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Minnie Pallister [p.]

Thanks go to Alun Burge for information on Minnie's political life & for her photograph.

Minnie Pallister was born March 12th, 1885 at Kilkhampton, Cornwall, the daughter of William Pallister & Rose Emily Parsons.

In 1891 Minnie’s father, a Wesleyan Minister, had moved to 19 Curzon St, Crosscanonby, Maryport, Cumberland.  Also in the household was her mother, older sister Julia & younger baby sister Gladys.

By 1901 the family had moved to Wales & were living at St Martin’s Place, Haverford West, Pembroke.

Minnie had left home by 1911 & was now living at 21 Alma St, Brynmawr, Crickhowell, Breckonshire, Wales.  She was boarding with Willie Davis, a coal agent, & working as an elementary teaching assistant at a Council School.  She earned her teaching credentials at Cardiff University.

Minnie became an active Socialist & wrote a number of books on Socialism.  She became an election agent for Ramsay MacDonald.

The Portsmouth Evening News of October 20th, 1926 reported that Minnie, an ILP speaker & propagandist, had suffered a breakdown due to attending too many public meetings & had been ordered to cancel all her engagements for at least 3 months.  She was advised to take a sea voyage!

The following year it was announced that Minnie would probably have to abandon her political career due to exhaustion (Portsmouth Evening News of January 10th, 1927).  She had to retire from the labour candidature for Faversham, near Bournemouth.

Minnie moved to Bexhill, Sussex and became an enthusiastic gardener & transformed an uninviting backyard into a beautiful little garden.  She had a passion for flowers & nature & published a gardening book.  (Bexhill-on-Sea Observer, January 26th, 1935)

In 1939 Minnie was living at 4 High St, Bexhill & described as a journalist.  With her was her younger sister, Gladys, a dispenser.

As well as writing regular articles for the Daily Herald during the 1930s, Minnie also made regular broadcasts on the radio & was a well known broadcaster on ‘Woman’s Hour’ in the 1950s.

Minnie of Greendale, De La Warr Rd, Bexhill-on-Sea died on March 26th, 1960, aged 75, at Bexhill Hospital.  Probate was granted to her sister, Gladys Mary, & her effects were £4,280.9s.




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