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Sarah Pallister [p.]

Sarah Pallister was the eighth child of William Pallister & Sarah Harker born at Heworth, Co Durham on May 4th, 1863.

In 1871 the family had moved to Usworth & were living at Railway Row.  Sarah was living at home with her 3 brothers & 2 sisters.  Her father William, a coal miner died later that year, aged 48.

Sarah married Henry Sawyers in January-March, 1881 at Houghton-le-Spring, Co. Durham. Henry was christened August 21st, 1859 at St Paul’s, Jarrow, Co. Durham, the son of Hannah Irving and John Sawyers, a ship’s carpenter.

At the time of the 1881 cansus Sarah and Henry were living with Henry’s parents at 48 Clayton Street, Jarrow. Henry, like his father, was a ship’s carpenter.

By 1891 Sarah and Henry were living at 4 Napier Street, Jarrow and Henry was still a ship’s carpenter. They had a 9 year old son, William Pallister Sawyers, and a six year old daughter, Hannah Irving Sawyers.

The family had moved to 9 Frederick Street, Jarrow by 1901 and Henry was now described as a shipwright. William, a shipwright,  and Hannah were still at home and they now had 2 more sons, Joseph I (4) and Henry (2).

In 1911 Henry was still employed as a shipwright  and he and sarah were living at 20 Bridge Street, Jarrow.  At home were son Joseph Irving, a grocer’s shop boy, and new children,  Sarah (7 years, listed as Sarah Pallister Sawyers) and George (5). It was noted on the census that Sarah had given birth to 11 children, only 5 of whom were still living.

Daughter Hannah was working as a domestic servant for a family in Jesmond, Newcatle-upon-Tyne in 1911. She was to marry Cuthbert Felton in April-June 1938 in Northumberland. 

Son William Pallister Sawyers and his wife Catherine were living at Portsea (Portsmouth) in 1911 and William was working as a shipwright in a government dockyard.

Son Joseph Irving Sawyers married Mary E. Charlton in 1922 in South Shields.  Daughter Sarah married William Chesson in April-June 1923 in South Shields.

The 1939 register shows widowed Sarah living with Hannah & Cuthbert Tetton, a retired hotel manager, at 29 Grange Park, Whitley Bay, Northumberland.

The children of Sarah Pallister and Henry Sawyers were:

p.  William Pallister Sawyers born April 3rd, 1882 at Jarrow; died April-June 1970 in South Northumberland.

p.  Hannah Irving Sawyers born November 22nd, 1884 at Jarrow; died April-June 1977 at Stafford.

p.  John Sawyers born Oct-December 1887 at Jarrow; died Jan-March 1888 at Jarrow

p.  Collin Sawyers born Jan-March 1890 at Jarrow; died Jan-March 1890 at Jarrow

p. Robert Irving Sawyers born July-Sept, 1891 at Jarrow; died Oct-December, 1897 at Jarrow.

p.  Henry Sawyers born Oct-December 1894 at Jarrow; died Oct-December 1894 at Jarrow

p. Joseph Irving Sawyers born June 22nd, 1896 at Jarrow; died Jan-March 1972 in North Durham.

p. Henry Sawyers born Jan-March, 1899 at Jarrow; died Jan-March 1902 in Jarrow.

p. James Pallister Sawyers born Jan-March, 1902 at Jarrow; died April-June 1902 in Jarrow.

p. Sarah Harker Sawyers born July-September, 1903 at Jarrow; died April-June 1935 in Newcastle.

p. George Sawyers born January 1st, 1906 at Jarrow; died July-Sept 1979 at North Tyneside.




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