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Vera Pallister [p.]

Vera Pallister was the fifth child of Robert Speed Pallister & Sarah Ann Dimmock born August 23rd, 1928 at 82 Ryhope St, Ryhope & christened September 12th, 1928 at St Paul’s, Ryhope, Co Durham.

Vera & her parents lived at 82 Ryhope St South until 1933 & in 1934 the family moved to 13 West View, Ryhope.

Vera & mother c1937

Left: Vera c1946. Right: Vera with parents at Wraith Terrace c1947

After the war Vera lived at 4 Wraith Terrace, Ryhope with her parents & continued to live there after her marriage to Richard Dennis Fishwick (known as Dennis) on November 5th, 1949 at St Paul’s, Ryhope. Dennis was living at 19 Thomas St, Ryhope at the time of the wedding & was a male nurse. He was born September 1926, the son of John Fishwick (deceased at time of wedding), a grocer. Witnesses at the wedding were John Fishwick & Norah Ellis.

Dennis was a nurse at Cherry Knowle Mental Hospital, Ryhope & Vera also worked there for some time. They moved from Wraith Terr. to Esdale, Ryhope & Vera’s widowed father Bob continued to live with them until his death.

From left - John Horton, Vera's niece Trudy Pallister, Vera's husband Dennis, sister-in-law Cissy Pallister, Vera, sister-in-law Freda Pallister, brother Jack Pallister. Photo 1971 at John & Trudy's wedding.

Dennis enjoyed listening to music & also played drums with a band. A keen cricket supporter, he was a member of Durham County cricket club. Dennis, aged 81, died in hospital in Sunderland on January 12th, 2008 after a short illness & was cremated on January 18th, 2008 at Sunderland Crematorium.

Vera died May 7th, 2014 at Sunderland.

The children of Vera Pallister & Richard Dennis Fishwick were:

p. John Fishwick
p. Gillian Fishwick
p. Diane Fishwick


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