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Ralph S Pallister [p.]


Ralph S Pallister was the first child of John McCree Pallister & Clara Bowen born September 17th, 1895 at Glen Roy, Ohio, U.S.A.

In 1900 Ralph & his parents were living at Coal Township, Jackson County, Ohio where his father was a coal miner.

Ralph was still living with his parents & sister Gertrude in 1910 at Sugar Creek Township, Vigo, Indiana. Father John was still a coal miner.

Ralph married Verdie V Lindenmuth prior to 1915. Verdie was born July 1897, the daughter of Clara Jones & Isaac Lindenmuth. Tragically Verdie died, aged 18, in 1915 at Harrisburg, Illinois.

Ralph was drafted into the American Forces on June 15th, 1917 & his address at this time was 428 W. Sloan, Harrisburg, Saline County, Illinois. He was a mine examiner & his form states that his mother & 2 sisters were his dependant family. His physical description describes him as short & stout with blue eyes & light brown hair.

On January 1st, 1921 Ralph married Wilma Bath in Harrisburg, Saline County. Wilma was born April 23rd, 1902 in Harrisburg, the daughter of Phebe & Taylor Bath.

In 1930 Ralph & Wilma were living at Harrisburg & Ralph was a coal miner. They had an 8 year old son Jack & a daughter Norma J (4).

Ralph and Wilma were still at Harrisburg at the time of the 1940 census. They were living at 83-24 Harrisburg Township. Ralph continued to be a miner. Children Jack and Norma were still both at home. Living next door were Wilma’s parents.

In 1942 Ralph was drafted again into the American Forces at the age of 46. He gave his address as Route 1, Harrisburg. As a contact he gave his mother Clara, of 210 West College Street, Harrisburg. Ralph was working for the Peabody Coal Company at Marion, Illinois.

In 1949 son Jack was appointed land agent of the Chicago & Harrisburg Coal Company.  His duties were to supervise the operations of approx 40 farms & to check & collect royalties & rent on the coal lands owned by the company. Jack had served as a Captain in the US Army during WW2.

Ralph, who was well-known for breeding Bassett hounds, was made President of the Egyptian Shirine Club in Harrisburg in 1953.  He also became Grand Master of the Masonic Temple there.

By 1962 Ralph & Wilma were living in Dorris Heights, Harrisburg where Ralph was owner & operator of Pallister’s Mill & Farm Feeds.  At this time son Jack was manager of the Chicago & Harrisburg Coal Company.

Wilma died in July 24th, 1974 at Doctors Hospital, Harrisburg, Illinois.

A Ralph Pallister Shelter was opened in Harrisburg Memorial Statae Park in 1984 which was funded by Ralph.

Ralph died in October 1989 in Illinois.


The children of Ralph S Pallister & Wilma Bath were:

p. Jack Pallister born November 19th, 1921 in Illinois, died November 22nd, 1979

p. Norma Jean Pallister born November 24th,1925 in Harrisburg, Illinois; died August 11th, 2006 in the Harrisburg Medical Centre, Illinois

p.  Dorothy Pallister born February 1st, 1927 in Harrisburg; died September 26th,1927 in Harrisburg, buried September 27th, 1927 at Sunset Hill cemetery.


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