes (family tree on for information on Joseph John Oakley.

By 1881 Samuel & Ann Maria were living at 36 Musk Lane, Sedgley & Samuel was now a coal miner. They had 3 children – James (5), Thomas (4) & Matilda (2). Ann Maria’s parents were living nearby in Musk Lane with her son Joseph.

They had moved to 15 Barr St, Lower Gornall, Sedgley by 1891 & Samuel was now described as a general labourer. They now had 7 children at home – James H, a general labourer, William T (Thomas in last census), a coal miner, Harriet M (Matilda in last census), Sarah Jane (7), Samuel (5), Ernest (3) & Leonard (1). Tragically Sarah Jane died in July-September 1895 at the age of 12.

In 1901 they were living at 33 Barr St, Lower Gornall & Samuel was now a ‘coal loader above ground’. At home were Thomas, a coal miner labourer below ground, Samuel, a colliery labourer above ground, Ernest, Leonard, Howard (9), Harold (7) & Virginia (5).

By 1911 Samuel & Maria were living at 33 Oak Lane, Kingswinford & Samuel was now a night watchman at the brick works. They had 4 children at home Samuel, a sand hole labourer at the sand pit, Howard, a stoker at the colliery, Harold, horse driver below ground at the colliery & Virginia. They had a 6 year old grandson living with them Samuel Worton, the child of daughter Harriet Matilda who had married John Worton.It was noted on the census form that Maria had had 12 children, only 10 of whom were still alive.

Son Harold married Gertrude Dorothy Moore in Oct-December 1919 at Stourbridge. They were to have 1 son, Harold in 1924.

Samuel died on August 6th, 1930, aged 78, at 33 The Oak, Kingswinford.  Probate was granted on September 20th, 1930 at London to his sons Samuel Horton, a quarryman & James Henry Horton, a fruiterer.  His effects were £907.6s.10d & resworn as £1,107.6s.10d.

Ann Maria died the next year on March 26th, also aged 78. Probate was granted on May 6th, 1931 in London to sons Samuel & James Henry.  Her effects were £162.

The children of Samuel Horton & Ann Maria Oakley were:

h. James Henry Horton born April 27th, 1875 at Musk Lane, Lower Gornall, christened April 28th, 1875 at Lower Gornall, Staffs; died June 21st, 1945 at Himley Village, Brierley Hill, Staffs
h. William Thomas Horton born December 1st at Musk Lane, Lower Gornall, christened December 27th, 1876 at Lower Gornall, Staffs; died June 20th, 1959 at 28 Barr St, Lower Gornal.
h. Harriet Matilda Horton christened December 18th, 1878 at Lower Gornall, Staffs; died Jan-March 1971 at Dudley, Staffs
h. Sarah Ann Horton christened June 29th, 1881 at Lower Gornall, Staffs, died Jan-March 1883 at Lower Gornall, Staffs
h. Sarah Jane Horton christened June 13th, 1883 at Lower Gornall, Staffs, died July-September, 1895 at Lower Gornall
h. Samuel Horton christened December 2nd, 1885 at Lower Gornall, Staffs; died July-September 1967 in Stourbridge
h. Ernest Horton born September 28th,1887 at Barr St, Lower Gornall, Staffs, died September 30th, 1957 at 33 Barr St, Gornal Wood, Staffs
h. Charles Leonard Horton born June 18th, 1889 at Barr St, Lower Gornall, Staffs; died July-September 1967 at Dudley, Staffs
h. Howard Austin Horton christened May 6th, 1891 at Lower Gornall, Staffs; died August 27th,1963 at 22 Dreadnought Rd, Pensnett, Staffs
h. Horton born September 18th, 1893 at Barr St, Lower Gornall & christened October 11th, 1893 at Lower Gornall, Staffs
h. Virginia Elizabeth Horton born December 31st, 1895 at Lower Gornall, Staffs, died February 27th, 1977 at Kingswinford, Worcs


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