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The Pallister family begins with [p.1] Cuthbert Pallister - click on him to see tree of descendants


[p.1] Cuthbert Pallister 1681-1762 m. Margaret Oxley c1687-1761

[p.1.1] Jane Pallister 1707-

[p.1.2] Cuthbert Pallister 1709-1780 m. (1) Hannah Blenkinsop -1768 (2) Mary (Ann) Fletcher

[p.1.2.1] Jane Pallister 1733- m. John Garr c1724-

[p.1.2.2] Thomas Pallister 1736-1736

[p.1.2.3] Hannah Pallister 1737-


[p.1.2.4] John Pallister 1739-1820 m. Ellinor Yealder 1753-1825

[p.] Thomas Pallister 1778-1858 m. Sarah Dodds 1789-1857

[p.] William Pallister 1818- 1846

[p.] Elizabeth Pallister 1820-1892 m. John Poulton 1819-


[p.] John Pallister 1822-1888 m. Mary French 1817-1891

[p.] William Pallister 1848-1891 m. Margaret Smith

[p.] Thomas Pallister 1850-1897 m. Elizabeth Greener

[p.] Alice Pallister 1852-1909 m. (1) William Metcalfe (2) Thomas Dodsworth

[p.] John Pallister 1854-1855

[p.] James Pallister 1855-1858


[p.] Thomas Pallister 1824-1903 m Margaret Hodgson 1822-1900

[p.] Jane Pallister 1826-1903 m. (1) Thomas Oliver c1820-1875 (2) John Thompson c1833-1921

[p.] Eleanor Pallister 1829-1862 m. Thomas Raine c1829-1912



[p.] John Pallister 1780-1850 m. Tamar Lowes 1771-1837

[p.] Thomas Pallister 1806-1859 m. Christiana Stabler 1805-1882

[p.] Jane Pallister 1828-1902 m. Oliver Bell 1825-1903


[p.] John Pallister 1830-1910 m. Sarah Hare 1832-1897

[p.] Jane Ann Pallister 1853-1853

[p.] Ann Elizabeth Pallister 1855-

[p.] Eleanor (Nellie) Pallister 1856- m. Edward Taylor

[p.] Thomas Pallister 1860-1920 m. Sarah Ann Hare c1860-

[p.] John Pallister 1861-

[p.] William Pallister 1863-

[p.] George Hare Pallister 1866-

[p.] Sarah Jane Pallister 1868-

[p.] Arthur Stabler Pallister 1872- m. Annie Mary Ridley


[p.] William Pallister 1833-1894 m. Margaret Fo(r)ster 1830-1897

[p.] Thomas Pallister 1834- m. (1) Frances Iveson 1836-1875

(2) Eleanor Iveson (nee Clark) 1833-

[p.] Ann Pallister 1857-

[p.] Frances Pallister 1860-

[p.] Thomas Pallister 1865-1866

[p.] Christiana Pallister 1868-

[p.] Nicholson Pallister 1869-

[p.] Jane Elizabeth Pallister 1872-

[p.] Frederick Pallister 1875-1875


[p.] Eleanor Pallister 1836-1894 m. John Spence 1834-1890


[p.] Charles Pallister 1837-1925 m. Hannah Pallister c1834-1900

[p.] Elizabeth Pallister 1860-

[p.] Thomas Pallister 1862-

[p.] Charles William Pallister 1864-1867

[p.] Mary Eleanor Pallister 1865-

[p.] Joseph Hall Pallister 1868-1946 m. Ann Maria Green


[p.] Tamar Elizabeth Pallister 1846-1921 m. Thompson Bainbridge Grey


[p.] Eleanor Pallister 1808-1887 m. Joseph Smith 1806-1877

[p.] John Pallister 1809-

[p.] Jane Pallister 1812-1889 m. John Young c1810-1858


[p.] Eleanor Pallister 1782-

[p.] Jane Pallister 1785- m. George Atkinson

[p.] Elizabeth Pallister c1787-1788

[p.] William Pallister 1791-1820


[p.] Cuthbert Pallister 1794-1874 m. Jane Dodds c1798-1872

[p.] Cuthbert Pallister 1823-1833

[p.] John Pallister 1825-1856 m. Elizabeth Dodds

[p.] John Pallister 1852-1852

[p.] Sarah Ann Pallister 1854- m. Jonathan Wylie

[p.] John Pallister 1856-1856


[p.] William Pallister 1827-1864 m. Elizabeth Wiseman c1831-1894

[p.] Sarah Pallister 1854-

[p.] Jane Ann Pallister 1859-1863

[p.] William Pallister1861-1861

[p.] Thomas Pallister 1862-1862

[p.] George Pallister 1863-


[p.] George Pallister 1831-1902 m. Margaret Smith c1835-1895

[p.]John William Pallister 1860-1928 m. Ann Little

[p.] Mary Jane Pallister 1863-1905


[p.] Sarah Pallister 1834-

[p.] Hannah Pallister 1863-


[p.1.2.5] Cuthbert Pallister 1742- m. Margaret Stainbank c1744-1791

[p.] Hannah Pallister 1770-

[p.] Ann Pallister 1772-

[p.] William Pallister 1774-

[p.] Margaret Pallister 1777-

[p.] Jane Pallister 1780-

[p.] Ellinor Pallister 1783-


[p.1.2.6] Hannah Pallister 1776- m. John Tunks

[p.1.2.7] Mary Pallister 1778-1778


[p.1.3] William Pallister 1712-1797 m. Thomasine ?c1714-1801

[p.1.3.1] William Pallister 1747-1752

[p.1.4] Jane Pallister 1713-

[p.1.5] John Pallister 1716-


[p.1.6] Peter Pallister 1720-1809 m. (1) Hannah Garthwaite 1728-1784

(2) Barbara Congerton

[p.1.6.1] Cuthbert Pallister 1751-1823 m. Mary Lowes 1755-1842

[p.] Margaret Pallister 1792-1841 m. Thomas Hodgshon 1789-1867

[p.1.6.2] Jane Pallister 1754-


[p.1.6.3] William Pallister 1757-1837 m. (1) Isabella Blackburn 1762-1806

(2) Eleanor Welsh (nee Manners) 1771-1825

[p.] Robert Pallister 1786-1821 m. Margaret Speed 1785-1842

[p.] Ralph Speed Pallister 1808-1868 m. Eleanor McCree 1810-1884

[p.] Sarah Pallister 1833-1834


[p.] Robert Speed Pallister 1836-1909 m. (1) Elizabeth Thubrun c1836-1880

(2) Hannah Northorp (nee Young) 1856-1931

[p.] (Mary) Eleanor Pallister 1863-1863

[p.] Mary Eleanor Pallister 1865-1948 m. (1)James Glanville 1860-1913

(2) John A Wright 1861-

[p.] Sarah Annie Pallister 1866-54 m. (1) Charles Franks c1845-1893

(2) Hector Macdonald c1857-1920

[p.] Elizabeth Emily Pallister 1867-1868

[p.] Elizabeth Ella Pallister 1871-1949 m. Thomas Hewitt c1861-

[p.] Hannah Pallister 1883-1940 m. James Carlaw c1880-


[p.] Robert Speed Pallister 1885-1956 m. Elizabeth Ellison 1892-1972

[p.] Raymond Pallister 1913-2001

[p.] Robert S Pallister 1914-2012

[p.] John Ellison Pallister 1917-1996

[p.] Thomas Ellison Pallister 1918-1921


[p.] Lillie Pallister 1887-1980 m. Robert Ilderton Teasdale 1883-1952


[p.] George McCree Pallister 1838-1838

[p.] Ralph Speed Pallister 1839-1914 m. Frances Knights


[p.] William Speed Pallister 1843-1909 m. Mary Bellwood 1843-1928

[p.] Ann (Bellwood) Pallister 1863-1874

[p.] Eleanor Pallister 1868-1948 m. Richard Martin Rennison 1863-1923

[p.] Sarah Pallister 1868- m. James Buck c1868-


[p.] Ralph Speed Pallister 1870-1913 m. Jane Swinburne 1871-1946

[p.] William Pallister 1895-

[p.] Elizabeth Pallister 1897- m. Matthew N Temperley 1894-1971

[p.] Mary Pallister 1899- m. Robert H Hall

[p.] Jane Pallister 1902-

[p.] Violet Pallister 1904-1989

[p.] Ada Pallister 1908-1991 m. George Gray


[p.] William Speed Pallister 1873-1952 m. Sarah Cowperthwaite 1871-1952

[p.] Mary Jane Pallister 1902- m. Joseph W Watson 1901-

[p.] Isobel Pallister 1903-2001 m. Thomas Scott

[p.] Sarah Pallister 1906-1995 m. John Harvey Brown 1901-1978

[p.] William Pallister 1909-

[p.] Elsie Bellwood Pallister 1912-2003 m.Donald Ireland 1913-1999


[p.] John Speed Pallister 1875-1948 m. Matilda Jane Newbould 1878-1973

[p.] Mary Hannah Pallister 1876- m. Edward Duncan Allen 1874-1954

[p.] Ann Pallister 1878- m. John Bell

[p.] Isabella Pallister 1880- m. Robert Best 1873-1942


[p.] Robert Bellwood Pallister 1882-1959 m. Margaret Ann Jennings c1884-

[p.] Robert Bellwood Pallister 1908-1977 m. Sarah H Booth 1909-

[p.] Alan Pallister 1909-1975 m. Jane Purvis

[p.] William Speed Pallister 1912-1936

[p.] John Douglas Pallister 1916-2004 m. Agnes F Chapman

[p.] Irene Pallister 1921- m. Charles S Hunt

[p.] Norman Pallister 1924-1926

[p.] Harold Pallister 1930-


[p.] Jane Pallister 1884- m. John Henry Allison c1878-

[p.] Ada Pallister 1888-1968 m. Philip Bolam 1886-1983


[p.] Sarah McCree Pallister 1847-1919 m. (1) Henry Hunter c1847-<1876 (2) William Willett (Woollett) 1844-1893 (3) Thomas Simpson c1855-<1910

[p.] John McCree Pallister 1871-<1930 m. Clara Bowen 1875-1970


[p.] Ralph S Pallister 1895-1989 m. (1) Verdie V Lindenmuth 1897-1915 (2) Wilma Bath 1902-1974

[p.] Jack Pallister 1921-1979

[p.] Norma Jean Pallister 1925-2006 m. James Loren Thompson 1919-1982

[p.] Dorothy Pallister 1927-1927


[p.] Gertrude Pallister 1909-1975 m. Williard Morse 1913-1979

[p.] Mildred Pallister c1914-1987 m. Harry Moore


[p.] John McCree Pallister 1851-1902 m. Barbara Hall [ha.8] 1854-1901

[p.] John Pallister 1874-1903 m. Margaret Eleanor Gibson 1874-1953

[p.] William Pallister 1876-1930

[p.] Ralph Speed Pallister 1878-1909 m. Dorothy Ann Guthrie 1879-1969

[p.] Ellen McCree Pallister 1881-1956 m. (1) Stephen Lewis Gilliland 1876-

(2) Charles Christopher Constable 1874-1959

[p.] Margaret Pallister 1883-1961 m. George Hutchison c1880-1963

[p.] George McCree Pallister 1885-1885


[p.] Robert Speed Pallister 1886-1970 m. Sarah Ann Dimmock [d.12.3] 1886-1949

[p.] Emma Pallister 1909-1909

[p.] John McCree Pallister 1910-1984 m. Freda Mary Earnshaw [e.] 1913-1979

[p.] Trudy Loraine Pallister

[p.] Robert Speed Pallister 1914-1995 m. Elizabeth Ann Ward 1912-1984

[p.] Beryl Pallister 1936-1997 m. John Arkley

[p.] Dennis Pallister

[p.] Edna Mary Pallister 1918-1918

[p.] Vera Pallister 1928-2014 m. Richard Dennis Fishwick 1926-2008


[p.] Dorothy Pallister 1890-


[p.] William Pallister c1810-1893 m. Mary Ann Welch 1821-1891

[p.] Hannah Pallister 1846-1900 m. Joseph Young c1840-

[p.] Margaret Pallister 1847-1847

[p.] Margaret Pallister 1849-1908 m. (1) Robert Richardson 1846-1885

(2) John Patterson 1844-1903

[p.] John Pallister 1850-1850

[p.] Isabella Pallister 1852-1868

[p.] William Pallister 1862-


[p.] Isabella Pallister 1812- m. Thomas Simm c1812-1844

[p.] Ann Pallister 1814-1815


[p.] Robert Pallister 1816-1879 m. Rachael Blakey 1823-

[p.] Elizabeth Pallister 1845-1846

[p.] Elizabeth Pallister 1846-

[p.] Robert Pallister 1848-1848

[p.] Margaret Pallister 1850-1930 m. William Mawlam 1849-1920

[p.] William Pallister 1853-1933 m. Isabella Rhodes 1859-1941

[p.] Isabella Pallister 1855-1942 m. Robert Allan 1851-1934

[p.] Robert Pallister 1858-1858

[p.] Rachel Pallister 1859-1891

[p.] William Speed Pallister 1863-1874

[p.] Mary Ann Pallister 1865-1897 m. John Dixon c1857->1911


[p.] Cuthbert Pallister 1788-1797

[p.] William Pallister c1789-1790

[p.] Hannah Pallister 1791-1823 m. John Welsh 1786-1862

[p.] William Pallister 1793-1876 m. (1) Eleanor Forster 1790-1858

(2) Hannah Shayler (nee Dutton) c1813-1892

[p.] Isabella Pallister 1815- m. John Campbell c1811-

[p.] William Forster Pallister 1817-

[p.] Robert B Pallister 1818-1891 m. Isabella White c1818-1888

[p.] William Pallister 1821-


[p.] Peter Pallister 1796-1871 m. Catherine Gerry 1800-1874

[p.] William Pallister 1823-1871 m. Sarah Harker 1829-

[p.] Margaret Pallister 1849-1934 m John Trueman c1847-1927

[p.] Peter Pallister 1851-1875

[p.] Catherine Pallister 1852- m. James Watson c1853-

[p.] James Harker Pallister 1855-1884 m. Mary Ann Dixon 1857-1939

[p.] James Dixon Pallister 1877-1877

[p.] James Dixon Pallister 1879-1950 m. Alice Gregg 1878-1942

[p.] Sarah Pallister 1882- m. John Martin 1878-


[p.] Elizabeth Ann Pallister 1857-1918 m. James Dempster McVey 1861-1937

[p.] Peter Pallister 1877-1917 m. Minnie Ida James 1885-1956

[p.] William James Pallister 1905-1965 m. Winnifred Stephenson

[p.] Frederick Pallister 1910-1913

[p.] Elizabeth Morgan Pallister 1914- m. William Richardson


[p.] Hannah Pallister 1859-1942 m. Matthew Harley c1851-1932

[p.] William Pallister 1861-1943 m. Sarah Reynoldson c1865

[p.] Sarah Pallister 1863- m. Henry Sawyers 1859-

[p.] John Robert Pallister 1865-1869


[p.] Anna Lousia Pallister 1825-1831

[p.] Isabella Pallister 1827- m. John Pattison c1818-1882

[p.] Hannah Pallister 1830-1899 m. George Forster c1834-<1881

[p.] Peter Pallister 1832-1847


[p.] Mary Ann Pallister 1834-1909 m. Thomas Coulson 1819-1889

[p.] John Pallister 1858-1915 m. Jane Stewart Forbes 1854-1924


[p.] Mary Ann Pallister 1878- m. George Smith 1881-

[p.] John Thomas Pallister 1908-


[p.] Mackenzie Alexander Pallister 1880-1944 m. Margaret Ann Wanless 1880-

[p.] John Pallister 1902-

[p.] Robert William Pallister 1903-

[p.] Elizabeth Pallister 1905-

[p.] Mackenzie Alexander Pallister 1907-1975 m. Winifred Strong

[p.] Jane Stewart Pallister 1909-1965

[p.] Alice A Pallister 1913-1915

[p.] Edward Pallister 1916-1981

[p.] Norman Pallister 1921-1996 m. Lavinia Shykles (Stykles)

[p.] Margaret A Pallister 1923-1996 m.

John Pallister Wanless 1921-1994 [p.]

[p.] Joseph R Pallister 1927-1931


[p.] Jane Stewart Pallister 1882-1965

[p.] Jessie Pallister 1884-1945 m. Edward Wanless 1878-1968

[p.] Susan Pallister 1887-1970 m. John Snowball

[p.] Jemima Pallister 1896-1955 m. Matthew Hawes 1893-1951


[p.] Christopher Coulson Pallister 1861-1863


[p.] Catherine Pallister 1837-1909 m. Richard Blythman 1837-1919


[p.] Joseph Pallister 1862-1912 m. Annie Nicholl 1859-

[p.] Richard James Pallister 1888-1963

[p.] John William Pallister 1891- m. Hilda Wesley

[p.] Irene Pallister 1921-1987 m. Ronald McKenzie Mein 1923-1990


[p.] William Pallister 1872-1955 m. Florence Mounsey 1876-1949

[p.] Catherine Pallister 1901-1979 m. George Reay 1892-1966

[p.] Norman Leonard Pallister 1902-1987 m. Mary Ramsey 1903-2004

[p.] Evelyn Pallister 1904-2001

[p.] Ronald Pallister 1909-1983 m. Edith Donkin 1909-2003


[p.] Margaret Pallister 1839-1840

[p.] Robert Pallister 1841-1895 m. Margaret Roscamp 1843-1928

[p.] Catherine Pallister 1864-1946 m. Andrew Crone 1862-1897

[p.] Ann Pallister 1866-1933 m. John Rutter Crone 1864-1903

[p.] Hannah Pallister 1868-1869

[p.] Robert Pallister 1871-


[p.] John Pallister 1873-1949 m. Mary Ann Eliza Emmeline Feast 1883-1974

[p.] John Cuthbert Pallister 1908-1973 m. Doreen A Barry Drew

[p.] Joan Margaret Pallister 1910-1994 m. Robert E Storrar

[p.] Guy Humphrey Roscamp Pallister 1911-1942

[p.] Anthony Gilbert Fitzjames Pallister 1915-2004 m. Barbara M Hutton


[p.] Mary Hannah Pallister 1875-1947 m. (1) John Potts Marley 1872-1917 (2) Elisha Potter c1882-1934

[p.] Peter Pallister 1877-1949 m. Margaret James c1885-

[p.] Isabel Pallister 1906-

[p.] Barbara Pallister 1880-

[p.] William Pallister 1884-1965 m. Emily Johnson c1885-

[p.] Robert William Pallister 1908-


[p.] Isabella Pallister 1797-1803

[p.] Alice Pallister 1800-1803


[p.] Cuthbert Pallister 1803-1885 m. (1) Alice Wardle (nee Southern) 1800-1867

(2) Jane Sanderson 1811-1882

[p.] Joanna Pallister 1825-1884 m. Peter Burn Davison c1827-1895

[p.] Isabella Pallister 1828-1831

[p.] Ann Elizabeth Pallister 1831-1887 m. John George Dobson 1832-


[p.] John Pallister 1832-1886 m. Sarah Vachon 1832-1902

[p.] John Augustus Cuthbert Pallister 1856-1927 m. Mary Ida Dings 1869-1922

[p.] Thomas Andrew Pallister 1858-1940 m. Estella Moffitt c1875-

[p.] Thomas Pallister 1901-1935 m. Pauline F ? c1901-

[p.] William Henry Pallister 1859-1927

[p.] Sarah Alice Pallister 1862-1952 m. William Edwin Cook 1861-1951

[p.] Victoria Ann Elizabeth Pallister 1866-1948 m. Delbert E Johnson c1865-

[p.] Mary Jane Pallister 1868-1934 m. Delbert D Gephart 1871-1935

[p.] Matilda A Pallister 1871-1896

[p.] Joanna Pallister 1874-1953


[p.] Isabella Pallister 1832-

[p.] Alice Bell Pallister 1835-1916 m. Daniel Perkins 1835-1907

[p.] William Cuthbert Pallister 1838-1838


[p.] John Pallister 1808-1810

[p.] John Pallister 1810-1892

[p.] Joseph Pallister 1812-1840 m. Annabell Couper (Cooper) 1821-

[p.] Mary Pallister 1814-<1881 m. George Miller c1814-1905


[p.1.6.4] Ann Pallister 1759-1802 m. Robert Curtis


[p.1.6.5] John Pallister 1762-1831 m. Sarah Urpeth c1759-1845

[p.] Sarah Pallister 1792-

[p.] Sarah Pallister 1795-1848 m. George Bold 1786-1859


[p.] John Pallister 1796-1861 m. Sarah Thompson 1799-1855

[p.] Sarah Jane Pallister 1817-1844 m. John Hardy

[p.] John Joseph Pallister 1819-1860


[p.] William Pallister 1820-1873 m. Margaret Thompson c1825-1893

[p.] Dorothy Pallister 1851-1929 m. William Forrest Thain 1848-1934

[p.] Clara Pallister 1869-1951 m. Thomas Waugh 1870-1951


[p.] John Pallister 1854-1893

[p.] Hannah Pallister 1822-1897 m. Robert Siddle 1819-1897


[p.] Mary Ann Pallister 1824- m. William Proud 1821-

[p.] Robert George Pallister 1841-1907 m. (1) Mary Judson 1844-1880

(2) Mary Lowery 1854-1922

[p.] Mary Amy Pallister 1864-1864

[p.] Mary Emily Pallister 1865-1866

[p.] John Robert Pallister 1867-1868

[p.] Margaret Eleanor Pallister 1869-1869

[p.] Annie Louisa Pallister 1870- m. John Thomas Ridley

[p.] Samuel Robert Pallister 1872-1873

[p.] Margaret Ellen Pallister 1874-1874

[p.] Hannah Gertrude Pallister 1875-1910 m. John Arthur W Larmour 1875-

[p.] Esther Mary Pallister 1876-1878

[p.] Ada Sarah Pallister 1878-1941 m. Benjamin Johnson

[p.] Frances Mary M Pallister 1888-1924 m. John Robert Taylor


[p.] Elizabeth Pallister 1826-1843

[p.] Thomas Pallister 1829-1907 m. (1) Isabella Nasbitt 1831-1880

(2) Dorothy Davison c1846-1882

(3) Anne Walton Featherstonhaugh 1850-1932

[p.] Sarah Jane Pallister 1854-1921 m. Moses Dormand c1849-1934

[p.] Emma Pallister 1856-1876

[p.] John George Pallister 1858-1876

[p.] James Pallister 1860-1900

[p.] Margaret Pallister 1861-1888 m. Christopher Raine

[p.] Thomas Pallister 1863-1911

[p.] Ann Pallister c1865-

[p.] Isabella Pallister 1867-1945 m. Thomas Holt c1865-1951

[p.] Frances Pallister 1870-1953

[p.] Mary Pallister 1870-1954

[p.] Ada Adele Pallister 1874-1954 m. Edward Ridley c1874-1938

[p.] Clara Pallister 1882-1884

[p.] Dorothy Pallister 1887- m. George Thompson 1887-

[p.] Lydia Pallister 1894-1982 m. Richard Thompson 1863-1947


[p.] Moorhouse Pallister 1832-1920

[p.] James Peace Pallister 1834-1912 m. (1) Mary Ann Hall 1833-1867

(2) Hannah Hunter 1849-1905

[p.] John Thomas Pallister 1869-1937 m. Catherine Leach

[p.] Sarah Jane Pallister 1871- m. Francis Thompson

[p.] Hannah Pallister 1876- m. Matthew George Clark

[p.] Ethel May Pallister 1881-1927 m. William Nicholson

[p.] James Vincent Pallister 1885-1940 m. Gertrude Baker Williams


[p.] Joseph Thompson Pallister 1837-1903 m. (1) Ann Allison 1840-1899

(2) Mary Ann Dickson 1860-

[p.] Sarah Ann Pallister 1862-1936 m. John Bullerwell 1861-

[p.] Thomas John Pallister 1864- m. Isabella Hind 1875-1934

[p.] Ellen Pallister 1866-1878

[p.] Hannah Pallister 1869-1937 m. Matthew Siddle 1868-1954

[p.] Elizabeth Pallister 1871-1872

[p.] Emma Pallister 1873-1898 m. John William Lee 1870-1956

[p.] Joseph Thompson Pallister 1877-1907

[p.] Frances Pallister 1880-1966 m. Henry Lake c1877-1922


[p.] James Pallister 1883-1973 m. Elizabeth Ann Todd 1883-1974

[p.] Ernest Pallister 1910-1983 m. Irene Maddison

[p.] Joseph Pallister 1912-2010 m. Doris Kay

[p.] Eva Pallister 1914-2003 m. Homer Hill

[p.] Linda Pallister 1916-1977

[p.] Annetta Pallister 1918- m. James Ashworth

[p.] Thomas John Pallister 1920-1920

[p.] James Pallister 1922-1989 m. Jean Wilson

[p.] Elizabeth Pallister 1924- m. William R Greener

[p.] Jean Allison Pallister 1926-2009 m. William Fenwick


[p.] Frances Maria Pallister 1839-1921 m. George Bell 1827-1912

[p.] Emma Pallister 1841-1930 m. George Garthwaite 1839-1928


[p.] Hannah Pallister 1800-1838 m. Jonathan Wall 1813-1890


[p.1.6.6] Peter Pallister 1764-1820 m. Ruth Peverell 1769-1809

[p.] John Peverell Pallister 1802-

[p.1.6.7] Margaret Pallister 1766-1841 m. William Douglass c1770-1848


[p.1.6.8] Thomas Pallister 1770-1855 m. Mary Blackburn 1788-1856

[p.] Thomas Pallister 1808-1854 m. Frances Lamb (nee Brown) 1804-1878

[p.] Hannah Pallister 1837-1904 m. Mark Pratt 1832-1893

[p.] Thomas John Pallister 1840-1921 m. Jane Forsyth Coward 1845-1927

[p.] Isabella Pallister 1863-1944 m. James Hutchinson c1860-1937

[p.] John Robert Pallister 1865-1947 m. Esther Ann Ralph 1865-1938

[p.] Thomas Pallister 1889-1890

[p.] Isabella Pallister 1890- m. John Stewart c1890-

[p.] Alice Pallister 1892-1962 m. James Webb 1883-1962

[p.] William Pallister 1894-1900

[p.] Robert Pallister 1902- m. Margaret McKinnon 1899-1990


[p.] William Pallister c1845-1908 m. Mary Ann Goundry c1846-1906

[p.] Frances Pallister 1864-1932 m. Robert Fawcus Gray 1875-1946

[p.] Jane Ann Pallister 1866-1932 m. Anthony Kell c1870-1918

[p.] Mary Pallister 1869-1900

[p.] Elizabeth Pallister 1871-1940 m. Thomas Mallabar 1872-1910

[p.] Hannah Pallister 1875-1885

[p.] Alice Pallister 1877-


[p.] Hannah Pallister 1813-1880 m. Robert Hymers (Hindmarsh) 1818-1904

[p.] Jane Pallister 1814-1893 m. John Winn c1812-1879

[p.] Mary Ann Pallister 1817-1880 m. John Wilde 1822-

[p.] Margaret Pallister 1819-1819

[p.] Peter Pallister 1820-1846


[p.]] John Cuthbert Pallister 1824-1891 m. Maria Lumley c1825-1887

[p.] John Pallister c1848-1932 m. Jane Booth 1849-1910

[p.] Beatrice Maria Jane Pallister 1876-1944 m. Charles Stuart

[p.] Edith Isabella B Pallister 1879-1897

[p.] John Henry Booth Pallister 1884-1940


[p.] Thomas Pallister 1851-1904 m. Dorothy Jane Ferry 1851-1930

[p.] Ada Maria Pallister 1873- m. John William Gibson c1874-

[p.] Jane Isabella Pallister 1875-1962 m. Philip Edward Young c1871-

[p.] Charlotte Pallister 1877-1878

[p.] Thomas Pallister 1879-1880

[p.] John Lumley Pallister 1881-1969 m. Isabella Fenwick

[p.] Frederick Pallister 1883-1968 m. Beatrice Maud Dryland

[p.] Ethel Pallister 1885-1979

[p.] Tom Pallister 1888-

[p.] Charles Ferry Pallister 1890-1896

[p.] Alfred Pallister 1892- m. Georgina Crabbe

[p.] Sidney Pallister 1892-1970 m. Gertrude S Leadbeater


[p.] Maria Pallister c1855-1930 m. William Ironsides c1861-1951

[p.] Isabella Pallister 1860- m. Thomas Bell c1851-


[p.] William Pallister 1826-1865 m. Mary Forster c1830-

[p.] Robert Pallister 1853- m. Isabella Milne c1854-

[p.] Mary Ann Pallister 1855- m. Peter Valentine Wood c1845-1916

[p.] Hannah Pallister 1857-1862


[p.] Robert Pallister c1829-1883 m. Mary Anne Cook c1829-1911

[p.] William Pallister 1851-1917 m. Rose Emily Parsons 1853-1929

[p.] Julia Mabel Pallister 1881-1960 m. Bertram Frederick Higman 1877-1947

[p.] Minnie Pallister 1885-1960

[p.] Gladys Mary Pallister 1890-1972


[p.] Hannah Pallister 1853-1907 m. Robert Stephenson c1833-1920

[p.] Robert Pallister 1855-1861

[p.] Mary Eleanor Pallister 1856- m. James Henderson

[p.] Jane Pallister 1858-1918 m. Watson Young 1859-1951


[p.] James Pallister 1861-1923 m. Sarah Hannah Johnson 1878-1972

[p.] Robert Pallister 1909- m. Margery Heather Hillis

[p.] William Pallister 1911-

[p.] Mary Pallister 1913-1986

[p.] James Pallister 1915-1995


[p.] Isabella Pallister 1863-

[p.] Margaret Pallister 1868-1930 m. John Carrick Richardson 1868-1924

[p.] Ann Pallister 1871- m. William Watson Rowell 1871-1927


[p.1.7] Mabel Pallister 1724- m. Ambrose Watson c1725-

[p.1.8] Margaret Pallister 1724- m. Stephen Hodgson


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