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Elizabeth Ann Lister [li.5.7]

Elizabeth Ann Lister was the seventh child of John Lister & Elizabeth christened March 22nd, 1861 at Eston, Yorks. At the time of the 1861 census she was just 2 weeks old & living at Tithe Barn Cottage, Ormesby.

In 1871 Elizabeth was living at home with her father & step mother Mary at Claylane Cottages, Eston.

Elizabeth married Thomas Herbert Turner on August 18th, 1880 at St Peter’s, Middlesborough.  One of the witnesses at the wedding was Elizabeth’s brother Benjamin Taylor Lister.  Thomas was born March 9th, 1856 & christened September 8th 1863 at Boston, Lincs, the son of Elizabeth & John Turner, a sea captain, deceased at the time of the wedding.  Also christened at the same time as Thomas were his 2 sisters & 2 brothers.

In 1881 Elizabeth (known as Ann in the census) & Thomas were living at 22 Cleveland St, Middlesbrough. Thomas was a butcher & living with them was his brother Henry Turner (28), a fitter & engineer.

Elizabeth & Thomas (Tuma in index) were living at 13 Pearl St, South Bank, Normanby & Thomas was now described as a labourer. They now had 4 children at home John Henry (9), William (4), Archibald (2) & Elizabeth Amelia (3 months). Son, Thomas H Turner (7) was listed as being at home but in fact was visiting his grandparents John & Mary Lister at Eston.

By 1901 Elizabeth & Thomas, who had become an electrician at the steelworks, were living at 11 Connaught St, Normanby with their children Thomas (17), a steelworker (rail manufacturers labourer), William (14), Archibald (12), Elizabeth A (10), Walter (8) & Charles E (4).

Son John Henry married Louisa Kirton in 1902.  John served with the RAMC & as a gunner during WW1 at which time he gave his address as Middle St, Consett, Co Durham.  His profession was chemist & dentist.

It is thought that son William joined the Royal Navy as a cabin boy in 1904.

Thomas and Elizabeth were living at 4 York Terrace, Eston, N. Yorks in 1911. Thomas was still working as an electrician at the steel works and at home were Amelia (Elizabeth), Walter, apprentice engineer fitter at the steel works, Charles and new additions Harold (9) and Doris (4). Son Thomas had married Letitia Corke in 1907 & by 1911 they & daughter Winifred were living in Albert Rd, Eston where Thomas was a steelworks electrician. 

In April 1913 son Archibald emigrated from Liverpool, his destination being Philadelphia, USA.  His occupation was mason.  Archibald settled in Vancouver, Canada & he & wife Louise (nee French) are listed as returning to England in 1958 for a visit, their destination being 180 Church Lane, Eston.

Son Charles Ernest served in the Royal Navy during WW1 on HMS Black Prince.  Sadly he was killed in action during the Battle of Jutland on May 31st, 1916.

Thomas died aged 82 & was buried on July 19th, 1938 at Eston Cemetery.

Son Harold, known as Harry was living in Sheffield at the time of the 1939 register & his occupation was repairing & maintenance of railway engines.  He was noted as married but his wife was not with him.

Elizabeth died aged 82 & was buried on June 20th, 1943 at Eston Cemetery.

The children of Elizabeth Ann Lister & Thomas H Turner were:

li.5.7.1 John Henry Turner born October 13th, 1881 at Middlesbrough

li.5.7.2 Thomas Herbert Turner born December 11th, 1883 at 13 Pearl St & christened January 2nd, 1883 at Eston; died July 25th, 1960 at General Hospital, Eston

li.5.7.3 William Turner born July 20th  at 13 Pearl St & christened August 18th, 1886 at Eston

li.5.7.4 Archibald Turner born March 28th, 1888 at 13 Pearl St & christened May 16th, 1888 at Eston; died August 11th, 1970 at Essondale, British Columbia, Canada

li.5.7.5 Elizabeth Amelia Turner born January 9th, 1891 at 13 Pearl St & christened February 18th, 1891 at Eston

li.5.7.6 Walter Turner born November 29th, 1892 at 13 Pearl St & christened January 18th, 1893 at Eston

li.5.7.7 Charles Ernest Turner born November 11th, 1896 at13 Pearl St & christened December 9th, 1896 at Eston; died May 31st, 1916.

li.5.7.8 Harold Turner born June 16th, 1901 at 11 Connaught St, Normanby, & christened July 17th, 1901 at South Bank, N. Yorks

li.5.7.9 Doris Turner born Jan-March 1907 at South Bank, N.Yorks.


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