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Elizabeth Stainsby [sb.6.4]

Elizabeth Stainsby was the fourth child of Thomas Stainsby & Mary Lister born at Linthorpe & christened November 17th, 1848 at West Acklam, Yorks.

In 1851 & 1861 Elizabeth was at home with her parents, brothers & sisters at Linthorpe, Yorks.

In Oct-December 1871 Elizabeth married Charles Wesley Graham at Stockton. Charles was born at Middlesbrough in Jan-March 1841, the son of Thomasine & John Graham, a draper & druggist. Charles’ brother William Smith Graham had married Elizabeth’s sister Mary Ann in 1860.

In July 1873 an article in the Northern Echo records that the license of the Cleveland Hotel, New Linthorpe was transferred from George Downing to Charles Wesley Graham.

Charles was active in local politics & in November 1880 he was nominated for a seat on the Middlesbrough Town Council.

In 1881 Elizabeth & Charles were living at Linthorpe Rd, Linthorpe & Charles was a watchmaker & jeweler. They had a daughter Mary Emily aged 8. Living with them was Elizabeth’s 69 year old mother Mary Stainsby, & they had 2 servants –Sarah Burton & Annie Allan.

In November 1884 Charles was recorded as having participated in Middlesbrough local elections & his occupation at that time was given as licenced victualler.  A comment in the York Herald of November 8th 1884 records that he was a prominent member of the licensed victuallers.  In March 1885 he was accepted as one of the guardians of the Middlesbrough Union (Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough).
An advert in the Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough of August 10th, 1885 shows that Charles was advertising for sale the Cleveland Hotel along with ‘two stables and loose box behind the same, and also the two cottages adjoining thereto …. in Emerson Street, Linthorpe.  The Hotel contains every requisite for the carrying on of a large hotel business, & for many years has been occupied by Mr Charles Wesley Graham, doing an extensive trade.

Elizabeth died aged 36 in 1886 & was buried on January 22nd, 1886 at New Linthorpe Cemetery, Middlesbrough.

The children of Elizabeth Stainsby & Charles Wesley Graham were:

sb.6.4.1 Mary Emily Graham christened April 6th, 1873 at West Acklam, Yorks

Charles could not be found in the 1891 census. Daughter Mary (18) was living with her Uncle John Stainsby & his wife Ann at ‘Broken Scar’, Darlington where John was clerk of building works. Also there was another niece Mary E Mills (13). It appears that Mary Graham continued to live with her aunt & uncle even after her marriage to John James Black (born c1873 at Barnard Castle) in 1897, as she was recorded there in the 1901 census with her children Alice M E (1) & Emily C (4 months). Her husband John was living in Barnard Castle at the time of the census & was a county school bursar’s clerk.

Charles remarried on April 25th, 1900 at St John, Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire to Catherine Potts who was born in Hereford c1857. In 1901 Charles & Catherine were living at Linthorpe Rd, Middlesbrough – Charles was still a watchmaker & jeweler & Catherine was a stationer & tobacconist.

In 1911 Charles & Catherine were living at 60 Grange Rd West, Middlesbrough & Charles had no occupation but his wife was described as a boarding house keeper working at home.  It was noted on the census that it was a 6 room dwelling with 3 bedrooms.  They had a son, Charles Reginald, aged 9 who was at school.

Daughter Mary Emily Black was still living with her now retired uncle John Stainsby & his wife Ann at Great Burdon, Darlington in 1911.  It was noted on the census that Mary Emily had had 3 children, & the only 2 surviving daughters were still with her.   The whereabouts of her husband John are unknown.  Mary Ellen Mills was also still living with the Stainsbys.

Charles Wesley Graham died in December 1911, aged 70, & was buried on January 2nd, 1912 at Linthorpe Cemetery, Middlesbrough.

Catherine died on March 28th, 1923, aged 64, at 296 Linthorpe Rd, Middlesbrough.  Probate was granted in London on October 17th, 1923 to Matthew Lawson Thompson, an agent.  Her effects were £634.

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