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Sarah Annie Pallister [p.]

Sarah Annie Pallister was the third child of Robert Speed Pallister & Elizabeth Thubron born May 17th, 1866 & christened June 17th, 1866 at Wallsend.

In 1871 Sarah Annie was living at the Davey Inn, Wallsend where her father was the innkeeper.  She had an older sister Mary Ellen.

Sarah Annie’s mother died in 1880 & his father remarried in March 1881.  At the time of the 1881 census Sarah Annie was living with 2 sisters, father & step-mother Hannah at James Mather St, Westoe, South Shields.  Sarah Annie’s father had now returned to being a miner & she & her sister Mary Ellen were both pupil teachers.

Sarah Annie married Charles Franks in Jan-March 1886 at Gateshead.  Charles was born c1845 in Heligoland.  Charles had been married twice before.  His first wife was Elizabeth Martin who died in 1872 & his second wife was Mary Jobson who died in 1880.

In 1891 Sarah Annie & Charles were living at Drake St, Heworth, Co Durham & Charles was a barge waterman.  With them were 2 children from Charles’ former marriages – Charles (13) & Mary (10).   They had 3 children of their own now – Meggie (4), Minnie L (2) & James A (1).

Charles died on June 3rd, 1893, at Drake St, Bill Quay, Co Durham.  Probate was granted to widowed Sarah Annie & brother-in-law James Glanville (husband of Mary Eleanor Pallister), miner on November 23rd, 1893.  Charles’ effects were £24.

The children of Sarah Annie Pallister & Charles Franks were:

p. Meggie Franks born April-June 1886 at Heworth, Co Durham

p. Ernest Franks born Oct-December 1887 at Heworth; died Oct-December 1887 at Heworth

p.  Minnie Louisa Franks born Oct-December 1888 at Heworth, Co Durham; died July 1965

p.  James Albert Franks born April-June 1890 at Heworth, Co Durham; died November 20th, 1965 at 6 Provident Terrace, Wallsend,  Northumberland

p.  Annie Franks born May 17th, 1892 at Drake St, Bill Quay, Co Durham; died March 27th, 1965 at Wallsend General Hospital

Sarah Annie remarried in Oct-December 1899 at Tynemouth.  Her second husband was Hector Macdonald born c1857 in Greenock, Scotland.

In 1901 Sarah Annie & Hector were living at 29 Charles St, Wallsend & Hector was a shipwright.  With them were Sarah Annie’s children Minnie L, James A & Annie (9) from her former marriage.  She & Hector had a 5 month old son Angus.

By 1911 Sarah Annie & Hector had moved to 3 Mark St, Wallsend where they lived with children Meggie Franks, an assistant grocer, James Albert Franks, a boat builder at shipyard, & Annie Franks together with their own children Angus, Hector (8) & Flora (3).  Hector was still a shipwright.
Daughter Minnie Franks had married William Alexander Williams in Jan-March 1911 at Tynemouth.

Daughter Annie married George Tolson, a soldier in the Royal Army Medical Corps on September 20th, 1914 at St Peter’s, Wallsend.  Her step-father Hector Macdonald was one of the witnesses at the wedding.  Daughter Meggie was to marry William Gibson in Oct-December 1919 at Tynemouth.

Hector died on February 18th, 1920 at 3 Mark St, Wallsend.  Probate was granted on May 2nd, 1920 to widowed Sarah Annie & his effects were £227.14s.6d.

The 1939 register shows Sarah Annie living at 27 Chicken Rd, Wallsend with daughter Flora.   

Sarah Annie died on January 30th, 1954 at Copsewood, 27 Chicken Rd, Wallsend.  Probate was granted on March 12th, 1954 to son Angus, a plater & daughter Flora Macdonald, spinster.  Sarah Annie’s effects were £5,011.19s.11d.

Two years after her mother’s death, daughter Flora married Robert N Macfarlane in Jan-March 1956  in Northumberland.

The children of Sarah Annie Pallister & Hector Macdonald were:

p.  Angus Macdonald born October 28th, 1900 at Wallsend, Northumberland; died Oct-December 1988 at North Tyneside

p.  Hector Macdonald born Jan-March 1903 at Wallsend, Northumberland

p.  Flora Macdonald born July 30th, 1907 at Wallsend, Northumberland; died January 2003 at Newcastle-upon-Tyne



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