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Margaret Pallister [p.]


Margaret Pallister was the first child of William Pallister & Sarah Harker born at Eighton Banks & christened July 22nd 1849 at Lamesley, Co Durham.

Margaret, her younger brother Peter, & their parents were living at High Rd, Lamesley in 1851.

By 1861 the family had moved to Heworth, Co Durham & Margaret was the oldest of 6 children at home.

Margaret married John Trueman on Christmas Day, 1867 at Heworth. John was born c1847 at New York, Co Durham.

In 1871 Margaret & John were living at Waterloo, Usworth, Co Durham where John was a coal miner. They had two sons, William P aged 2 & James aged 6 months.

By 1881 the family had moved to 10 Hill St East, Tunstall, Sunderland, Co Durham. John was still a coal miner & they now had 4 children, William Pallister, James, George (6) & Sarah (6 months). They also had 3 boarders.

Margaret (listed as Margaret P) & John had moved again by 1891 & at the time of the census were living at 14 Railway Terr, Little Usworth, Chester-le-Street, Co Durham. John was now described as a shift worker in the coal mine. Son William was a coal putter (fills coal baskets & moves them to the shaft), James was also a shift worker in the mine & George was a landing keeper at the coal mine. Also at home were Sarah, Margaret E (6), John (4), Jemima (2) & Elizabeth A (1 month).

In 1901 Margaret & John were living at 14 Pensher View, Usworth & John was a shifter (repairer) at the coal mine. Son George was still at home & working as a landing keeper & son John also worked in the mine as a ‘helper up' (a lad who helped move the coal from the workings to the shaft). Also at home were Margaret, Jemima & Elizabeth. They had 2 boarders, both coal hewers. Son William Pallister had married Martha Jane Goulburn in Oct-December 1893, the marriage being registered at Chester-le-Street. At the time of the 1901 census they were living near to William's parents at 16 Pensher View, the home of Martha's parents – Jane & Joseph Gouldbourn - & William was working as a wagon way man.

In 1911 John & Margaret were still at 14 Penshaw View & John was now retired. At home was son George, a coal miner, & daughter Lizzie (20). There was also a granddaughter aged 4, Mary E Trueman. They also had 2 boarders, both coal miners. It was noted on the census that John & Margaret had had 13 children, only 7 of whom were living.

Still living nearby at 16 Penshaw View was son William Pallister Trueman, a rolleyway man at the colliery, with his wife Martha Jane & children George (16), Hannah (12), James (9), Jane Gouldburn (8), Martha (5) & Catherine (3). Martha's widowed father Joseph Gouldburn was living with them.

In 1911 daughter Jemima was working as a servant for William Pallister Richardson [p.] & his family at Chester-le-Street. William Pallister Richardson was a ‘distant' cousin of Jemima.

There is a death for John Trueman, aged 81, in April-June 1927 registered at Chester-le-Street.

There is a death for Margaret P Trueman, aged 84 in April-June 1934 registered at Chester-le-Street.


The children of Margaret Pallister & John Trueman were:

p. William Pallister Trueman born Oct-December 1868 at Waterloo, Usworth, Co Durham; died April-June 1956 in North Durham

p. James Trueman born July-September 1870 at Waterloo, Usworth, Co Durham

p. George Trueman born July-September 1874 at West Stanley, Co Durham

p. Sarah Trueman born Oct-December 1880 at Usworth, Co Durham

p. Margaret Ellen Trueman born Oct-December 1884 at Silksworth, Co Durham

p. John Trueman born July-September 1886 at Usworth, Co Durham

p. Jemima Trueman born April-June 1889 at Usworth, Co Durham

p. Elizabeth Ann Trueman born April-June 1891at Usworth, Co Durham



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