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Jane Horton [h.1.4.2]

Jane Horton was the second child of James Horton & Elizabeth Hale christened November 3rd, 1834 at Gornall, Sedgley, Staffs.

In 1841 Jane’s mother Elizabeth was visiting her parents-in-law, Henry & Esther Horton at Walsall St, West Bromwich, Staffs at the time of the census. With her were Jane & little sister Esther, 6 months old.

In 1851 Jane was working as a house servant for Caroline & John Davies, a miller, & their family at Miners Row, West Bromwich. Jane gave birth to a daughter Emily on August 30th, 1854 at Eve Hill, Dudley, father unknown.

Emily's birth certificate

By 1861 Jane had moved to New St, Sedgley & was now a dressmaker. She was still unmarried but now had a son William Henry, aged 2 with her. Daughter Emily was found with Jane’s parents at Lower Gornall, & described as a grandchild in 1861 census.

In 1871 daughter Emily was a general servant for Louisa & Joseph Fellows, a farmer, at the Farm House, Pensnett Rd, Lower Gornall. Jane & William Henry could not be found at this or later times.

The children of Jane Horton were:

h. Emily Horton born August 30th, 1854 at Eve Hill, Dudley, Staffs
h. William Henry Horton born July-September 1858 at Sedgley, Staffs


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