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Thomas Stephenson [s]

Tree showing lineage from Thomas Stephenson to great granddaughter Jane Stephenson

Thomas Stephenson was christened on February 25th, 1753 at Great Ayton, Yorkshire. His parents were Thomas Stephenson, a labourer born c1721 at Great Ayton, & Mary born c1725 at Great Ayton. Thomas had a sister Elizabeth, born 1747, a brother Michael, born 1749 who died in 1765, & a sister Mary, born 1755. His mother was buried on September 6th, 1757 & his father was buried November 7th, 1776, both at Great Ayton.

Thomas married Mary Cooke on February 14th, 1775 at Kildale (near Great Ayton), Yorks, the banns having been published on January 22nd, February 5th & 12th, 1775. Witnesses at the wedding were Thomas Cooke & Robert Foster. Mary was christened June 17th, 1759 at Great Ayton, the daughter of Richard Cook.

It appears they lived for many years at Kildale where they had 9 children, 2 of whom died in infancy.

The children of Thomas Stephenson & Mary Cooke were:

s.1. Hannah Stephenson christened June 4th, 1775 at Kildale, Yorks
s.2. William Stephenson christened February 9th, 1777 at Kildale, Yorks
s.3. Anne Stephenson christened February 14th, 1779 at Kildale, Yorks; died at Flowergate & buried January 14th, 1852 at St Mary’s, Whitby.
s.4. Thomas Stephenson christened February 11th, 1781 at Kildale, Yorks; died October 5th, 1861 at Stokesley
s.5. Joseph Stephenson christened June 15th, 1783, at Kildale, Yorks, buried June 23rd, 1783 at Kildale
s.6. Joseph Stephenson christened December 12th, 1784 at Kildale, Yorks
s.7. John Stephenson christened July 8th, 1787 at Kildale, Yorks; buried January 9th, 1860 at St Oswald's, Lythe
s.8. George Stephenson christened July 11th, 1790 at Kildale, Yorks, buried March 17th, 1792 at Kildale
s.9. George Stephenson christened January 13th, 1793 at Kildale, Yorks, buried January 10th, 1837 at Egglescliffe


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