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Joseph Wall [w.9.2]

Joseph Wall was the second child of Joseph Wall & Sarah Timmins born Oct-December 1847 at Rowley Regis, Staffs.

In 1851 Joseph was living at home at Tividale, Rowley Regis with his parents, brother & sister.

Joseph was still at home in 1861 but the family were now living at Chapel St, Rowley Regis.

Joseph married Ellen Hadley at St Giles, Rowley Regis in Jan-March 1870. Ellen was the daughter of Richard & Mary Ann Hadley christened May 18th, 1851 at St Martin, Worcester. The Hadley family had been living at Chapel St at the time of the 1861 census & were therefore neighbours of Joseph & his family.

By 1871 Joseph & Ellen were living at 19 Trows ? Square, Wednesbury & Joseph was a puddler. They had a 9 month old son, Joseph. Living at 20 Trows ? Square were Joseph’s parents & brothers & sister.

At the time of the 1881 census Joseph & Ellen were living at 9 Lea Brook Rd, Tipton with Joseph’s widowed father. Joseph was still a puddler & he & Ellen had 3 children - Joseph (11), Thomas (8) & William (2). It appears that William died later that year.

In 1885 Joseph fell foul of the law.  It was reported in the Huddersfield Chronicle of April 15th, that Joseph of Dudley Street was found guilty of keeping a house for gambling.  A police constable found 7 boys at the house playing ‘all fours’.  A number of them testified that they had been to the house several times for card playing & invariably lost money.  Joseph was fined 10 shillings & costs, the default being 1 month in prison.

By 1891 Joseph (44), now an iron worker, & Ellen (Helen on census) were living at 26 Dudley St, Wednesbury with their son William (9). Joseph’s father (now married to Ellen’s mother Mary) was living nearby at 72 Dudley St.

In 1901 Joseph, registered as married, had moved to 8 Philip St, Warrington, Lancs where he was working as a labourer in the iron works. He was living with his son Joseph, aged 30, now married to Hannah Elizabeth Robinson (known as Anna on census), & their children. Joseph’s son William (19) had also moved to Lancashire & was living with them, working as a puddler. According to a relative of Joseph Wall, Ellen had ‘gone off with a military man to Ireland’, reputedly about 1890.

Joseph, now widowed, was still living with his son Joseph & wife Hannah Elizabeth at 39 Forster St, Warrington in 1911.  Both were iron workers at the forge, as was William, (Joseph junior’s brother) who was still living with them.  Also recorded on the census was Joseph & Hannah’s son, John Joseph (18), who was a galvanizer at the wireworks. 

Joseph died aged 76 in Jan-March 1924 in Warrington.

The children of Joseph Wall & Ellen Hadley were:

w.9.2.1 Joseph Wall born Jan-March 1870 at Wednesbury, died 1934
w.9.2.2 Thomas Wall born 1873 at Wednesbury; died Jan-March 1891 at Wednesbury
w.9.2.3  Emma Wall born April-June 1874 at Wednesbury; died at Doe Bank & buried November 13th, 1876 at St Mark’s, Tipton
w.9.2.4  Ann Elizabeth Wall born April-June 1875 at Doe Bank & christened February 14th, 1876; died at Doe Bank & buried October 22nd, 1876 at St Mark’s, Tipton
w.9.2.5  Eliza Jane Wall born April at Doe Bank & christened April 9th, 1877 at St Mark’s, Tipton; died at Doe Bank & buried April 8th, 1880 at St Mark’s Tipton
w.9.2.6 William Wall born Oct-December 1879 at Tipton, died at Ocker Hill & buried July 20th 1881 at St Mark’s, Tipton
w.9.2.7 William Richard Wall born 1881 at Ocker Hill, Tipton, & christened November 20th, 1881 at St Mark’s, Tipton; died 1966
w.9.2.8  Samuel Wall born at Ocker Hill, Tipton & christened March 30th, 1884 at St Mark’s Tipton;  died April-June 1886 at Wednesbury
w.9.2.9  Samuel Wall born September 21st, 1886 at 70 Dudley St, Wednesbury & christened October 19th, 1886 at St James, Wednesbury; died Jan-March 1891 at Wednesbury


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