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Lillie Pallister [p.]

Lillie Pallister was the third child of Robert Speed Pallister and Hannah Northope born November 29th, 1887 at Wardley, Heworth, Co Durham.

Lillie was living at home in 1891 at 10 Reservoir St, Wardley, Heworth where her father was a coal miner.

In 1901 Lillie was still living at home, now 48 Reservoir St.  As well as her parents, her older brother Robert & sister Hannah were living there.

By 1911 Lillie’s father had died & she & her widowed mother Hannah were living with brother Robert.  Robert was head of the household at 44 First St, Wardley Colliery & was described as a stoneworker at the mine.  They had 2 boarders who were both miners.

Lillie married Robert Ilderton Teasdale, a coal miner, on June 17th, 1911 at Gateshead.  Robert was born September 27th, 1883 at Haswell, Co Durham, the son of Charlton Teasdale, a miner, & Mary Ann Ilderton.

The 1939 register shows Lillie (Nellie) & Robert living at 10 Heworth Crescent, Washington.  Robert was a colliery stoneman below ground (heavy work).

Robert died on December 27th, 1952 at Washington.

Lillie died on January 7th, 1980 at Gateshead, aged 93.

The children of Lillie Pallister & Robert Ilderton Teasdale were:

p.  Edna Teasdale born Jan-March 1912 at Gateshead
p.  Norman Teasdale born December 27th, 1912 at Gateshead
p.  William Teasdale born July-September 1915 at Gateshead




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