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Richard Lister [li.5.4]

Richard Lister was the fourth child of John Lister & Elizabeth christened March 4th, 1856 at Eston, Yorks.

In 1861 Richard was living at home at Ormesby with his parents.

In 1871 Richard was still living at home with his father & step mother Mary at Claylane Cottages, Eston. He was a labourer at the ironworks.

Richard married Mary Ann Lardner Skinner on March 10th, 1878 at Eston, Yorks. Witnesses at the wedding William Skinner & Caroline Jane Skinner. Mary Ann was christened on July 26th, 1857 at Redcar, Yorks, the daughter of Mary Ann & William Skinner. At the time of the christening Mary Ann’s father was an innkeeper.

At the time of the christening of son John Robert in 1880 at Eston Richard’s occupation was given as locomotive fireman.

At the time of the 1881 census Richard & Mary, a dressmaker, were living with Mary’s parents & their family at Middlesborough Rd, Eston. Richard & Mary had 2 children – Charles William (2) & John Robert (1). Richard & his father-in-law both worked at the steel works – Richard was a weighman & William Skinner was a time keeper.

By 1891 Richard & Mary had moved to 21 Tyne St, South Bank, Eston & Richard was a clerk in an iron works office. Children at home were Charles W, John R, Walter (9), Harry (7) & Richard (5). Living with them was Mary’s widowed mother Mary Ann Skinner, aged 63, who was born in Scotland.

In 1901 Richard & Mary were living at 13 Redcar Rd East, Eston & Richard was described as a weighman. At home were sons Charles, John & Harry, all mercantile clerks. Son Richard was a drapers assistant & son Walter was noted as a ‘corporal Imperial Yeomanry (on active service)’. Richard & Mary now had 3 more children – Wilfrid (9), Dorice (4) & Ella (3). Son Charles was to marry Isabel Elliott later in 1901.

Richard & Mary were found at Harcourt Rd, South Bank in 1911 & Richard was still employed by the steelworks as a weighman.  Only daughters Doris (Dorice) & Ella were still at home.  It was noted on the census that Mary had had 10 children, only 8 of whom were still alive.

Son John married Jane Beavan in 1908 & in 1911 they & daughter Marjorie were living in Redcar where John was a steel works manager’s clerk.  Son Harry married Charlotte Turnbull Gibson in 1906 & in 1911 they were living at South Bank.  Harry was an analytical chemist at the ironworks & they had a daughter Paulena (2) & son Harry (3).  Also in 1911 sons Richard & Wilfred emmigrated to Canada on the Lake Champlain, their destination being Toronto.  The ship’s manifest shows that Richard’s occupation on leaving England was a stocktaker & he intended to work as a mechanic.   Wilfred’s occupation had been an electrician & he also was going to work as a mechanic.  They were lodging together in Toronto West at the time of the Canadian 1911 census.  Richard & his wife Isabella & 7 year old son Reginald were living in Red Deer, Alberta in 1926.  Wilfred returned to England & enlisted with the Army Service Corps serving as a motor driver in Palestine & Syria during WW1.   He gave his parents as next of kin who were living at Normanby Rd, South Bank.   Wilfred was noted as returning to Toronto, Canada in 1920 and gave his occupation as superintendent of telegraphs.

In 1923 daughter Ella married Robert H Brown in Middlesbrough & by 1939 they were living at Gosforth Avenue, Redcar with daughter Yvonne. Son Walter married Agnes Frances Annie Padley in Middlesbrough in 1910 & in 1939 they were living in Corby, Northamptonshire with son Eric, a mechanical engineer.  Walter was a fireman at the Bessemer Steel Plant.

Mary died in Oct-December 1934, her death being registered at Guisborough, N. Yorks.

There is a death for Richard Lister aged 81 in Jan-March 1938 registered at Cleveland.

The children of Richard Lister & Mary Ann Lardner Skinner were:

li.5.4.1 Charles William Lister born at 8 Upper Albion St & christened January 15th, 1879 at Eston, South Bank
li.5.4.2 John Robert Lister born February 27th , 1880 at 34 Henry St, South Bank & christened April 14th, 1880 at Eston
li.5.4.3 Walter Lister born October 26th 1881 at 11 Tyne St, South Bank & christened November 23rd, 1881at Eston; died October 14th, 1945 at 86 Wheatley Ave, Corby, Northamptonshire
li.5.4.4 Harry Lister born October 24th, 1883 at 11 Tyne St, South Bank & christened November 28th, 1883 at Eston; died June 5th, 1953 at 21 Durham Rd, Redcar
li.5.4.5 Richard Chiserman Lister born April 2nd, 1886 at 11 Tyne St,  South Bank & christened May 12th, 1886 at Eston; died Jan-March 1972 at Whitby, Yorks

li.5.4.6 Harold Lister born March 9th, 1888 at 11 Tyne St,  & christened April 18th, 1888 at Eston; buried July 6th, 1888 at Eston
li.5.4.7 Wilfrid Lister born May 5th, 1891 at 11 Tyne St, South Bank & christened June 21st, 1891 at Eston
li.5.4.8 Dorice Lister born July 9th, 1895 at 3 Redcar Road, South Bank & christened December 1st, 1895 at Eston
li.5.4.9 Ella Lister born October 14th, 1897 at 3 Redcar Road South Bank & christened November 17th, 1897 at Eston

li.5.4.10 Irene Lister born March 24th, 1900 at 3 Redcar Road, South Bank & christened April 18th, 1900 at Ormesby; buried October 18th, 1900 at Eston Cemetery


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