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Hannah Wall [w.8.2]

Hannah Wall was the second child of Edward Wall & Mabel Wale born July-September 1844 at West Bromwich.

In 1851 she was at home at Old End, West Bromwich.

Hannah married William Bradbury at West Bromwich register office in 1865. William was the son of Jane & William Bradbury, christened March 22nd, 1846 at Colton, Staffs.

In 1871 Hannah & William were living at Bromford Lane, West Bromwich & William (listed as Bradley in the census) was a coach maker. They had 2 children – George Albert (3) & Arthur Edward (2). With them at the time of the census were Emma & Harriet Ann Wall, Hannah’s younger sisters.

By 1881 they had moved to Lewisham Rd, Harborne & William was described as a railway coach maker. Son George was listed as a clerk & Arthur was still at home. They had 4 more children – William Henry (10), Thomas Alfred (6), Mabel Eliza (4) & Walter Ernest (1). With them at the time of the census was Hannah’s younger brother George F Wall (18), a railway coach painter.

In 1891 William & Hannah were living at Oxford Rd, Harborne. Children still at home were William & Thomas, both railway coach makers, Mabel & Walter. Later that year Thomas enlisted in the Derbyshire Regiment of the Sherwood Foresters, but sadly died of the ague in 1899 in Bombay.  He was a corporal at the time of his death. His brother George Albert had joined the Derbyshire Regiment of the Sherwood Foresters in May 1886 & his military records show that he spent much of his time in Ireland, leaving the service in 1916 after 30 years.  At the time of the 1891 census George Albert was listed at Tregantle Fort, Antony, Cornwall & was a corporal at this time.

William & Hannah were still at Oxford Rd, no. 83, in 1901where William was now a hardware shop keeper. Daughter Mabel was living at home & working as a shop assistant, & also there at the time of the census was daughter-in-law Myriam Edith (Elson) (who had married son George Albert on January 17th, 1893 at Holy Trinity, Smethwick) & her children Myriam Alberta (7) & Harold William (5).

Son William had married Mary Casserley in 1894 & at the time of the 1901 census they were living at 24 Wellington Place, Bridgwater, Somerset where William was a railway coach builder.  They had 2 children – Arthur Stephen (4) & William (3).

In 1911 Hannah & William were living at 103 Vicarage Rd, Smethwick, Staffs & William was now a collector of life insurance.  It was noted on the census that they had had 8 children, only 3 of whom were still alive.  Son William, wife Mary & son William were living at the Crown Inn, Bridgwater in 1911 where William was now a licensed victualler.  Daughter Mabel Eliza married Frederick Charles Whitehouse in 1905 & in 1911 they were living at Heaton, Newcastle-upon-Tyne where Charles was a tool maker (engineering).  They had 2 children – Ernest (4) & Winifred (3).

William, of 76 Cheshire Rd, Smethwick, died July 23rd, 1927 at Western Rd Infirmary, Birmingham.  Probate was granted on September 15th, 1927 at Lichfield to son George Albert Smith Bradbury, retired army officer & brother-in-law Paul Thomas Wall, retired civil engineer.  His effects were £290.15s. 

Hannah died on October 20th, 1928 at 1 Western Rd, Birmingham.  At the time of her death her address was given as 76 Cheshire Rd, Smethwick.  Probate was granted on December 21st, 1928 to Paul Thomas Wall (her younger brother), retired civil engineer, George Albert Bradbury (her son), retired Captain HM Army, & daughter Mabel Eliza Whitehouse.  Her effects amounted to £691.15s.8d.

The children of Hannah Wall & William Bradbury were:

w.8.2.1 William Edward Bradbury born Oct-December 1865 in West Bromwich; buried October 28th, 1866 at Christ Church, West Bromwich

w.8.2.2 George Albert Bradbury born April-June 1867 at West Bromwich
w.8.2.3 Arthur Edward Bradbury born 1869 at West Bromwich; died July-September 1882 at West Bromwich
w.8.2.4 William Henry Bradbury born April-June 1871 at West Bromwich

w.8.2.5 Alberta True Bradbury born June 18th, 1873 at Bromford Lane & christened July 13th, 1873 at Christ Church, West Bromwich; died Jan-March 1881 at Harborne
w.8.2.6 Thomas Alfred Bradbury born Jan-March 1875 at West Bromwich; died 1899 in Bombay
w.8.2.7 Mabel Eliza Bradbury born Oct-December 1876 at Harborne
w.8.2.8 Walter Ernest Bradbury Oct-December 1879 at Harborne; died April 15th 1891 at Harborne & buried at Witton Cemetery, Birmingham


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