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Peter Pallister [p.]

Peter Pallister was the first child of Elizabeth Ann Pallister born in Usworth in 1877 & christened on October 31st, 1877 at Gateshead, Co Durham.

Peter was raised by his grandmother & step-grandfather, & in 1881 he was living with them (Sarah & James Hall) at Tunstall, near Sunderland.

In 1891 Peter was still living with his grandparents at 12 George St, Tunstall & like his uncle, William Pallister, who was also living there, Peter, aged 13, was a coal miner.

Peter was living with his brother William & his family, still at 12 George St in 1901.  He was still a coal miner & his widowed mother was also living with them.

In July-September 1904 Peter married Minnie Ida James in Sunderland.  Minnie was born July 13th, 1885 in Tunstall, Sunderland, Co Durham, the daughter of Elizabeth & Frederick James, a coal miner. 

In 1911 Peter & Minnie Ida were living at 12 Blind Lane, New Silksworth & Peter was now a newsagent & dairyman.  Minnie was assisting in the business.  They had 2 children – William James (6) & Frederick (1).

Peter served as a driver with the Royal Engineers in the Army Service Corps during WW1.  Tragically he was killed on June 13th, 1918 in Cairo, Egypt.  He was buried in the Cairo War Memorial Cemetery, Al Qahirah.  Probate of Peter’s estate was granted to widow Minnie Ida of 12 Blind Lane, Silksworth.  His effects were £344.15s.

Minnie married again in Jan-March 1921 in Sunderland.  Her new husband was Robert Musgrove.

Daughter Elizabeth married William Richardson in April-June 1933 in Houghton.  William was born April 29th, 1911.   In 1939 Elizabeth & William were living at 14 Robert St, Sunderland & it was noted that William was a coal miner who was permanently disabled.  They had a 6 year old daughter named Minnie I Richardson.   

In 1934 son William was in an accident when he & his pillion passenger, brother-in-law William Richardson, were thrown from the motor bike they were riding due to a collision with a cyclist.  William received head injuries & William had injuries to the arms, legs & back.  After receiving hospital treatment both were able to go home. (Sunderland Daily Echo & Shipping Gazette, August 10th, 1934)

By 1939  Minnie was widowed & still working as a newsagent at 11 Blind Lane, Silksworth.  With her was her son William, also a newsagent, & his wife, Winnifred.  William had married Winnifred Stephenson in 1936 in Houghton.  Winnifred was born February 22nd, 1908, in Shildon, the daughter of Louie & Walter Stephenson, a plumber & gas fitter.

In 1945 a fire destroyed a garage belonging to dairyman William, of 24 St Pauls Terrace, Ryhope, causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage.  Three motor vans & a milk float were destroyed in the fire at North View, Ryhope.  The cause of the fire was unknown. (Sunderland Daily Echo & Shipping Gazette, August 29th, 1945)

Minnie died on October 15th, 1956 at 11 Blind Lane, New Silksworth.  Administration of her will was granted to Elizabeth Morgan Richardson (wife of William Richardson) & son William James Pallister, dairyman.  Her effects were £2,124.18s.11d.

Son William was clearly a successful business man as he left £11,785 on his death in 1964.

The children of Peter Pallister & Minnie Ida James were:

p.  William James Pallister born January 14th, 1905 at Silksworth; died April 27th, 1964 at 24 St Pauls Terrace, Ryhope, Co Durham
p.  Frederick Pallister born April-June 1910 at Silksworth; died Jan-March 1913 at Silksworth
p.  Elizabeth Morgan Pallister born October 3rd, 1914 at Silksworth





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