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The Mays family begins with John May [m] - click on him to see tree of descendants


[m] John May 1766-1849 m. Elizabeth A(r)gent 1783-1853

[m.1] John May 1804-1868 m. Mary Marchant c1806-1898

[m.1.1] Mary Ann Mays c1830-1911 m. Henry William Grove [g.2] 1829-1882

[m.1.2] Elizabeth Mays 1833-1917 m. Robert Hubbard 1830-1908

[m.1.3] William Mays 1836-

[m.1.4] Harriet Mays 1839-1911 m. William James Grinstead 1839-1902

[m.1.5] Eliza Mays 1842-1905 m. William Nicholls c1838-


[m.1.6] Thomas Mays 1845-1898 m. Mary Ann Hart 1846-1926

[m.1.6.1] Alice Mays 1867- m. William Hague Scoley 1867-1948

[m.1.6.2] Ellen Mary Mays 1869-1870

[m.1.6.3] Harriet Mays 1871- m. Edward Henry Wheeler 1868-

[m.1.6.4] Ada Emma Mays 1873-

[m.1.6.5] Emily Mays 1875-

[m.1.6.6] Louisa Mays 1878-

[m.1.6.7] Thomas John Mays 1881-1961 m. Emma Kate Talbot 1884-1935

[m.] Thomas Talbot Mays 1913-1984 m. Frances G C Coppin

[m.] Phyllis Marian Mays 1914-1969 m. Hector Fox


[m.2] Richard May 1806-1892 m. (1) Caroline Ros(z)er 1806-1864

(2) Mary Morris c1831-1898

[m.2.1] Caroline Mays 1832-1890 m. John Bridgland c1822-1896

[m.2.2] Richard Mays 1834-1910 m. Louisa Fairchild c1813-1888

[m.2.3] Elizabeth Mays 1837-1864 m. William James Lucas

[m.2.4] John Mays 1840- m. Emily Thompson c1842-


[m.2.5] Charles Mays 1843- m. Eliza Maria Montague 1846-

[m.2.5.1] Elizabeth Teresa Mays 1871-1963 m. Herbert Mayes c1870-

[m.2.5.2] Eliza Fanny Mays 1872-1947 m. Walter Frederick Harris

[m.2.5.3] Charles Herbert Mays 1873-1914

[m.2.5.4] Henry William Mays 1875-

[m.2.5.5] George Edward Mays 1880-1975 m. Elizabeth Harriet Payne

[m.2.5.6] Emily Louisa Mays 1881-1912 m. Albert Rowley

[m.2.5.7] Frank Richard Mays 1884-1914

[m.2.5.8] Charlotte Mays 1888-1976 m. (1) Thomas Henry Nadal -1908 (2) Robert Dedman


[m.2.6] George Mays 1846-1930 m. Mary Jane Bowrah 1843-1917

[m.2.6.1] Maria Mays 1867- m. Walter Boakes c1863-

[m.2.6.2] Elizabeth Mays 1869-

[m.2.6.3] Mary Louisa Mays 1871-

[m.2.6.4] George Mays 1873-1950 m. Harriet Hodge c1878-1940

[m.2.6.5] Richard Mays 1874-1893

[m.2.6.6] Ernest Charles Mays 1877-1963 m. Minnie Skinner 1885-1924

[m.2.6.7] William Henry Mays 1881-1883


[m.2.7] Henry Mays 1848-1933 m. Mary Jane Gold c1851-

[m.2.8] Maria Mays 1851-1899 m. Josiah Japheth Kendall 1854-1930

[m.2.9] Hannah Mays 1869-1870

[m.2.10] William Mays 1870-1918 m. Sarah Ann Baker 1867-1956

[m.2.10.1] Richard Mays 1893-1974

[m.2.11] Mary Mays 1873- m. Charles Morris c1875-


[m.3] Thomas May 1808-1887 m. (1) Mary Hart 1796-1865?

(2) Esther Julien c1829-

[m.3.1] George May 1831-

[m.3.2] Charles May 1834-1913 m. Elizabeth Sutheron 1846-1908

[m.3.2.1] Charles Thomas Mays 1880-

[m.3.2.2] Mary Elizabeth Mays 1883-1975

[m.3.2.3] Margery Hannah Mays 1886-1974

[m.3.2.4] George Southren Mays 1888-1890


[m.3.3] Arthur May c1837-1908 m. Mary Ann Bragg 1845-

[m.3.3.1] Florence Mary Mays 1870- m. Thomas William McDonald c1866-

[m.3.3.2] Arthur Thomas Mays 1873-

[m.3.3.3] Margaret Mays 1874-1874

[m.3.3.4] Edith Maud Mays 1879-1882

[m.3.3.5] George Frederick Mays 1880-1882


[m.4] William May 1811- m. Mary Cox 1812-

[m.4.1] William Mays 1837-1900 m. Elizabeth Mays 1839-1918

[m.4.1.1] Arthur Mays 1861-1935 m. Elizabeth Caroline Fowler 1864-1934

[m.] Frank Arthur Mays 1891-1891

[m.] Alfred John Mays 1893-

[m.] Ethel Mary Mays 1895-1984

[m.] Amelia Elizabeth Mays 1898-1985

[m.] William Ernest Mays 1900-

[m.] Lilian Mays 1903-1975


[m.4.1.2] Charles Lambton Mays 1863-1946 m. Lydia Larner 1862-1923

[m.] Henry William Mays 1886-1893

[m.] Florence Lydia Mays 1887-1887

[m.] George Frederick Mays 1888-

[m.] Beatrice Elizabeth Mays 1890-1971 m. William Penfold

[m.] Charles Ernest Mays 1892-1893


[m.4.1.3] Frederick John Mays 1867-

[m.4.1.4] George Henry Mays 1869-

[m.4.1.5] Alfred Ernest Mays 1873- m. Rebekah Holden 1875-

[m.] Dorothy Mary Mays 1901-

[m.] Harry Mays 1905-


[m.4.1.6] Bertha Ellen Mays 1875-1875


[m.4.1.7] Elizabeth Mary Mays 1877- m. William Davis Abbott 1869-


[m.4.2] Mary Mays 1841- m. George Brown

[m.4.3] John Mays 1843-

[m.4.4] Sarah Mays 1846-


[m.5] Charles May 1813-1865 m. Lydia Dunford (Walker) 1817-1897

[m.5.1] Elizabeth Mays 1839-1918 m. William Mays 1837-1900

[m.5.2] Mary Ann Mays 1843- m. Richard Cole c1841-

[m.5.3] Lydia Caroline Mays 1846-1898 m. James Coleman 1848-1891

[m.5.4] John Charles Mays 1854-1896

[m.5.5] William Frederick Arthur Mays 1858-1900 m. Mary Ann Evans c1857-

[m.5.5.1] Beatrice Mays 1888-


[m.6] Sarah May 1816-1876 m. James Cox c1819-1906

[m.7] George May 1819-1858 m. Phillis Wickinden 1823-1908


[m.7.1] Joseph Mays 1843-1919 m. Amelia Stone 1846-1929

[m.7.1.1.] George Mays 1865-1947 m. Paulina Christina Sauerland 1869-1952

[m.] Mary Helene Mays 1891-

[m.] George Joseph Mays 1895-

[m.] Joseph Alfred Mays 1899-


[m.7.1.2] William Mays1867- m. Amelia Barrell 1869-

[m.7.1.3] Henry Mays 1869- m. Eliza

[m.] Harry Joseph G Mays 1891-

[m.] Minnie Amelia Mays 1893-


[m.7.1.4] John Mays 1871-1973 m. Madoline Alice Allard 1869-1966

[m.] Cyril John Robert Mays 1900-1982 m. Rosina Ratcliffe

[m.] Florence Madeline Mays 1902-

[m.] Arthur Joseph Mays 1903-1953 m. Emily F V Green

[m.] Amelia Rose Mays 1907-1989 m. John F Lighton


[m.7.1.5] Thomas Mays 1873-1904 m. Caroline Sophia Vyse 1873-

[m.] Charles Joseph Mays 1897-1979 m. Ivy Hicks

[m.] Eleanor Florence Mays 1903-


[m.7.1.6] Mary Mays 1876- m. William John Thorne 1875-

[m.7.1.7] Edward Alfred Mays 1878- m. (1) Florence Ellen Phillips 1873-1912 (2) Katherine (Catherina) Becker c1888-1952

[m.] Edward Joseph Mays 1913-

[m.] Harold John Mays 1923-


[m.7.1.8] Joseph Mays 1880-

[m.7.1.9] Phillis Mays 1882-

[m.7.1.10] Charles Mays 1885- m. Minnie Emily Ransley c1893-

[m.7.1.11] Richard Mays 1887- m. Rose Dyall 1887-


[m.7.2] Phillis Mays 1845-1926 m. Benjamin Hitchman 1847-1914

[m.7.3] Elizabeth Mays 1848-1923 m. Joseph Louis Meadmore 1842-1902

[m.7.4] Mary Mays 1852-1852

[m.7.5] Sarah Mays 1856-1932 m. Henry (Harry) Jenner c1856-


[m.8] Elisabeth May 1822-1864 m. John Tester 1819-1894

[m.9] Joseph May 1825-1893 m. Caroline Wafforn c1825-<1891



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