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The indexed Lister family begins with [li] Thomas Lister - click on him to see tree of descendants.

[The earliest members of our Lister family have recently been traced back from [li] Thomas Lister born 1789, to his father John Lister born 1759, & grandfather William Lister born c1717]


[li] Thomas Lister 1789-1951 m. Ann Pattison 1791-1846


[li.1] Elizabeth Lister 1812-1867 m. George Grenside 1807-1876

[li.2] Mary Lister 1814-1884 m. Thomas Stainsby [sb.6] 1810-1878

[li.3] Jane Lister 1817-1877 m. Robert Rickatson 1808-1888

[li.4] Ann Lister 1819-1889 m. Robert Robinson 1817-1904


[li.5] John Lister 1822-1894 m. (1) Elizabeth Taylor 1827-1862

(2) Mary Lister 1842-

[li.5.1] Benjamin Taylor Lister 1850-1883 m. Ellen Deighton 1853-1941

[li.5.1.1] Frances Elizabeth Lister 1876-1959 m. Frederick W Evans

[li.5.1.2] Henry Lister 1878-

[li.5.1.3] Mary Ellen Lister 1881-1972 m. William Henry Pearce


[li.5.2] Thomas Lister 1852-1891 m. Phoebe Jane Bissell 1854-1926

[li.5.2.1] Frederick Lister 1877-1961 m. Mary Elizabeth Thompson

[li.5.2.2] Margaret Ann Lister 1878-1944 m. Ernest Dent

[li.5.2.3] Alfred Lister 1881-1954

[li.5.2.4] Samuel Lister 1883-1965 m. Lucy Oakley 1886-

[li.5.2.5] Thomas Henry Lister 1885- m. Florence May Holdsworth c1900-


[li.5.3] John Lister 1854-1867

[li.5.4] Richard Lister 1856-1938 m. Mary Ann Lardner Skinner 1857-1934

[li.5.4.1] Charles William Lister 1879- m. Isabel Elliot 1880-

[li.5.4.2] John Robert Lister 1880- m. Jane Beavan

[li.5.4.3] Walter Lister 1881-1945 m. Agnes Frances Annie Padley

[li.5.4.4] Harry Lister 1883-1953 m. Charlotte Turnbull Gibson c1888-1976

[li.5.4.5] Richard Chiserman Lister 1886-1972 m. Isabella T Grant

[li.5.4.6] Harold Lister 1888-1888

[li.5.4.7] Wilfrid Lister 1891-

[li.5.4.8] Dorice Lister 1895-

[li.5.4.9] Ella Lister 1897- m. Robert H Brown

[li.5.4.10] Irene Lister 1900-1900


[li.5.5] Robert Henry Lister 1857-1857

[li.5.6] Robert Henry Lister 1859-1905 m. Jane Ann Cradle c1864-

[li.5.6.1] Lilian Lister 1884-

[li.5.6.2] Ethel Lister 1886-1891

[li.5.6.3] Ada Lister 1888-

[li.5.6.4] Florence Margaret Lister 1890-1897

[li.5.6.5] John Thomas Lister 1892-1966 m. Lilian Maud Witham 1891-1983


[li.5.6.6] Robert William Lister 1894-1961 m. Ellen Kate Parker 1892-1969

[li.] Joan Lister

[li.] Margaret Jane Lister


[li.5.6.7] Henry Lister 1899-

[li.5.6.8] Frederick Lister 1900- m. 1966 m. Ivy Victoria Clifton

[li.5.6.9] Mary Elizabeth Lister 1902-


[li.5.7] Elizabeth Ann Lister 1861-1943 m. Thomas Herbert Turner 1856-1938

[li.5.8] Margaret Elizabeth Lister 1862-1941 m. (1) William Rowland 1865-c1892

(2) John Quinn 1858-<1939


[li.5.9] Watson Lister 1864-1865

[li.5.10] Mary Jane Lister 1867-


[li.5.11] John Lister 1870- 1928 m. Margaret Ann Rees (nee Smith) 1871-1962

[li.5.11.1] John William Lister 1902-1986 m. Lillian Eaglestone

[li.5.11.2] Florence Lister 1905-1906

[li.5.11.3] Thomas Lister 1905-1905

[li.5.11.4] Margaret Lister 1907-1908

[li.5.11.5] Richard Henry Lister 1909-1944 m. Doris Eileen Robinson

[li.5.11.6] Herbert Lister 1912-1914


[li.5.12] Maria Lister 1874-


[li.6] Margaret Lister 1824-1901 m. Henry Brown c1826-1898


[li.7] Thomas Lister 1827-1880 m. Hannah Herring 1831-1876

[li.7.1] Richard Lister 1852-1919 m. Elizabeth Ann Macrae (nee Brown) 1854-1937

[li.7.1.1] Hannah Margaret Lister 1895-1977 m. Sydney Shore


[li.7.2] Ann Lister 1854-1869


[li.7.3] Thomas Lister 1856-1916 m. Margaret Easby 1862-1948

[li.7.3.1] Gertrude Annie Lister 1886-1915 m. Isaac Hammerton

[li.7.3.2] Beatrice Jane Lister 1888-1922 m. Johnson Husband

[li.7.3.3] Winifred Alice Lister 1889-1963 m. James Watson

[li.7.3.4] Florence Lister 1892-1920

[li.7.3.5] Mary Hannah Lister 1893-1912

[li.7.3.6] Emily Lister 1896- m. Harry Wright

[li.7.3.7] Olive Lister 1898-1921 m. Henry Towle

[li.7.3.8] Violet Lister 1901- m. (1) George Freeman (2) Louis Johnson

[li.7.3.9] Margaret Gustina Lister 1904-1980 m. Jim Hopps


[li.7.4] William Lister 1858-

[li.7.5] Robert Lister 1860- m. Sarah Eliza Fall 1866-1897

[li.7.5.1] Herbert Lister (Fall) 1887-

[li.7.5.2] Robert Lister 1887-

[li.7.5.3] Edith Milley Lister 1889-

[li.7.5.4] Sarah Elizabeth Lister 1890-

[li.7.5.5] James Edward Lister 1891-

[li.7.5.6] Isabel (Bella) Lister 1893-

[li.7.5.7] Annie Elizabeth Lister 1895-


[li.7.6] James Edward Lister 1863-1935 m. Elizabeth Blenkhorn 1864-1939

[li.7.7] John George Lister 1865-1916

[li.7.8] Margaret Lister 1867-1880

[li.7.9] Sarah Ann Lister 1869-1877


[li.7.10] Frederick Lister 1872-1952 m. Mary Sudron 1883-1972

[li.7.10.1] Frederick Lister 1905-1999

[li.7.10.2] Iris Irene Lister 1907-1908

[li.7.10.3] Wilfred Percival Lister 1909-1942

[li.7.10.4] John Gordon Lister 1911-1973 m. Margery Coates

[li.7.10.5] Queenie Lister 1913-1916

[li.7.10.6] James Julien Lister 1817-2000 m. Betty Bryant


[li.8] Richard Wheatley Pattison Lister 1829-1891 m. Mary Ann Knaggs c1835-1895

[li.8.1] Joseph Fleming Lister 1855-1928 m. Emma Snowdon 1859-1941

[li.8.1.1] Herbert William Lister 1879-1880

[li.8.1.2] William Lister 1882-1948 m. Lily M Thomas

[li.8.1.3] Lilly Lister 1883-1967 m. Albert James T Baker c1873-1933

[li.8.1.4] Esther Lister 1886-1954 m. John Edward Honeywell

[li.8.1.5] Elizabeth Lister 1888-1945

[li.8.1.6] Mary Ann Lister 1892-1945 m. Arthur Whelerton

[li.8.1.7] Joseph Fleming Lister 1894-1960 m. Stella Hall

[li.8.1.8] Ernest Lister 1896-1973 m. Elizabeth J Milligan

[li.8.1.9] Henry Lister 1899-1954 m. Margaret Amer


[li.8.2] John Knaggs Lister 1865-1897

[li.8.3] Hannah Maria Lister 1867-1868

[li.8.4] Henrietta Lister 1870-1934 m. (1) Charles William Stableforth 1863-1911 (2) John Lawson

[li.8.5] Richard Wheatley Pattison Lister 1876-1953 m. Hannah Matilda Melson 1877-1953

[li.8.5.1] Edith Alice (Melson) Lister 1897-1970 m. Henry Borrows 1885-1946


[li.9] Hannah Maria Lister 1831-1870 m. (1) George Kirk 1828-1864

(2) Isaac Phillips 1828-1878

[li.10] Isabella Lister 1835-1905 m. (1) John Donking c1835-1858

(2) Ramsey Smith 1838-1914


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