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John May [m]

Tree showing lineage from John May to granddaughter Mary Ann Mays

John May was christened October 14th, 1766 at at St Peter & St Paul, Ewhurst, Surrey, the son of Ann & Richard May.

John married Elizabeth Agent on June 15th, 1803 at East Grinstead, Sussex. Elizabeth was born christened July 6 th , 1783 at St Swithin's, East Grinstead, Sussex, the daughter of Hannah Lucas & Stephen A(r)gent.

At the time of the 1841 census John (Mays), aged 75, was living at Woodies, East Grinstead, with his son George, aged 20. John & George were both agricultural labourers. Woodies cottage was also known as Woodags cottage according to the Sussex Weald. Neighbouring houses were occupied by John’s sons William & Richard & their families. Elizabeth was not found in the 1841 census.

John died in 1849 at Ashurst Wood & was buried on November 30th at East Grinstead.

At the time of the 1851 census Elizabeth was described as a widow, aged 69, receiving parish relief & living at Woodies.

There is a death recorded for Elizabeth Mays, aged 69, of The Forest in 1853 who was buried on February 15th at East Grinstead.

The children of John May & Elizabeth Agent were:

m.1. John May christened January 11th, 1804 at Cowden, Kent, buried April 1st, 1868 at St John's, Croydon, Surrey
m.2. Richard May christened March 23rd, 1806 at Cowden, Kent; died June 23rd, 1892 at Culver Cottage, Ashurstwood, Sussex
m.3. Thomas May christened July 31st, 1808 at Cowden, Kent; died March 30th, 1887 at Chester-le-Street, Co Durham
m.4. William May christened January 27th, 1811 at East Grinstead, Sussex
m.5. Charles May christened October 24th, 1813 at East Grinstead, Sussex; died <1871
m.6. Sarah May christened August 18th, 1816 at East Grinstead, Sussex; died April-June 1876 at Cowden, Kent
m.7. George May christened October 10th, 1819 at East Grinstead, Sussex; died July-September 1858 at East Grinstead
m.8. Elisabeth May christened June 30th, 1822 at East Grinstead, Sussex; died July-September 1864 at East Grinstead
m.9. Joseph May christened January 16th, 1825 at East Grinstead, Sussex; died December 25th, 1893 at 10 Mayberrry Place, Surbiton Hill, Surrey


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