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Edward Wall [w.8]

Edward Wall was the sixth child of Edward Wall & Mary Garner christened November 12th, 1820 at Smethwick, Staffs.

At the time of the 1841 census Edward, aged 20, & his younger brother Joseph (15) were both iron rollers, living with a William Wall (55), a retail brewer & Mary Wall (65) at French Walls, Harborne, Smethwick.

On August 8th, 1841 Edward married Mabel Wale at the parish church of Handsworth, Staffs. Witnesses at the wedding were Francis Powell & Eliza Powell (sister of Edward). Mabel was christened June 10th, 1825 at Stratford-on-Avon, Warks, the daughter of Letitia Wale who had been widowed in 1822. Letitia Sodin had married William Whale on November 22nd, 1819 at Aston Juxta, Birmingham. (William was aged 32 at the time of his death in Stratford-on Avon.) (It is noteworthy that the GRO records of the births of a number of Mabel & Edward’s children gives the maiden name of Mabel as Wale Cudd.  The reason for this is unknown.)

In 1851 Edward & Mabel were living at Old End (probably Moore St.), West Bromwich & Edward was still an iron roller. They had 4 children – Edward (9), Hannah (7), Harry (William Harvey) (4) & Henry (1).

In 1852 the family were living at Moore St, West Bromwich where the next son Paul Thomas was born.

Mabel & Edward of Old End had another son, Edwin George, who was born in January 1857 who sadly only lived for 1 month.  He was buried on February 8th, 1857 at Christ Church, West Bromwich.

Mabel died on June 13th, 1863 at Old End, West Bromwich, aged 44. The cause of death was given as rheumatic fever & pneumonia. She was buried on June 18th, 1863 at Christ Church, West Bromwich.

In 1871 Edward was living at Newhall St., West Bromwich with children Harvey, a striker, Henry, a striker, Paul Thomas (19), a founder, Mabel (16) & George (8).

Edward died, aged 50, on May 4th, 1871 & was buried at Christ Church, West Bromwich on May 8th.

Edward's burial card

The children of Edward Wall & Mabel Wale were:

w.8.1 Edward Wall christened October 23rd, 1842 at North Harborne, Staffs; died November 3rd, 1853 at Old End & buried November 6th, 1853 at Christ Church, West Bromwich
w.8.2 Hannah Wall born September 15th 1844 at Turk’s Head, West Bromwich & christened November 17th, 1844 at Christ Church, West Bromwich; died October 20th 1928
w.8.3 William Harvey Wall born May 16th, 1847 at Moor St, West Bromwich & christened June 13th, 1847 at Christ Church, 1847 at Christ Church, West Bromwich
w.8.4 Henry Edward Wall born May 12th, 1850 at Moor St, West Bromwich & christened June 9th, 1850 at Christ Church, West Bromwich; died May 21st, 1928 at 47 Paradise St, West Bromwich
w.8.5 Paul Thomas Wall born August 7th, 1852 at Moor St,West Bromwich & christened September 26th, 1852 at Christ Church, West Bromwich; died February 5th,1934 at 43 Hope St, West Bromwich
w.8.6 Mabel Elizabeth Wall born November 8th, 1854 at Moor St & christened December 17th, 1854 at Christ Church, West Bromwich;died September 29th, 1932 at Derby
w.8.7 Emma Wall born at Old End & christened October 31st, 1858 at Christ Church; died February 8th, 1929 at the Mental Hospital, Winson Green, Birmingham
w.8.8 Harriet Ann Wall born at Moor St, West Bromwich & christened June 16th, 1861 at Christ Church, West Bromwich; died Oct-December 1877 at Kings Norton
w.8.9 George Frederick Wall born at Barton St, West Bromwich & christened April 12th, 1863 at Christ Church, at West Bromwich; died Oct-December 1904 at Wolverhampton


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