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Miranda Stone [st.1.1]

Miranda Stone was the first child of William Stone & Ann born at 101 Whitehouse Lane, Tipton & christened March 30th, 1817 at Tipton, Staffs.

Miranda married William Tufft on April 18th, 1835 at St Martin, Tipton, Staffs. William was christened August 1st, 1813 at Wednesfield, Staffs, the son of Lettice (Letitia?) & John Tufft.

In 1841 Miranda & William were living at Dudley Rd, Tipton & they had 3 children – Ann (5), John (3) & William (11 months). William was a puddler & living with them was a 12 year old apprentice, Charles Bortherton.

William & Miranda were living at High St, Princes End, Sedgley, Staffs in 1851 & William was again a puddler. At home were Ann, John, William, Miranda (9), Jane (7) & Benjamin (1).

The family were still at the High St, Sedgley in 1861 & William was described as a puddler at the iron works. Children at home were Ann, John & William, both shinglers at the iron works, Miranda, Benjamin, Eliza (9), Isaiah (7) & Charles (3). Daughter Jane was visiting her aunt Mary Ann (Miranda’s sister) & uncle Richard Price at New Knutton, Silverdale at the time of the census. It appears that Jane had a son Peter Tufft in 1866 who was later adopted by aunt Mary Ann after Jane’s death in 1869.

Daughter Ann married David Didluck on May 14th, 1861 at St James’ Dudley.

Son John married Sarah Ann Bissell in April-June 1862 at Dudley.

Son William married Harriet Maybury on May 25th, 1863 at Wolstanton, Staffs.

William & Miranda were still living at High St, now at 124, in 1871 & William was an iron worker. Son Benjamin was also an iron worker. Also at home were Eliza, Isaiah, a labourer & Charles.

In April-June 1877 son Isaiah married Betsey Mantle in Dudley.  By 1881 Isaiah & Betsey were living in Lanarkshire, Scotland where they were to have 6 children.  After Betsey’s death Isaiah married Donella ? & they continued to live in Scotland.

By 1881 Miranda & William had moved to 1 Foundry St, Tipton & there was no occupation given for William but he was noted as disabled. Only son Charles was at home who was a labourer.

In July-September 1885 son Charles married Rebecca Dainty in Dudley.  By 1911 Charles, an ironworker, & Rebecca had had 10 children, 8 of whom were still living.

William died on August 18th, 1886, aged 73, at Foundry St, Tipton, aged 73 & was buried August 21st, 1886 at Coseley, Staffs.

In 1891 widowed Miranda was living with son Charles & his wife Rebecca Dainty & family at 16 Newhall St, Tipton.

In 1901 Miranda was still living with son Charles, an iron works puddler, & his family at 19 Victoria St, Sedgley.

Miranda died on May 29th, 1901, aged 84, at High St, Princes End, Sedgley.

The children of Miranda Stone & William Tufft were:

st.1.1.1 Ann Tufft christened February 14th, 1836 at Tipton, Staffs
st.1.1.2 John Tufft born February 17th, 1838 at Hall St, West Bromwich & christened March 18th, 1838 at  Christ Church, West Bromwich, Staffs; died February 15th, 1920 at Thurgoland,  Yorks
st.1.1.3 William Tufft born April-June 1840 at Princes End, Tipton, Staffs; died Oct-December 1875 at Leek, Staffs
st.1.1.4 Miranda Tufft born July-September 1842 at Sedgley, Staffs
st.1.1.5 Jane Tufft born Oct-December 1844 at Sedgley, Staffs; died Jan-March 1869 at Knutton, Staffs

st.1.1.6  Mary Tufft born Jan-March 1847 at Sedgely, Staffs; died Oct-December 1847 at Sedgley

st.1.1.7  Joseph Tufft born Oct-December 1848 at Sedgeley, Staffs; died Oct-December 1848 at Sedgley
st.1.1.8 Benjamin Tufft born Oct-December 1849 at Sedgley, Staffs; died 1875 at Leek, Staffs
st.1.1.9 Eliza Tufft born Jan-March 1852 at Sedgley, Staffs
st.1.1.10 Isaiah Tufft born Oct-December 1854 at Sedgley, Staffs
st.1.1.11 Charles Tufft born July-September 1857 at Sedgley, Staffs; died July-September 1917 in Staffs


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