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Jacob Speed [sp.1.6]

Jacob Speed was the sixth child of Ralph Speed & Margaret ? christened May 23rd, 1714 at Chester-le-Street, Co Durham.

Jacob married Mary Shaw on June 16th, 1745 at Chester-le Street.

There is a death for Mary Speed in 1758 who was buried November 2nd, 1758 at Chester-le-Street.

The children of Jacob Speed & Mary Shaw were:

sp.1.6.1 Robert Speed christened April 27th 1746 at Chester-le Street; died May 11th, 1812 & buried May 13th, 1812 at Chester-le-Street.

s.1.6.2 Ralph Speed christened Dec 26th 1748 at Chester-le Street; died 1828 at Killingworth Colliery, buried June 20th, 1828 at St Bartholomew’s, Longbenton, Northumberland

sp.1.6.3 William Speed christened March 18th, 1753 at Chester-le Street; buried November 23rd 1790 at St Mary & St Cuthbert, Chester-le-Street.

sp.1.6.4 Jacob Speed christened June 20th 1756 at Chester-le Street; died June 1st at Quality Row, Lumley Park & buried June 5th, 1824 at Chester-le-Street

There is a marriage for Jacob Speed to Ann Lawson on June 16th, 1761 at Chester-le-Street.

Jacob died in 1789 & was buried at Chester-le-Street.

There is a death for Ann Speed, aged 85, at Harraton Outside on October 20th, 1800 & buried October 22nd at St Mary & St Cuthbert, Chester-le-Street.  She was noted as wife of Jacob, pitman.




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