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Mary Ann Pallister [p.]

Mary Ann Pallister was the first child of John Pallister and Jane Stewart Forbes, born January 29th, 1878 at Lamesley, Co. Durham.

In 1881 Mary Ann & her baby brother Alexander and their parents were living at Eighton Banks, Lamesley, Co Durham where her father was a stone quarryman.  They were living next door to her grandmother, Mary Ann Pallister & her husband Thomas Coulson.

The family were still at Eighton Banks in 1891& Mary Ann now had 3 younger sisters as well as her brother at home.

Mary Ann was still living at home at Eighton Banks in 1901.

Mary Ann gave birth to an illegitimate baby boy, John Thomas Pallister, in April-June 1908 at Eighton Banks.  It appears that John was not officially registered at his birth, but was entered in the BMD records later in July-September 1928 as John Thomas Smith.

The child of Mary Ann Pallister was:

p. John Thomas Pallister born April-June 1908 at Eighton Banks, Co Durham

On August 14th, 1909 Mary Ann married George Smith at Eighton Banks.  George was born June16th, 1881at Lamesley, the son of Mary E & William Smith, a quarryman.

In 1911 George & Mary Ann (listed as Polly) were living at Gavells Houses, Eighton Banks & with them was Mary’s son John Thomas (listed as Smith), aged 3.  George was a freestone quarryman.  It was stated on the census that they had been married for 2 years.

The 1939 register shows Goerge & Mary Ann living at 14 Walmer Terrace, Darlington with their daughter Jemima, aged 19, who was a dressmaker’s assistant.  George was still a quarryman.

In 1944 daughter Jemima married Gerald Morgan in Co Durham.

The children of Mary Ann Pallister & George Smith were:

p.  Mary Tennant Smith born July-September 1911 at Eighton Banks, Co Durham
p.  Jane Stuart Smith born Jan-March 1915 at Eighton Banks, Co Durham
p.  Jemima Smith born July 16th, 1920 at eighton Banks, Co Durham; died May 2004 at Trafford, Cheshire




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