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Robert Speed [sp.]

Robert Speed was the seventh child of Robert Speed & Margaret Curry christened May 1st, 1791 at Chester-le-Street, Co Durham.

Robert’s father was a pitman of Fatfield.

Robert married Isabella Harrison by banns on November 17th, 1816 at Chester-le-Street.  A witness at the wedding was Mary Gray.  Isabella was born c1792.

Robert became a pitman like his father & lived at Chartershaugh,  Co Durham where their children were born.

Sadly Isabella died aged 35 soon after giving birth to a daughter Mary, who only lived for 5 days.  Isabella was buried on February 17th, 1828 at Chester-le-Street.

The children of Robert Speed & Isabella Harrison were:

sp. Jane Speed christened February 21st, 1819 at Chester-le-Street; buried March 4th, 1819 at St Mary & St Cuthbert, Chester-le-Street
sp. Margaret Speed christened May 13th, 1821 at Chester-le-Street; died at Harraton & buried April 22nd, 1827 at Chester-le-Street
sp. Jane Speed christened June 1st, 1823 at Chester-le-Street; buried December 5th, 1850 at St Cuthbert’s, Shadforth, Co  Durham
sp. Robert Speed christened August 20th, 1825 at Chester-le-Street; buried December 10th, 1881 at St George, Fatfield, Co Durham
sp. Mary/Margaret Speed christened February 3rd, 1828 at Chester-le-Street; buried February 8th, 1828 at Chester-le-Street

It is thought that Robert married again on October 9th, 1830 at St John’s, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.  His second wife was Ann Fletcher.   Ann was christened August 5th, 1810 at Washington, Co Durham, the daughter of Ann Reay & Joseph Fletcher.

Robert & Ann were living at Breckon Hill, Little Lumley, Co Durham in 1841 & Robert was still a pitman.  Living with them were Robert’s son from his first marriage Robert, also a pitman, & Ann & Robert’s children – Margaret (10), Joseph (9), John (7), Mary (5) & Ann (3). Robert's daughter Jane was working as a servant for Joseph Marley Spencer, a grocer, & family at Claypath, Durham at the timeof the 1841 census.

Robert died at Breckon Hill & was buried July 3rd, 1844 at Chester-le-Street.

The children of Robert Speed & Ann Fletcher were:

sp. Margaret Speed christened February 20th, 1831 at Chester-le-Street; died at Fatfield & buried December 7th, 1853 at Chester-le-Street
sp. Joseph Speed christened October 7th, 1832 at Chester-le-Street; died at Breckon Hill & buried September 25th, 1841 at St Mary & St Cuthbert, Chester-le-Street
sp. John Speed christened March 23rd, 1834 at Chester-le-Street; died May 1849 at Breckon Hill, Lumley, Co Durham
sp. Mary Ann Speed christened December 2nd, 1835 at Chester-le-Street; died Jan-March 1875 at Chester-le-Street
sp. Ann Speed christened July 22nd, 1838 at Chester-le-Street; died Jan-March 1858 at Chester-le-Street
sp. Hannah Speed christened July 18th, 1841 at Chester-le-Street

Tragically son John was killed in 1849 aged just 15.  He was working as a putter at the Harbour House Pit when he was crushed between a coal tub & a pit prop & died immediately.

In 1851 widowed Ann was living at Harraton Square, Harraton, Co Durham & was described as a mangle keeper. With her were daughters Margaret, a field labourer, Ann & Hannah (10).

By 1861 Ann was still living in Harraton, now at Fatfield Square & listed as a coalminer’s widow.  With her was daughter Mary, now married to Edward Willis, a coal miner, & their 5 month old son, Robert.

Ann was still living with daughter Mary & family in 1871 still at Fatfield Square, Harraton.  She was described as ‘keeps mangle’.

By 1881 son-in-law Edward Willis was widowed and Ann was living with him & 2 of his sons at Fatfield.  Ann was described as a domestic.

There is a death for Ann Speed in July-September 1882 at Chester-le-Street.



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