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Ann Speed [sp.]

Ann Speed was the seventh child of John Speed & Hannah Storey born 1821 at Zion St & christened February 10th, 1822 at Sunderland, Co Durham.

Ann married Robert Horsley on September 21st, 1840 at St Michael & All Angels, Bishopwearmouth.  Robert was born c1820 in Hartlepool, Co. Durham, the son of Mary Horsley.

In 1841 Ann & Robert were living at John St, Hartlepool & Robert was described as a fisher.
Robert & Ann were living with Robert’s mother, Mary Horsley, proprietor of houses in 1851.  Robert was now a pilot & they now had 4 children – Elizabeth Ann (9), Margaret (4), Robert (9) & Sarah Jane (2).  Also living with them at Northgate St, Hartlepool were 2 more of Mary’s grandchildren – William Horsley (20) listed as a cripple, & George (15), an assistant pilot.  There was a also a 22 year old visitor, Mary Golightly, a blacksmith’s wife.

The family could not be found in 1861 but by 1871 they were living at 2 Marina Terrace, West Hartlepool & Robert was still a pilot.  At home were daughter Margaret & her husband William P Kilbride, a pilot, & their 10 month old son Horatio, & daughters Hannah (19), Boadicia (18), Anne M S (15), Helena (12) & sons Robert (12) & John George (7).  Another grandson was also listed – Thomas William Jackling (1).

Daughter Sarah Jane had married George Alfred Bourne on May 19th, 1867 at Stepney, Middlesex.  She was listed with her brother Robert & wife Ann & family at 2 Pimlico St, West Hartlepool in 1871.  Husband George, a mariner, was not with her and she had a 3 year old son George A.  Sadly her husband George died at sea a year later.  Sarah Jane married again in 1873 on August 7th at Christ Church, Hartlepool.  Her second husband was Henri Hugo Ochskar Eisenblatter, also a mariner.  Tragically he too was drowned whilst on the SS Tom Pyman in 1890.  Sarah Jane married for the third time on December 22nd, 1895.  She married John William Spencelayh, a stoker at the shipyard.

Daughter Hannah married Thomas Parkinson, a blacksmith, in 1870 in Hartlepool.

Robert was still working as a pilot in 1881 & he & Ann were living at 31 Whitby St, West Hartlepool.  Only daughter Helena was still at home & there was an 18 year old visitor, Mary Burnham Miller, a domestic servant.

Robert had his pilot licence suspended for 3 months in June 1883.  He was in charge of the steamer Kaiser on her voyage from Hamburg to West Hartlepool when she was grounded while Robert was guiding her into Hartlepool.

Robert died suddenly aged 65 on January 28th, 1885 at 21 George St, Hartlepool.  An inquest into his death stated that he had complained of dizziness for several months & on the 28th he retired to rest at 10p.m. When Ann went upstairs a short time later she found him dying.  A verdict of natural causes was returned. (Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail, January 29th,1885)

In 1891 widowed Ann was living with her married daughter Helena O’Neil, & her 2 young children at 11 Dundas St, West Hartlepool.

There is a death for Annie Horsley aged 71 in Oct-December 1892 at Dundas St, Hartlepool.

Daughter Anne Maria married Auguste Johansen (Johnson), a mariner, on July 19th, 1884 at Hartlepool.  Anne & Auguste had 2 known children – Robert Augustus in 1886 & Peterineta Strumberg in 1888.  Auguste died in 1889.  Anne married again in 1890 in Hartlepool.  She married David Jenkins & her name was listed as Hannah Maria Speed Johnson at the time of the marriage.  In 1901 Anne & David, a stationary engine driver, were living at Catherine St, West Hartlepool & with them were Anne’s son Robert (15) & daughter listed as Nellie (13) from her previous marriage.  Anne & David now had 3 children of their own.

The children of Ann Speed & Robert Horsley were:

sp.  Eliza Ann Horsley born July-September 1841 & christened November 21st, 1841 at St Hilda’s, Hartlepool
sp.  Elizabeth Mary Horsley born Oct-December 1843 at Hartlepool; buried May 21st, 1846 at St Hilda’s, Hartlepool
sp.  Robert Horsley born April-June 1845 & christened February 21st, 1846 at St Hilda’s, Hartlepool; died Oct-December 1903 at Hartlepool
sp.  Sarah Jane Horsley born Jan-March 1849 at Hartlepool; died April 15th, 1918 at 30 Whitby St, West Hartlepool
sp.  Hannah Horsley christened April 26th, 1851 at Hartlepool; buried December 5th, 1883 at Oxbridge Cemetery, Stockton
sp.  Boadicia Horsley born Oct-December 1853 & christened January 1st, 1854 at Stranton, Hartlepool;  died October 11th, 1881 at George St, Hartlepool
sp.  Anne Maria Speed Horsley born April-June 1856 & christened June 22nd, 1856 at West Hartlepool
sp.  Helena Horsley born July-September 1858 in Hartlepool; died Jan-March 1932 at Whitehaven, Cumberland
sp.  Robert Horsley christened June 2nd, 1861 at Brougham St. Chapel,  West Hartlepool
sp.  John George Horsley christened September 13th, 1863 at Hartlepool 




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