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Margaret Elizabeth Lister [li.5.8]

Margaret Elizabeth Lister was born June 6th, 1862 at Stokesley, Yorks, the eighth child of John Lister & Elizabeth Taylor.

In 1871 Margaret was living at Claylane Cottages, Eston with her father John Lister & step-mother Mary & brothers & sisters.

She was still living at home at the time of the 1881 census with her parents at Wellington St, Normanby.

Margaret married William Rowland in Oct-December 1884 at Middlesbrough. William was the son of Elizabeth & Richard D Rowland, a brick maker/farmer, born at Linthorpe & christened April 30th, 1865 at St Hilda’s, Middlesbrough, N. Yorks.

William & Margaret had their first child in 1885, a daughter named Mary Elizabeth who was born in Middlesbrough & christened in 1887 at Stokesley at the same time as her sister Jane Ann.  William’s occupation was a gardener.  Mary Elizabeth was living with her grandparents, Elizabeth & Richard Rowland at the time of the 1891 census.

In 1891 Margaret was living with her brother-in-law Thomas Rowland (23), who was single, at Springfield, Stokesley, but husband William could not be found at this time. There were 2 of Thomas’ nieces with them – Jane Ann (4) & Sarah Ellen (2), who were presumably Margaret & William’s children.

Margaret gave birth to a son, Thomas, early in 1892.  He was christened on May 6th 1892 & the entry shows just Margaret as mother & no father named. The next entry in the register was for the christening of daughter Sarah Ellen on May 20th, 1892 with parents Margaret & William.  She had been born in 1889.  It may be assumed therefore that William had died before May 6th, 1892.

The children of Margaret Elizabeth Lister & William Rowland were:

li.5.8.1 Mary Elizabeth Rowland born Jan-March 1885 at Middlesbrough & christened March 6th, 1887 at Stokesley

li.5.8.2 Jane Ann Rowland born Jan-March 1887 & christened March 6th, 1887 at Stokesley
at Stokesley
li.5.8.3  Sarah Ellen Rowland born Jan-March 1889 & christened May 20th, 1892 at Stokesley
li.5.8.4  Thomas William Rowland born Jan-March 1892 & christened May 6th, 1892 at Stokesley

In 1901 Margaret is listed as the wife of John Quinn who was born in Roscommon, Ireland & christened March 5th, 1858 at Castlemore & Kilcolman, Roscommon & Sligo & Mayo, Ireland, the son of Mary & John Quinn.   Margaret & John were living at 120 Spencer St, Middlesbrough with Margaret’s children Jane Ann & Sarah Ellen (Rowland).   In addition Margaret & John had 3 children, Annie M (6), Lavinia (4) & John J (3).  John was employed as a general labourer.  Margaret’ son Thomas Rowland was living with his grandmother Mary Lister & an aunt & uncle at Normanby, Middlesbrough at the time of the census. 

By 1911 Margaret & John were living at 40 Leven St, Ormesby, Middlesbrough & John was now described as a bricklayer’s labourer.  At home were Annie, Lavinia & John & new arrivals Peter (7) & Edward (5).  Also listed with the family was a granddaughter Margaret Rowland (1).  It was noted on the census that Margaret had had 7 children, only 5 of whom were living.

In 1911 daughter Jane Ann Rowland was working as a servant for the Jaffa family at 3 Bright St, Middlesbrough.

Margaret & John eventually decided to marry in July-September 1929, at Middlesbrough.

The 1939 register shows widowed Margaret at 37 Hymer St, Redcar, Middlesbrough.  With her were daughter Annie M & John Quinn born 1919, a steam hammer driver.

Margaret died on May 16th, 1941, aged 80 & was buried on May 20th, at St Joseph’s Catholic Cemetery Middlesbrough.

The children of Margaret Elizabeth Rowland (nee Lister) & John Quinn were:

li.5.8.5  Annie Maria Quinn born April 1st, 1895 at Stokesley Union & christened August 12th, 1895 at Stokesley, N. Yorks
li.5.8.6  Lavinia Quinn born September 1st 1896 at Ormesby, N. Yorks & christened May 1st, 1909 at St Alphonsus RC church, N. Ormesby,
li.5.8.7  John James Quinn born February 20th, 1898 at Middlesbrough & christened May 1st, 1909 at St Alphonsus RC church, N. Ormesby,
li.5.8.8  Martha Irene Quinn born July 11th, 1900 at 120 Spencer St, Middlesbrough & christened September 6th, 1900 at St Paul’s, Middlesbrough; buried September  9th, 1900 at New Linthorpe Cemetery, Middlesbrough
li.5.8.9  Martha Irene Quinn born Oct-December 1901 at 120 Spencer St, Middlesbrough; buried May 5th, 1905 at St Joseph’s Catholic Cemetery, Middlesbrough

li.5.8.10  Peter Quinn born April-June 1903 at Middlesbrough
li.5.8.11  Edward Quinn born July-September 1906 at Middlesbrough


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