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Jessie Pallister [p.]

Jessie Pallister was the fourth child of John Pallister and Jane Stewart Forbes, born February 4th, 1884 at Lamesley, Co. Durham.

In 1891 Jessie was living with her parents and 3 sisters and a brother at Eighton Banks, Lamesley.

In 1901 Jessie was working as a housemaid for Arthur C Richardson, a merchant & ship broker, & family in Jesmond, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.  

On April 25th, 1907 Jessie married Edward Wanless at St Thomas Church, Eighton Banks, Co. Durham. Edward was born September 14th, 1878 at Birtley, Co. Durham, the son of Elizabeth and Robert William Wanless, a store rolleyman. Edward’s sister Margaret Ann had married Jessie’s brother Mackenzie in 1901.

Edward had gone to work in the USA as a bricklayer in 1904 and was a resident in Pittsburgh from 1906-1907. It appears that soon after their marriage Jessie had travelled with Edward to Pittsburgh.
Edward and Jessie  and baby were recorded as returning from New York, USA,  arriving in Liverpool on February 17th, 1909, on the SS Campania.  They had been living in Pittsbugh, Pennsylvania, where Jessie had given birth to a daughter Doris.

In 1911 Jessie and Edward were living at 56 Queen Street, Birtley, Co. Durham and Edward was a bricklayer. With them were daughters Doris (2) and Jane Stuart(1).

The 1939 register shows Jessie & Edward living at Morris House, Birtley & Edward was described as living on private means.  With them was son John Pallister Wanless, commission agent. It seems that Edward became very involved with greyhound & horse racing & owned a number of animals.  With his nephew, Robert William Pallister, (son of Jessie’s brother Mackenzie Alexander Pallister) Edward owned a successful horse named ‘Masked Light’.  Edward became a commission agent &, in partnership with Robert William Pallister, set up the bookmaker’s firm of Wanless & Pallister which operated in Saville Row, Newcastle-upon-Tyne & later opened a branch in Sunderland.

Son Edward, known as Ted, was sadly killed during WW2 while serving in Italy. He had married Ruth Lowdon in 1940.

Jessie died December 14th, 1945 at Morris House, Birtley. Administration of her estate was granted on November 26th, 1946 to husband Edward, a retired commission agent, and son John Pallister, also a commission agent. Her effects were £1871.9s.2d.

Son John Pallister Wanless, a company director, administered the estate of Jessie’s sister,  Jane Stewart Pallister on her death in 1965. Interestingly John Pallister Wanless married  his cousin, Margaret Ann Pallister in 1948. Margaret was the daughter of Jessie’s brother, Mackenzie Pallister and Edward’s sister, Margaret Ann Wanless.

Edward died on April 25th, 1968 at Morris House, Birtley, Co.Durham.


The children of Jessie Pallister and Edward Wanless were:

p.  Doris Wanless born c1909 in Pittsburgh, USA.
p. Jane Stuart Wanless born January 30th, 1910 in Birtley, Co.Durham; died April-June 2003 in North Durham
p. Robert W. Wanless born Oct-Dec, 1911 at Birtley died April-June 1925 at Chester-le-Street, Co Durham
p. Veda Wanless born April-June 1915 at Birtley; died Jan-March 1917 at Chester-le-Street, Co Durahm
p. Edward Wanless born Oct-Dec 1918 at Birtley; died September 20th, 1944 on War Service in Italy
p. John Pallister Wanless born October 30th, 1921 at Birtley; died September 16th, 1994 in Low Fell, Gateshead, Co.Durham.


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