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Charles Mays [m.2.5]

Charles Mays was the fifth child of Richard Mays & Caroline Roser christened October 15th, 1843 at East Grinstead, Sussex.

By 1851 the family were living at Box Cottage, East Grinstead & Charles & 3 brothers were the only children at home.

Charles was still living at home in 1861 at Box Cottage & he was working as an agricultural labourer , as were his 2 younger brothers, George & Henry.  Younger sister Maria was also at home.

Charles married Eliza Maria Montague on December 4th, 1869, at Immanuel Church, Streatham, London. At the time of the wedding Charles, a labourer, gave his address as Colmore Rd, Streatham Common & Eliza was a cook of Streatham Common.  Witnesses at the wedding were Joshua Fry & Elizabeth Ann Burling. Eliza was born Jan-March 1846 at Lisson Grove, Old Kent Rd, Surrey, the daughter of Catherine & William Montague, a dock labourer.

In 1871 Charles & Eliza were living at the Hotel, Greyhound Lane, Streatham, Surrey where Charles was a carman.   They had a 3 month old daughter, Elizabeth T.

In 1891 Charles & Eliza were living at 24 Sunny Hill Rd, Streatham & Charles was now a labourer at the chemical works & Eliza was a dressmaker working from home.  They had 5 children at home – Charles (17), a worker at a forge, who was blind in one eye from childhood, George (11), Emily (9), Frank (7) & Charlotte (3). Daughter Elizabeth had left home & was working as a servant in Croydon for George Emmett, a solicitor & London manager of Norwich Union Life Office. Daughter Eliza Fanny was working as a cook for Elizabeth & Annie Johnson in Streatham in 1891. 

Daughter Eliza Fanny married Walter Frederick Harris, a green grocer, on August 22nd, 1894 at St Leonard’s, Streatham.  Her sister Emily was a witness at the wedding.

Daughter Elizabeth Teresa married Herbert Mayes, a cab driver, in April-June 1895 at Lambeth.

The family were still at the same address in 1901 & Charles still worked at the chemical works & Eliza was a dressmaker with her own account working from home.  Three children were still at home – George, a contractor’s labourer, Frank, a domestic servant & Charlotte.

Son George Edward, a chaff cutter, married Elizabeth Harriet Payne on Christmas Day, 1902 at St Leonard’s, Streatham.  His sister Emily Louisa was a witness at the wedding.

Daughter Emily Louisa married Albert Rowley, a greengrocer’s assistant, at St Leonard’s, Streatham on November 6th, 1910.  Her brother George was a witness at the wedding.

In 1911 Charles & Eliza were still at 24 Sunny Hill Rd & Charles continued to work at the chemical works at the age of 67.  It was noted on the census that they had had 8 children, only 7 of whom were still alive. Son Frank joined the Royal Navy & at the time of the 1911 census he was a stoker aboard HMS Lancaster, a 1st class armoured cruiser, in Malta. In October 1912 Frank was transferred to Chatham.

The 1911 census also reveals the whereabouts of daughter Elizabeth Teresa & son Charles Herbert.  They were living together at 19 Cunliffe St, Streatham. With them was Elizabeth’s daughter Florence Elizabeth Mayes (15) but Elizabeth’s husband Herbert was not with listed with them.  Charles, a furniture porter, indicated that he had been married for 9 years & had had 2 children, one of whom had died.  Charles’ wife & child were not listed with him in the census.

On  April 7th, 1912 daughter Charlotte married Thomas Henry Nadal, a fishmonger’s assistant,  at St Leonard’s, Streatham.  Charlotte gave her address as 24 Sunny Hill Rd.  Sadly Thomas died, aged 30, in 1918 at Hampstead.  Charlotte remarried in 1920 at Wandsworth.  She married Robert Dedman.

Eliza Maria died in Oct-December 1913 aged 67, her death being registered in Wandsworth, London.

The children of Charles Mays & Eliza Maria Montague were:

m.2.5.1  Elizabeth Teresa Mays born Jan-March 1871 at Streatham, Surrey; died March 2nd, 1963 at Tooting Bec Hospital, London
m.2.5.2  Eliza Fanny Mays born April-June 1872 & christened July 25th, 1875 at Immanuel Church, Streatham; died February 20th, 1947 at 6 Sunnyhill Rd, Streatham, London
m.2.5.3  Charles Herbert Mays born Oct-December 1873 at Streatham, Surrey & christened July 25th, 1875 at Immanuel Church, Streatham; died May 6th, 1914 at Victoria Hospital, Kingston-upon-Thames
m.2.5.4  Henry William Mays born Jan-March 1875 at Streatham & christened July 25th, 1875 at Immanuel Church, Streatham
m.2.5.5  George Edward Mays born May 4th 1880 at Streatham & christened April 2nd, 1882 at St Leonard, Streatham, Surrey; died July-September 1975 in Wandsworth, London
m.2.5.6  Emily Louisa Mays born October 15th, 1881 at Streatham, & christened April 2nd, 1882 at St Leonard, Streatham, Surrey; died July-September 1912 at Streatham
m.2.5.7  Frank Richard Mays born April 13th, 1884 at Streatham, & christened April 5th, 1885 at St leonard, Streatham, Surrey; died April-June 1914 at Croydon
m.2.5.8  Charlotte Mays born February 27th,1888 at Streatham, & christened April 6th, 1890 at St Leonard, Streatham, Surrey; died April-June 1976 in Wandsworth, London


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