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William Pallister [p.]

William Pallister was the third child of Cuthbert Pallister & Jane Dodds born at Windleston & christened September 2nd, 1827 at Auckland St Andrew, Co Durham.

In 1851 William was working as an agricultural labourer for widowed farmer Margaret Walker.  He was living at West Thickley, Redworth, Darlington, Co Durham.

William married Elizabeth Wiseman on May 29th, 1854 at Aycliffe.  Elizabeth was born c1830 at Witton-le-Wear.

In 1861 William & Elizabeth were living at High Traveller’s Rest, Woodham, Aycliffe, where William was an agricultural labourer.  They had 2 daughters – Sarah (6) & Jane Ann (2).

William, aged 36, died at the Traveller’s Rest, Woodham & was buried on February 25th, 1864 at St Andrew’s, Aycliffe.

The children of William Pallister & Elizabeth Wiseman were:

p.  Sarah Pallister born at Woodham & christened December 24th, 1854 at Aycliffe
p.  Jane Ann Pallister born at Woodham & christened January 16th, 1859 at Aycliffe; died at Woodham & buried April 28th, 1863 at St Andrew’s, Aycliffe
p.  William Pallister born at Woodham & christened August 3rd, 1861 at Aycliffe, died at Traveller’s Rest, Woodham & buried August 6th, 1861 at St Andrew’s, Aycliffe
p.  Thomas Pallister born at Woodham & christened June 2nd, 1862 at Aycliffe; died at Traveller’s Rest, Woodham & buried June 6th, 1862 at St Andrew’s, Aycliffe
p.  George Pallister born at Traveller’s Rest, Woodham & christened December 25th, 1863 at Aycliffe

Elizabeth gave birth to an illegitimate daughter, Elizabeth, who was born at the Traveller’s Rest & christened November 3rd, 1867 at Aycliffe.

Elizabeth married William Hodgson on February 5th, 1870 at Darlington, Co Durham.

In 1871 Elizabeth & William Hodgson, a quarrier of stone, were living at North End, Great Aycliffe & with them were Elizabeth’s children – George (7) & Elizabeth (3).  They now had an 8 month old son of their own – Charles W.  They also had 2 boarders, both quarry labourers.

Elizabeth & William were living at North Row, Great Aycliffe in 1881 with daughter Elizabeth (now Hodgson) & son Charles.

In 1891 Elizabeth & William were still living in Aycliffe & William was now a farmer.  With them was Elizabeth’s daughter, Elizabeth & her husband Thomas Dodds (26), a railway platelayer.

Elizabeth was buried on April 29th, 1894 at Aycliffe.




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