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William Stones [st.1]

William Stones was the first child of Joseph Stones & Miranda Berber christened July 28th, 1794 at St Phillip’s, Birmingham.

William married Ann Simcox on August 26th, 1816 at Sedgley.  Ann was born c1794 at Tipton, Staffs. The christening records of all the children show that their surname was now Stone & not Stones.

By 1841 William & Ann were living at West Bromwich, Staffs with 8 of their children – Joseph, a puddler like his father, Mary, Benjamin, William, James, Catherine, John & Charles.  Another child, Hannah had been born in 1832 & christened on January 15th, 1832 at Tipton.  Hannah probably died before the 1841 census as no further record for her has been found.

In 1851 they continued to live at West Bromwich, at Guns Lane & William was described as an annuitant (late puddler). It was noted on the census that he was nearly blind. Sons John (12) & Charles (10), both working as forge boys were at home.

In 1861 William & Ann were still at Guns Lane & William was now described as a retired forgeman. Son Charles was still at home & was a mill forgeman.

Ann died in July-September 1861 at West Bromwich.

Son Charles, aged 24, died in a horrific accident at work due to a boiler explosion on March 1st, 1864.

In 1871 widowed William, aged 75, was described as a retired puddler & was living with daughter Mary Ann & her husband Richard Price, a forge manager. They were living at School Ground, Knutton, Staffs. There was a 5 year old boarder, Peter Price Tuffitt.

William died aged 79 in Knutton & was buried on February 25th, 1874 at St Lukes, Silverdale, Knutton.

The children of William Stones & Ann Simcox were:

st.1.1 Miranda Stone christened March 30th, 1817 at Tipton, Staffs; died May 29th, 1901 at High St, Sedgley
st.1.2 Joseph Stone christened September 24th, 1820 at Tipton, Staffs; died Jan-Marc 1896 at West Bromwich
st.1.3 Mary Ann Stone christened February 16th, 1823 at Tipton, Staffs; died April-June 1898 at Wolstanton
st.1.4 Benjamin Stone christened February 27th, 1825 at Tipton, Staffs; died April-June 1899 at Wolstanton

st.1.4$ William Stone christened July 15th, 1827 at Tipton, Staffs
st.1.5 James Stone christened September 6th, 1829 at Tipton, Staffs; died Jan-March 1882 at Salford, Lancs
st.1.6 Hannah Stone christened January 15th, 1832 at Tipton, Staffs
st.1.7 Catharine Stone christened August 23rd, 1835 at Tipton, Staffs; buried August 29th 1867 at St Luke, Silverdale
st.1.8 John Stone born September 19th, 1837 at Hall St, West Bromwich, & christened October 29th, at Christ Church, West Browmich, Staffs; died February 27th, 1919 at 40 Keswick Grove, Pendleton, Lancs
st.1.9 Charles Stone born May 6th 1840 at Moore St, West Bromwich, & christened June 28th, 1840 at Christ Church, West Browmich, Staffs; died March 1st, 1864 at Hall End Iron Works, West Bromwich


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