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John Speed [sp.]

John Speed was the third child of Ralph Speed & Elizabeth Wheatley born July 19th, 1772 & christened October 17th, 1773 at Sunderland, Co Durham.

John became a mariner like his father.

On December 30th, 1805 John married Hannah Storey at St Peter’s, Monkwearmouth, Sunderland & both were of the parish.  Hannah was christened May 4th, 1788 in Sunderland, the daughter of Mary & Robert Storey.

In 1835/36 John & his son John were both listed in the Merchant Navy, father being a master mariner & son John was a mate, both on the ‘Phoebe’ of Sunderland. 

In 1841 Hannah, listed as widowed, was living at Throston St, Hartlepool, Co Durham & described as a ship captain’s wife.  With her were son Robert (20), an agent, & daughters Hannah (20) & Sarah (15).

A notice in the Durham County Advertiser of February 2nd, 1844 listed John among the insolvent debtors.  He was described as late of Union St, Bishopwearmouth out of business & lodging with Thomas Lloyd, master mariner, ….& lately lodging with Robert Story Speed of Hartlepool, commission agent.  On February 22nd, 1844 John appeared in the Debtor’s Court & stated that ‘he was a master mariner & had not the least vestige of property’.  He was discharged. (Durham Chronicle, March 1st, 1844)

John died on October 22nd, 1847 at Union St & was buried October 26th at Bishopwearmouth, Sunderland.

By 1851 Hannah had moved south to Middlesex & was described as an annuitant.  She was living with daughter Hannah & her husband, Richard Rounthwaite, a city coal maker? & their 5 month old son John at 34 Wilson St, Tower Hamlets, Limehouse.

There is a burial for Hannah Speed recorded on March 17th, 1860 at Tower Hamlets, London.

The children of John Speed & Hannah Storey were:

sp.  Elizabeth Speed born 1806 & christened September 27th, 1807 at Sunderland; died December 15th at Union Lane & buried December 18th, 1808 at Sunderland

sp.  Ralph Speed born October 13th, 1809 &  christened February 28th, 1810 at Sunderland; drowned February 17th, 1837 at sea

sp.  Mary Speed christened October 23rd, 1811 at Sunderland; died Oct-December 1897 in Bromley, London.

sp.  John Speed born August 10th, 1813 at Robinson Lane & christened September 17th, 1813 at Sunderland; buried March 18th, 1866 at St Hilda’s Hartlepool.

sp.  Robert Storey Speed born March 15th, 1816 & christened April 21st, 1816 at Sunderland; Robert died in July-September 1876 at Scarbro Street, Hartlepool.

sp.  Hannah Speed born 1819 at Mauds Open & christened May 9th, 1819 at Sunderland; died April-June 1912 in West Ham, Essex.

sp.  Ann Speed born 1822 at Zion St & christened February 10th, 1822 at Sunderland; died Oct-December 1892 at Dundas St, Hartlepool.

sp.  Sarah Jane Speed born May 21st, 1825 at Nicholson’s Square & christened September 19th, 1827 at Sunderland; died January 2nd, 1892 at 61 Sorley St, Sunderland.




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