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Ann Pallister [p.]

Ann Pallister was the second child of Robert Pallister & Margaret Roscamp born 1866 at Wrekenton & christened April 1st, 1866 at Chester-le-Street, Co Durham.

In 1871 Ann her older sister & new born brother & parents were living at Boundary House, Gateshead.

Ann was still living at home at Boundary House in 1881 & she was the oldest at home with 5 younger siblings.

Ann married John Rutter Crone, a colliery coal weighman, on April 29th, 1888 at St Edmund’s, Gateshead, Co Durham.  John was christened January 3rd, 1964 at Eighton Banks, Gateshead, the son of Margaret & John Crone, a coal miner.

In 1891 Ann & John were living next door to Ann’s parents at Coach Road, Gateshead with their 2 year old son, John.

John & Ann were living at Springwell Inn, Coach Rd, in 1901 & John was now a carting contractor (farm).  Son John was at school & they had a 28 year old boarder, Armstrong Foster, a colliery blacksmith.

The Morpeth Herald of June 28th, 1902 reports a collision involving an electric car service (tramcar) which had only recently been introduced.  The incident took place in Newcastle-upon-Tyne at the junction of Grey St and Market St.  The collision occurred when a brake (horse drawn carriage) owned & driven by John Crone tried to pass in front of the tramcar.  The carriage was carrying 14 passengers who had spent the day at Gosforth Park back to Springwell Colliery. John apparently whipped up his horses and darted across the track befor the driver could apply his brakes.  The carriage was struck by the tram & cut into 2 parts & all the passengers thrown out onto the road.  Luckily none of the injuries were fatal & all were able to return home after receiving treatment.  John himself received head injuries & a bruised arm.

Sadly John died at Springwell Inn on July 18th, 1903, aged just 39, & was buried on July 21st, 1903 at St Thomas, Eighton Banks.

The 1911 census shows widowed Ann as publican at the Springwell Inn & with here was son John, now a waggonwright at the colliery.  They had a 15 year old domestic servant, Isabella Linn.

Son John was listed as being a member of the Freemasons Lodge in 1916 & was a colliery joiner.

Ann died on October 6th, 1933 at Belmont House, Springwell Terrace, Wrekenton.  Administration of her estate was granted to son John Crone, joiner & her effects were £474.0s.10d.

Son John was living at Belmont House, Eighton Terrace in the 1939 Register with his wife, Jane D (nee Moore).  He was described as a colliery wagonwright (building & repairing trucks).  John was also an ARP warden.

The children of  Ann Pallister & John Rutter Crone were:

p.  John Crone born May 10th, 1888 at Gateshead





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