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Anne Stephenson [s.3]

Anne Stephenson was the third child of Thomas Stephenson & Mary Cooke christened February 14th, 1779 at Kildale, Yorks.

Ann married Thomas Thompson on December 14th, 1806 at St Mary the Virgin, Whitby.  Thomas was christened March 31st, 1775 at Stainton, N. Yorks, the son of Sarah & Thomas Thompson, a farmer.

Thomas & Ann were living at Flowergate, Whitby in 1841 with their children William (25), Ann (20) & Sarah (15).  Thomas & son William were both butchers.  Their son Thomas, a saddler, was still living in Whitby at Haggersgate with his wife Margaret & 1 year old daughter Hannah.

Daughter Mary married John Carling, a ship’s carpenter, in 1835 at Whitby.  Sadly John who had become a master mariner was lost at sea when his schooner, the Peter & Mary, was sunk during a terrific storm in February 1857.  Widowed Mary was listed as a lodging house keeper in Whitby in 1861 with her daughter, Ann Elizabeth.  She also had a son John.

In 1843 daughter Sarah married William Stephenson (b.1815), a shipwright, in Whitby.

In 1851 Ann & Thomas were living at 9 Flowergate, Whitby & Thomas continued to be a butcher as was son William (36).  Also with them was daughter Sarah Stephenson (30), described as a carpenter’s wife, & her children, Mary Ann (7) & William (2).

Ann, aged 72, died at Flowergate & was buried on January 14th, 1852 at St Mary’s, Whitby.

Thomas, aged 78, died at Skinner St was buried on January 27th, 1854 at St Mary’s, Whitby.

The children of Anne Stephenson & Thomas Thompson were:

s.3.1 Thomas Thompson born Sept 24th & christened Sept 27th 1808 at St Mary the Virgin, Whitby; died July 14th, 1861 at Whitby

s.3.2 Mary Thompson born June 3rd & christened June 5th, 1810 at St Mary the Virgin, Whitby; died February 25th, 1895 at Whitby

s.3.3  William Thompson born December 26th & christened December 29th,1813 at St Mary the Virgin, Whitby

s.3.4  Ann Thompson born November 5th & christened November 7th, 1817 at Whitby

s.3.5  Sarah Thompson christened January 19th, 1821 at Whitby; died at West Hartlepool & buried July 11th, 1903 at St Mary’s, Whitby


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